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March 23, 2011


Day 1 and the defense got fried

by Andrea O'Connell

Today marked day one of the Frye Hearing in the case against Casey Anthony, and I kept asking myself: How could Casey Anthony sit through the events of the day in court without any emotion?  Well, we know she is cold as ice, but I cannot help thinking of the substance of the testimony today: Decomposition, hair, odors of HER BABY!

It is difficult for me to understand how a mother could be so emotionally absent.  I will never understand how Casey Anthony can be so distant from the events happening in the courtroom.  It appears to me that she has separated herself as a defendant in the case, as if she has created a fantasy for herself as she sits at her table, in the courtroom.

Casey Anthony never, or very rarely, looks up from the “work” she does at the defense table.  She reviews documents, books, and binders, making notes of what she’s reading, conferring with the lawyers.  It is as if she has decided the best way to approach her situation is to play make-believe – pretending she’s an attorney.  Children do this quite well.  My niece plays “mommy” and will “cook” and “serve” an entire meal consisting of beverage coasters as bread, pens and pencils as eating utensils, dog and cat toys as food, paper towels bunched into a ball and taped together to make meatballs, etc., and we have a delicious meal!  Like my five year old niece totally believes her fantasy, so does Casey Anthony believe in her own make-believe, sitting apart from her life right now, as if someone else is defendant. It’s alarming and odd.

Dogs and Decomposition

The defense is making a big deal where the car was positioned when the K9 was brought to search Casey Anthony’s white Pontiac.  The K9 also checked Tony Lazarro’s car for scent of decomposition.  None was found.

Strangely, Baez asked OCSO Detective Melich, Investigator Bloise, and Investigator Vincent, who were testifying to the K9 alert of the white Pontiac driven by Casey, to draw on a flip chart where the car was situated in relation to the forensics bay, in the parking lot.  Huh?  What point was Baez making here?   It was never established.

When K9 handler of the dog “Bones” Sergeant Brewer took the stand, she indicated her dog alerted on  3 spots in the back yard of the Anthony home.   Mr. Baez did a fair job with the witnesses I saw him question, though I have not seen all the videos as yet.  However, when Mr. Baez asked witness Sergeant Brewer if her dog, Bones, can “tell” her what type of substance the dog alerted on, the witness was quite surprised.  It was nonsensical, and there was bemused laughter from the courtroom.  Mr. Baez, did not laugh, which led me to believe he intended his question be taken seriously.  Idiotic question, meant to be cynical, but it fell flat.

A defense witness, Dr. Fairgrieve, was trounced on by the State in his testimony of K9s. He was forced to admit that he had never trained search dogs, only observed their training about 10 to 20 times.

Dr. Fairgrieve has no education/background in the use, training or reliability of K9s, and Linda Drane-Burdick, attorney for the State, used these facts to great advantage.

Dr. Fairgrieve ended up appearing like somewhat of a hack in the field, having only admitted to reading articles related to K9s that anyone could read on the Internet.

The One Hair

This one hair, the hair from Caylee Anthony, has been tested and not only shows the type of “banding” one would see on a hair from a decomposed body, DNA tests concluded that Caylee Anthony cannot be excluded as the source of the hair.

With regards to this testimony, I will rely on the analysis of Attorney Bill Shaeffer when he says the State of Florida met its burden with regards to their argument over the reliability of the appearance of “root banding” (decomposition-like banding on a hair from Caylee Anthony found in the trunk of the Pontiac).

The questioning by the Defense Attorney Sims was terrible and did not seem to make sense as it relates to the purpose of a Frye Hearing.

There were so many objections by Jeff Ashton during Ms. Sims’ questioning of the FBI witness that were sustained, it became embarrassing.

If I were a gambler, I’d agree with Mr. Bill Shaeffer and tell you, the hair will be in evidence, and it will be damning.

It is not looking any better for Casey Anthony today.


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  1. Mar 23 2011

    I saw the end today – I am in awe of Baez’s complete inability to do anything

    • Mar 23 2011

      Hey Kim! I had to turn off the video of Attorney Sims…. she was irritating and I was embarrassed for her!! I missed the very end… but, CptKD said that Baez was rude to Linda in the courtroom…. Surprising? not in the least..

  2. Mar 23 2011

    Andrea sez:
    “Strangely, Baez asked OCSO Detective Melich, Investigator Bloise, and Investigator Vincent, who were testifying to the K9 alert of the white Pontiac driven by Casey, to draw on a flip chart where the car was situated in relation to the forensics bay, in the parking lot. Huh? What point was Baez making here? It was never established.”

    Well, let me try to take a guess here. Baez had the gentlmen sign their artwork so I’m guessing he thinks it will be worth some big bucks on ebay someday.

    Okay, nuff goofin’! LOL! Back to reading the rest of your post!

    • Mar 23 2011

      Sherry!! LOL… Oh!! Of course… that’s the reason – and it wasn’t entered into evidence, so he WILL be able to sell it on Ebay…. LOL! It was weird why he asked them all to do that…. as if he’s going to argue about people’s memory of the placement of the car in the parking lot? I didn’t understand teh purpose of that at all….

      • Mar 23 2011

        Hey! I’d get in a bidding war for Yuri’s signed drawing!

      • Mar 23 2011

        me too! I think he’s a super person, an excellent Detective, and seems like a really nice guy…. So, I will definitely join you in that bidding war… :) :)

      • Susan
        Mar 24 2011

        Not if it enriches Baez.

      • Mar 24 2011

        Yeah, you have a real good point there!

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        Today -
        He as asked that the drawings he had Forgey do be entered into evidence.

        He also mentioned something about having talked to the State and they having no objections for him to do so, so I’m thinking he might have been asking for the ones from yesterday be entered also.

        Please don’t qoute me on that one, but just before Lunch was called, he quickly went through his spiel about entering it in to Evidence, and that was granted by HHJP.
        So I know for sure, t hat Forgey’s has been entered.


  3. Lona1
    Mar 23 2011

    Oh, I so do like all of your headlines! Thanks.

  4. Mar 23 2011

    I was looking forward to seeing Sims in action but was sadly disappointed with her. Just the same as I thought Mason would add some class and sensibliliy to the defense team so I also thought of Sims.

    Baez best get rid of his smugness because it won’t go well with the jury.

    • Mar 23 2011

      I totally agree, Sherry… the jury will HATE him and they will not trust him – that is what he fails to see. And what about Casey?? She’s on another planet! She is so disinterested in the testimony, it seems to me.

      • Mar 23 2011

        Although a jury can’t come to a verdict due to their love or hate of the defendant’s lawyer, it could give them a negative impression. It could cause the jurors to half listen to him.

      • Mar 23 2011

        Absolutely…. I was being a “tad” dramatic methinks… :) It’s very true, jurors won’t be swayed by liking or hating the lawyers, and I agree with you, it could give them a negative impression…. but, lawyers want to be liked by a jury, because it raises their credibility, and puts them in better favor when it comes to the deliberation.

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        Trust me -
        If a Jury DOES NOT like one of the Attorneys,
        the Defedant is in big trouble.

        Though it is NOT supposed to taint, or sway a
        Jury one way or the other, in my experience,
        if I JURY likes you, they trust you.

        If they automatically DISLIKE you, you’e in trouble.

        If they learn to DISLIKE you, then in those tiny trickles
        of time, in those fleeting precious moments, you just lost
        your case!

        It’s really quite simple -
        People are who they are….

        When we like, or are drawn to someone – We listen. We learn. We want to know more…

        When we don’t – Well, we can’t wait for them to shut up and sit down…

        It’s just the way it is – And some things can’t be changed!

        Not even, if ordered by a Justice of the Peace/Judge!

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        OH – Andrea!
        Tell me you have some sort of ‘typo fix-it’!

        I can’t believe all the mistakes in my speling
        in the above response –

        Is that fixable when you get home?
        Please, Please, Please say “yes”!

        Sorry about that!

  5. Mar 23 2011

    Sherry nailed it!! OMG!

    Baez is a tool

    • Mar 23 2011

      A dull tool, at that!

      (hope you are doing better!)

    • Mar 23 2011

      I sure hope you’re feeling better, too, Kim…. I am sure you are! You are such a trooper….

      • Mar 24 2011

        Thanks, ladies. I am trying. I will be honest and tell you I am sick of doctors!!
        Now they want to discuss radiation – even though I have told them I don’t want it

  6. mary in michigan
    Mar 24 2011

    I wish Judge Perry would take that pen & pad away from Casey & just make her sit there & pay attention. Yes, in her little world, she does believe she is an attorney. I’d like to slap her, she’s so annoying.

    • Mar 24 2011

      Can I watch?

    • jon
      Mar 24 2011

      yeah, i was thinking the same thing. In Italy, in some cases, the defendant has to sit in a cage alone during the proceedings. I’d love to have this happen to Casey. I can’t imagine what she’s writing anyway.

  7. CptKD
    Mar 24 2011

    Well, good morning to all –

    Once again!
    Inmate Anthony strolled in with a fushia pink sweater with a rounded neck that of course shows off her clavicle bones. I’m assuming that if you were to sit beside her, you’d be able to look down, and see what her ultimate goal is for one to see… Of course, the pulling down on the sleeves is also occuring – I wonder if she’s been ‘cutting’ or hurting herself somehow.
    She always seems so adamant on having the sleeves of her shirt pulled down so low over her wrists?

    I knew someone who always did this, and she was into “self-mutilation”, especially on the forearms… Just wondering…

    Appears Baez is already BORING me. He is soooooo sloooowww!

    Court’s session has started with Dog Trainer Fogey (sp)
    Baez is already being “duh”! He thinks he’s so funny, but I beg to differ – It’s called annoying. To boot, he’s keep flippin the stupid open/shut contraption on his pen. I so wish HHJP would tell him to put the pen down. I think it makes him feel important, like a teacher or something…

    I will do my best to let you in on anything of great importance, or of shocking/interesting value.

    Shylo, are you around?

    Let me know, if/when you are, and I can fill you in on the EZ-Smoker and the fun I’ve had with it – LOL!


  8. Mar 24 2011

    Hi CptKD I am here!!! YAY!

  9. jon
    Mar 24 2011

    Hi Andrea: Since “Casey’s” car has been under wraps for a while now, I wonder whether a cadaver dog could still at this point find decomp in the trunk. If so, I think they should offer the defense team the opportunity to bring in their own cadaver dog and bring the car into the courtroom and see what happens. If the defense dog (poor thing) honed in on the trunk, Baez’ etal reaction might be fun to watch.

    • Susan
      Mar 24 2011

      Only if they “test” it before speaking to the defense team. Remember OJ and the glove….

      • jon
        Mar 24 2011

        I’m sure they would. Ashton is no fool…..

  10. CptKD
    Mar 24 2011

    I’m not alone anymore…

    Anyways, about my little EZ-Smoker -
    It’s a pretty cool little gadget!
    It tastes a little funny to me, but I think it’s geared to be more like an American Cigarette than a Canadian.
    I know it’s available in Menthol, but I don’t smoke that, so I ordered the regular.

    It comes with a charger, and 15 cartridges.
    I ordered two smokers, due to the deal the guy gave me, and got extra cartridges, so I’m hoping that I won’t have to order more.

    In total, I’ve got 30, and each cartridge is technically supposed to last the day.
    My quit date, is the day after my birthday, so April 1st is the big day!

    It’s kind of neat, cause it does give you a good draw, and vapor does present itself when you inhale and exhale.

    The tip lights up, and that also is where you get the signals that it needs charging, or you’ve taken too big of a draw, or you are using it too many times in a minute.

    Will it help with me quitting smoking?

    I don’t know –
    I’m going to try my best, and hopefully between the EZ-Smoke, the Nicorette gum, and the weaning of real cigarettes I’ll be able to become a Non-Smoker.

    I played around with it lots yesterday, but today I’m going to try and use it, where I really need a smoke, and try to put it off for another hour.

    Think I’ll get a better idea then, if it’s really going to work for me.

    Of course they make no promises to this being a smoking cessation, but it does have a money back guarantee, and so I’ll give it a couple weeks to see.

    Are you watching this very poor questioning of Dog Trainer, Sgt. Forgey?
    Where are you watching?

    Baez is trying to confuse and mix him up!

    Thank goodness Linda has objected a couple times – Baez is so pathetic, and he has no clue as to what he’s even trying to do.
    It’s like going around and around in circles with him at the podium…

    Not to mention – THAT PEN!
    Oh –
    He so neeeds to put that thing somewhere!


    • Mar 24 2011

      I wish you all the best of luck in your stopping smoking. I stopped Jan 2 of this year and I would love to be of any assistance if I can

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        Oh – Thank you so much, Kim!

        I appreciate that!
        I have to quit due to health reasons, and because I WANT to, at this point!
        I’ve been diagnosed with a very rare, and incurable disease, and the only thing that would help off the top, is to quit smoking -
        My body needs as much oxygen as possible, and smoking simply does not allow for that -
        I’m hoping that my combination plan will lead me to success, but talking about it, already seems to be of help.

        I truly appreciate you reaching out -
        And now, I’ll probably be buggin’ you every time I’m ‘jones-ing’ for a cigarette! LOL!

        I’m nervous about it –
        I’ve been smoking for over thirty years, and it’s just habit now.
        I smoke sometimes, and don’t even know I’m doing it.
        That’s not signs of pleasure anymore!
        That’s addiction.

        I just bought a new car on Tuesday, and I so don’t want to smoke in it!

        I think that the desire to become smoke-free is becoming more and more real, as opposed to just thinking about it… Now, if I could just make it happen in the real world!

        How did you do it, may I ask?

      • Mar 24 2011

        I was diagnosed with cancer in Sept and had a surgery date set. My cancer surgeon told me that I had no choice but to quit smoking. For one thing it helps in the healing, for another they had to insert a breathing tube during surgery and smokers do not do well with this.
        Since the cancer was on my face I had a choice – smoking or …. my face. I choose my face.
        How I did it – I ordered a kit called Cigarrest which I had used before – back in the 1980′s that helped me to stop. Back then I stopped for 3 years. I know, I know
        The kit comes with booklets, a cd and vitamins along with the gum. I took the vitamins out and forwarded the rest on to a dear friend who is also quitting.
        How I quit smoking – I simply stopped. I was aware of the side affects – moodiness and so on. But it boils down to being my choice. I have a craving – do I work past it or do I smoke

      • Mar 24 2011

        I would enjoy you bugging me . I have a blog here as well – if you need me – simply post and I will see it

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        Sounds like a plan!
        Thank you!

        And thank you for sharing your story.
        It’s encouraged me…
        I know what I have to do – I just now have to DO IT!

        I’ve read your blog, from the link attached here.
        But I don’t think I’ve ever replied or answered to
        anything there…

        Beware – You might just end up seeing a whole lot
        of me…LOL!

        Thanks, eh!


      • Mar 24 2011

        I can handle it ;)

  11. Mar 24 2011

    Oh man that pen!!

    I had my first really belly laugh – Baez wanting Forgey to be declared a hostile witness

    • CptKD
      Mar 24 2011

      That was classic, Kim -
      It just goes to show you that he really DOES NOT know what he is doing.
      Thank goodness that Linda has OBJECTED several times to put that dam dog down.
      And HHJP has had to tell him to stop also.

      Now if someone would take that pen away from him – I’d be good!

      • Mar 24 2011

        I know where I would like that pen to go ….

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        EXACTLY the same spot I’m thinking!

        I have no doubt t here, whatsoever!

        Seriously – Do you hear that pen flicking open and shut, open and shut. I think he does it cause it makes him feel like he’s above the rest.
        Like a teacher at the head of the class…
        Strutting around with his expensive pen, that he just can’t stop flicking -

        It’s sending me… and nowhere nice!

      • Mar 24 2011

        I heard it yesterday as well. It is beyond annoying and he needs to be made to stop.

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        Everytime he steps up to speak he does it!
        I am surprised that he hasn’t been told yet.
        By anyone for that matter.

        It’s distracting, it’s annoying and I find it insulting to the person who IS trying to speak to the questions being asked on the stand.

        I think it was distracting Forgey, and he said a few times, you’re confusing me…

      • Mar 24 2011

        I think its a nervous tic – he doesn’t know he is doing it. Someone needs to give him a Bic so he doesn’t destroy that expensive one

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        You are so right!
        Afterall, he just might have to PAWN
        the nice one, one day!

      • Mar 24 2011

        Baez needs to consider these things ;)

  12. Hilde
    Mar 24 2011

    It’s really difficult to watch Baez or for that Matter any Member of the Defense Team at those Hearings. What keeps on coming back in my Mind is, why in the World is the Defense trying so hard to keep any damaging Evidence out of the Trial? According to the Defense there is no Evidence whatsoever linking Casey Anthony to the Crime, so I ask again why are they desperately trying to keep Evidence out if there is none! What a Joke and so transparent, any one with half a Brain or common Sense knows what the Defense is up too and has definitely nothing to do with Casey’s Innocence and everything to do with trying to find a Loophole for their Client to sliver through. Won’t happen in this Case! We have learned from the O.J. Simpson Case to not repeat the same Mistake again!
    I agree with You Andrea, Casey pretends she is working with her Attorney’s on a Case which has nothing to do with her. How ironic and stupid on her Behalf! She believes she is the Center of the Universe, yeah she is right she is the Center in a Murder Case and she is the No. One Subject, I guess that is something to be proud of!
    No matter what will happen, Casey Anthony will have to answer for the Death of her Daughter eventually, no Attorney/s will be able to help her then. JMO
    BTW Baez is arrogant, rude and intimidating when questioning any one on the Stand. He seems to forget those People he is questioning are not accused of Murder like his Client is! A little more Respect on his part when questioning Witnesses would be advisable! Baez also needs to loose that stupid arrogant Smirk and at least act like a Professional. JMO

    • Mar 24 2011

      You are so right, Hilde! Think how painful trial will be

  13. Hilde
    Mar 24 2011

    Judge Perry’s demeanor while listening at the Hearing is priceless! :)

    • CptKD
      Mar 24 2011

      The defence team is not going to come across as ‘likeable’ to the jury.
      They will see right through Baez, Mason, Simms, and even Inmate Anthony.

      This case is dead in the water -
      The defence ship has half-sunk, and they are grabbing for liferafts at this point.

      There is NO WAY they’re going to win this.
      And there is NO WAY that they have been forthcoming with Princess.

      I’m willing to bet, she don’t know half of what the real deal is.

      If she did – I don’t think we’d be going down this stream with this team.

      To stall and delay, she’d be beggin for a Public Defender at this point.

      I know I would be -
      And only to rid myself of BAEZ and his pathetic side-kick.

      There is no way they’ve told her everything – I won’t believe it!

      Remember: They want their fame at the end of this too.
      All this PRO BONO stuff, has to pay off in the end!
      Big book and movie deals for Baez, if ‘IA’ don’t fire him before trial!

      Something to think about?

      • Mar 24 2011

        I have always wondered about the ethics behind them deluding their client into thinking she was going to walk on this. I just do not believe that they are straight with her in any way regarding her chances

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        You’re right , Kim -

        I don’t think they have told her the TRUTH.
        Baez doesn’t want to lose this case. He’s going to lose his licence at the end of it all, he needs to stay til the end, so that he can hit the TV circuit after, write a book or sign some movie deal.

        If she fires him – He can’t and won’t have all that!

        He’ll be left with nothing!

        Back to bikini selling on the beach!

      • Mar 24 2011

        I agree. I don’t believe they have. OR WILL at this point. I have said this all along. Are they not telling her she has a losing case beside attorney’s? I don’t feel sorry for her because she acts like a complete idiot flipping back and forth those legal pads. Please. She need to pay attention to what is going on.

        Can she yell foul when all is said and done? I am not sure.

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        Ineffective Council!

        I bet that’s what she’ll base her first appeal on!

        And though I don’t feel sorry for her one bit.
        I do ‘pity’ any fool who has this fool for an Attorney!

        He is crooked, a liar and a thief.

        He has always been, judging by his track record, and I can only assume that he will always be.

        Other than now being ‘infamous’, and I don’t mean FAMOUS, he really doesn’t have a whole lot to run with.

        Eventually, it will all exhaust itself, and he will fade into oblivion…

        I look forward to the day he actually GOES AWAY -

        For good!

      • Mar 24 2011

        Casey has been asked in open court more than once if she is satisfied with her counsel and she stated yes. I don’t know if any appeal can be based on ineffectual counsel because of this even though anyone with half a brain can see he is beyond ineffectual

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        I whole-heartedly believe, and agree, that she needs to be asked again before the trial starts whether she is satisfied with her defence team.

        Yes, she was asked, I believe around the time of the Fraund charges as to whether she was satisfied to continue on with her current defence and she answered in the affirmative.

        I believe in the States it’s called a “Nelson Hearing”.

        I’d have to double-check to make sure, but I think that’s what it’s called.

        I truly believe that she would still say ‘yes’, because IF she does know, the truth about everything (UNLIKELY) then she will use it to appeal.

        Where it is more likely that she doesn’t know, the facts and truth about all that is transpiring, she gonna be one heck of an angry woman at the end, when she is found GUILTY.

        Sentenced accordingly!

        And Baez and crew go a-walking off into the sunset to make their millions…
        They worked PRO BONO afterall

        But can you say “APPEAL”!
        She certainly will!
        Some REAL Attorney will step up, and take on her case.
        I can almost bet it!

        “Ineffective council”!

        Either way – I think that’s going to be the factor and basis for APPEAL!

        And she WILL do whatever to keep this going…

      • Mar 24 2011

        honestly – once she is sentenced I am done with it

      • Hilde
        Mar 24 2011

        You said it Kim! the same goes for me.
        Enough is enough! :roll:
        After All for the Rest of us Life goes on, even without the Casey Anthony Saga as sad as it may be.

      • Mar 24 2011

        Caylee Marie is gone and once Casey is sentenced I will feel it is time to move on, maybe to something productive

      • Mar 24 2011

        Hah! Baez will become someone’s talking head on the law, like Jane Valez Mitchell or Geraldo.

      • Mar 24 2011

        Wouldn’t he have to learn some law first?

      • Mar 24 2011

        Hahaha! Good one!

  14. Mar 24 2011

    WOW thank you for the info. I am seriously thinking of getting her SOME hahaha!

    UGH hope you are smoking it while Baez is up. He’s terrible. In my view anyway. Like…. let’s be TRUTHFUL, bwaaaaaaaaaaaa when his own client isn’t. OK!!!

    • CptKD
      Mar 24 2011

      You bet, Shylo -
      I’ve been puffing on this thing like crazy all morning…
      At least it’s a little more relaxing when Linda is up speaking, because Baez just drives me to smoke more…

      I’m sorry –
      But I just CANNOT stand the man!

      I am absolutely disgusted at his representation of an ‘Officer of the Court’.

      Being that I am one, I find his behaviour insulting to all of us.
      He is beyond outrageous, and is lacking in so much.
      Whether it be education, or simple values and morals, he amounts to a giant ‘zero’, where I sit.

      He is insulting to those around him, has little scruples, and is obviously focused on HIS end result.
      Not Inmate Anthony’s.

      He truly should be ashamed of himself.
      And he really should shove that pen up one of his orifices.
      Maybe that would TAME his obnoxious behaviour…

      I can only trust, put faith in the justice system, and more importantly, trust in Karma -

      And God help him,
      When it finally comes around…

  15. Mar 24 2011

    OMG – garbage in the trunk!! Is he serious?!!!!

    • Mar 24 2011

      And there Casey is, scribbling away

      maybe she is writing down the recipe for the smell – garbage bags, empty Arm & Hammer bottle …

      • Hilde
        Mar 24 2011

        doesn’t she get it? they are talking about her own little Baby Girl and Decomposition , I guess she just doesn’t give a Damn :(

      • Mar 24 2011

        Has she ever given a damn? Why start now ..

  16. Mar 24 2011

    Go LDB!!!

    She is my hero

  17. Mar 24 2011

    Baez kept at it about residual odors and I would love to hear everyone’s guess as to why. I’m thinking he may be trying to get a jury to believe that there was a dead body in the car (suicide?) by a previous owner. Wouldn’t it be something if they did a background check on previous owners to find out if they may have had a dead body in the trunk?

    • CptKD
      Mar 24 2011

      Yes -
      All USED cars come with a CARFAX package.
      The seller MUST provide the BUYER with a copy of this.
      And/or the BUYER can obtain it through the Driver/Vehicle Bureau.
      It gives all previous owner information, as well as accidents, and at what mileage they occurred at, the cost to fix them, etc.

      This Pontiac though.
      Wasn’t this a FAMILY car, that got passed down the line.
      From George and Cindy to Lee, and then to Inmate Anthony…

      Baez is all over the place – Lord knows where he is going with any of it?

  18. Mar 24 2011

    Didn’t Lee have the car and ‘sold it to Casey? I wonder if the Anthony’s bought it for him new or used …

    • Mar 24 2011

      Well, Cindy/George would have us believe that the stain was there when they bought the car-so my guess is it was used.

      • Mar 24 2011

        Funny how it took so many years to manifest

  19. Mar 24 2011

    Baez is using Cindy’s (WHILE PRETENDING TO RUN FROM THE MEDIA) Statements about garbage being in the trunk for days. (PIZZA ANYONE) This is what makes him a loser. He takes what “ROSE BUD” says and runs with it, making a fool out of HIMSELF!!!!

    • Mar 24 2011

      OMG! Baez is saying pizza in court today???? He is saying the odor was a result of the garbage bag??? He will fool no one with that sad story!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Mar 24 2011

        He did – he asked a few times – if Fergie had ever smelled garbage in a car trunk for 3 weeks


      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        I hate to be the one to tell you,
        but Baez is NOT doing very good today!

        In fact, he has been incredibly rude, he
        has been disruptive, and disobeying of
        the Judge’s orders.
        He’s been using tactics
        to confuse the individual on the stand,
        and has had to be ‘Objected’ to, as many
        times as he has been “Overuled”.

        HHJP even yelled at him at one point.
        “Are you listening to me Mr. BAEZ.
        Did you hear what I said Mr. BAEZ.”

        YUP -
        He’s been a real ‘piece’ today!

        Sorry – CptKD

      • Mar 24 2011

        Baez is getting spanked really well today

      • Mar 24 2011

        Yeah, Baez wanted Fergy(sp) to testify to what he said in the GJ hearing. GJ testimonies are off limits! Anyone would know that but Baez.

      • Hilde
        Mar 24 2011

        I may add, he deserved it!

      • Mar 24 2011

        Oh I’m so glad you’ve told me!! It figures he’d resort to games since he has NO case! What else can he do? Desperate times call for desperate measures, it seems. HHJP will not be fooled! It’s just such foolishness on his part. Thank you so much for the updates ~ It’s fantastic to read from you what’s going on. Thanks CptKD and every one. You’re the best!

        Sent from my iPhone

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        You are so very welcome -

        I apologize for not being able to keep up right now, but I believe it’s Dr. Vass(sp) who is on the stand and Ashton is questioning him…
        It’s all about Body Farm and intense information..

        Don’t know how Baez and crew are going to take this man on, he knows his stuff!!!

        Baez keeps smirking with Inmate Anthony because the gentlman has somewhat of a speech impediment, or incredibly strong accent of sorts.

        I’m sorry -
        But Baez just appears to have such little class.

        And the giggling between him and his client is disgusting.

        Ok – I must focus!
        Back in a bit -

  20. Mar 24 2011

    I am so hoping Baez questions Dr Vass – it will be EPIC!

  21. Mar 24 2011

    At the same time the defense team today filed a biting motion for a rehearing on its attempts to get Casey Anthony’s statements to law enforcement and to her parents and brother and others inside the Orange County Jail kept out of her upcoming trial.,0,2754587,full.story

    • CptKD
      Mar 24 2011

      Mason had told Perry he would keep re-filing the same motion -

      Good luck is all I can say!

      It is NEVER gonna fly….

      • Mar 24 2011

        Baez seems to use the repetitive tactic for everything. I counted 7 times he asked Dr Vass the same question only to get the same answer 7 times

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        OH, Kim – I feel so guilty!
        EZ-Zmoker wasn’t cutting it!
        I had to run out to buy a small pack of cigarettes.
        I missed Ashton’s ending, and whatever may have happened in between then and now…

        Did Imiss anything SPECTACULAR?

        Judging by the way things are going, it doesn’t appear very good..

        Your opinion, please?

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        On the case, I mean!
        Not my smokin’….LOL!

      • Mar 24 2011

        Dr Vass is amazing – Baez is a tool, asking the same question over and over and over

        now we are back to charts and graphs – Baez is not going to look good after this

        (don’t beat yourself up over the cigarette thing – pick a date so you can prepare yourself first)

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        April 1st!
        I turn 42 on the 31st of March, and so I intend to make my 43rd year ‘smoke-free’, and become a full-fledged NONSMOKER!
        I’m trying now, to just wean it down some, but just that alone is difficult -

        I guess sitting here, watching this, whatever you want to call it, isn’t helping the cause out much either…

        I think you’ve described Baez quite fittingly – A TOOL!
        A useless one at that…

        I can’t believe that he actually thinks he’s getting somewhere – To me, it seems like he’s simply running around in the same circles…

      • Mar 24 2011

        Perfect date and excellent motivation.

    • Hilde
      Mar 24 2011

      You got to be kidding! What is wrong with Baez anyway? He definitely is over his Head with this Case, he has shown that more that once.

  22. Hilde
    Mar 24 2011

    my last comment was in Reply to Kim 2:01 PM

    • Mar 24 2011

      Baez only knows enough to keep asking the same thing over and over – he thinks by doing this whomever he is questioning will get tired of him and just give the answer Baez wants

    • CptKD
      Mar 24 2011

      Oh my goodness -
      Doesn’t she look “pizzed”!
      Wonder at what point, she made that face?

    • Mar 24 2011

      Whoa! Thanks, Kimmie….. That is scary! Guess she must have been listening today, huh? LOL!

      • Mar 24 2011

        I can’t say for sure, maybe it was when Dr Vass said he jumped 2 feet ….

  23. CptKD
    Mar 24 2011

    I can’t believe what I just saw -

    As Ashton went up to the Bench, Baez turned and winked at Inmate Anthony and then came over to the table to grab his drink.

    How unprofessional -

    How pathetic -

    He is, without a doubt, a complete and absolute LOSER!

    I’m sorry, Andrea!
    I don’t mean to be nasty on your blog, but he has crossed the line just too many times today.

    I am embarassed to even think, that he is even remotely related to the same profession as myself – He is a disgrace!

    • Mar 24 2011

      LOL – no need for an apology, you silly girl…. I know it feels better to get it out of your system sometimes! I get furious, too – we all do – I’ve sure written some nasty posts when I’m spitting mad…. I missed the entire thing today, so I’m not yet spitting bullets… :)
      I will be in a minute when I replay what I missed…..

      PS I was able to listen to some of it over my lunch break…. I heard the bombshell from Dr. Vass about the chloroform peaking so high, and the fact that the decomp smell was so bad he had to back up two feet… WOW – if THAT is not damning, I don’t know what is.

  24. Mar 24 2011


    Imagine what trial is going to be like – JA and JP are getting seriously annoyed with Baez

    and now Casey is doing the freaking clicking!

    • CptKD
      Mar 24 2011

      All I know, is that THAT clicking, is about to send me over the edge -
      I don’t know how, anyone in that courtroom cannot be disturbed by this constant and continuous clicking…
      It must echoe in there, no?
      I’d be ready to jump the individual with the pen, if I were there…
      I feel like doing it, and I am here – LOL!
      HHJP needs to address this, because it is disturbing to those trying to speak, and listen.
      Dr. Vass even seemed disturbed by it, and stated several times, that Baez was confusing him…
      So now, we’re going to have TWO clicking their pens?
      Or did he just let Inmate Anthony borrow it for a little while – Let her annoy the people for a bit…

      I don’t know – But this trial is going to be He!! on the slowest wheels….

      • Mar 24 2011

        I think Casey is clicking her special ring binder – Baez seems to have put down his pen, for now. TG

      • Mar 24 2011

        I have missed it all! I see the defense re-Filed the Miranda & agents of the state motion??

        Is Baez making a fool of himself?

        Sent from my iPhone

  25. Hilde
    Mar 24 2011

    The Way Mr.Baez handles himself in Court is an Embarrassment to himself and to his Profession as an Attorney. JMHO

    • Mar 24 2011

      Truly embarrassing – cringe worthy

    • CptKD
      Mar 24 2011

      You are BANG ON, Hilde!

  26. CptKD
    Mar 24 2011

    This can only go on for so much longer… Baez is killing us softly and driving me mad with that flippin’ pen!

    Court will be done at 5:30pm today!

    There is NO court tomorrow, and so be prepared for a very late, next Friday evening, and a very early Saturday morning, if it takes that.

    Now, some people not seeming very happy about that!

    Of course, it’ll be the first Friday night out, Inmate Anthony has had in a few years now…


  27. CptKD
    Mar 24 2011

    Shylo – I just got signalled to charge my EZ-Smoker.

    In effect, it lasted two days before requiring charging once again -
    That’s pretty good, since I have been playing around with it, and using it LOTS today!!!

    I have to admit, I think I’m sort of getting used to that thing…

    And I’ve found a new support system with our Kim, here!

    I’m so excited, and feeling somewhat confidant in being able to do this…

    Best keep me fingers crossed,
    and keep playing with the ‘smoke-machine’!

    What a day…

    • Mar 24 2011

      You can do it – if I can you can and you have a plan in place so you are way ahead of the game!

      • CptKD
        Mar 24 2011

        Thanks Kim!
        I can only try – And so I shall…

      • Mar 24 2011

        Don’t kick yourself too hard if you “fail”. This is an addiction as strong as heroine. Just don’t quit quitting. I’ve heard it takes several times of quitting before success. I like that you are making this a present to yourself. I swore I would not be a smoker by my 50th birthday. I used Chantix and can’t believe how it worked so well. I had no cravings that I couldn’t handle. I had tried several times cold turkey and those who can do that I most admire, but I had murderous cravings-luckikly the cats are still alive and my hubby is still breathing! :shock: So, hang in there! You can do it!

      • Mar 24 2011

        It is all about motivation and mindset – deciding it is really what YOU want and doing it for yourself. You can’t quit for someone just like you can’t diet for someone else.

        CptKD will kick this to the curb in no time at all!

        Congrats Sherry!! You are so right! There is no such thing as fail – just a minor setback. The next craving belongs to you!

      • Mar 24 2011

        Thanks for noticing that “fail” was in quote marks! I just couldn’t think of the right word…setback is perfect. And minor, at that. :mrgreen:

      • Mar 24 2011


    • Mar 24 2011

      I am so proud of you for kicking the habit! Kim is a great role model. :)

      I sure know how hard it is… I quit in 1999 – hardest thing I ever did because I’d been smoking almost 20 years, nearly two packs a day. I loved smoking, but I hated the cough and feeling winded. Every now and then I have an urge, but then I smell the smoke and it almost sickens me, so that’s the best de-motivator for me. You will LOVE how your clothes will smell fresh, you house will be sans the nasty smell that clings in the air, and you’re food will sure taste better. Oh, and the worst thing was the weight gain…. but, don’t worry about that, a little weight is better than smoking – and you’ll take it off, like I did (but I put it back on this year, nothing to do with smoking, just the other curse we get in our 50′s)… grrrrr to that
      Anyway, my friend, you will do well with Kim encouraging you – and I will encourage you, and Sherry, and Shyloh, and Hilde, and I know I’m forgetting people, but we’ll all be there for you! :) Hang tough!

      • Mar 24 2011

        Andrea! You are not in your fifties! Noooo Waaayyyy! LOL

      • Mar 24 2011

        Uh… Waaaaayyyyy! I look a lot younger, people, until just a few months ago, thought I was in my early forties, late thirties. now that I’ve put on weight, I’m looking more my age – but the weight is coming off, slowly but surely – thanks in large part to the hula hoop!

      • Mar 24 2011

        You go girl!!

      • Mar 24 2011

        Ya’ll should have seen my face yesterday when my cancer doctor came in to discuss a few things and brought a cloud of smoke with him!
        I was good – limited myself to an evil one eyed glare …

      • Mar 24 2011

        Holy Crap…! But, sadly, some doctors are hooked, too. Kim, when you get a chance, let me know how everything is going with you, okay?

      • Mar 24 2011

        Of course I will

      • Mar 24 2011

        Thanks so much, Kim… now I have to go and try to catch up with everything and write a post…. I’m excited to listen to Judge Perry telling Mr. Baez to get with the program…. there’s a video on WFTV that is dedicated to the tongue lashing by JP today… I’m watching that FIRST! :)

    • Mar 24 2011

      YAAAAAAAAAAY good for you. I am praying for ya. It’s a hard habit to break. I have been smoke free for 12 years and I am only 40 haha. I started at a young age.

      • Mar 24 2011

        Congrats Shyloh!

  28. CptKD
    Mar 24 2011

    Dr. Vass has been excused!

    Several issues still at the helm -

    Back in court, on Friday, April 1st/11, at 0830hrs.

    Be prepared to work late Friday.
    And be prepared to work Saturday if need be…

    So the day is done.


  29. CptKD
    Mar 24 2011

    Week of the 18th reserved for the rest of the Motions that have not been dealt with, as well as, those that were not submitted on time…
    Baez having to explain why his Motions are late AGAIN.
    He needs to approach -
    “It’s a sensitive issue” says, Baez.
    “It’s a public court, so speak” says JP
    No approach!
    So now Ms. Finnel speaking for Baez.
    The whole state of mind thing is coming up.
    JP says – Who’s state of mind?
    She says ‘Miss Anthony’s’!
    Ashton not happy about this, and Finnell is struggling to try and say why the reports have not been even given to the State.
    Finnell says, she will try to give them the reports by tomorrow…
    Ashton says, maybe the State should hold a mental health eval, if they’re going to try to introduce a “state of mind” issue.
    First issue says Ashton, is he hasn’t even seen the report.
    Finnell trying to say she’ll TRY to give him the report.
    Ashton says tomorrow or Monday at latest.
    He not happy Mason has introduced this at such a late date.
    JP asks when will you deliver the reports?
    She first says TOMORROW and now trying to say next wk.

    Perry once again -
    NO surprises, no ‘not available for depositions’, and video-conferencing is available.

    He only has time next wk on Thurs between 9-1pm. He will leave it open in case they need him.

    Finnell wants to approach the Bench on an
    unrelated matter….
    Inmate Anthony not looking too happy…
    Wonder what’s up her sleeve? LMAO

    Oh the web, this defence team weeves…

    I’m just waiting to see how this ends before I hit ‘comment’!
    WFTV is still streaming, and so I’m still watching…
    I always seem to get a little something more, if I hang around a a little more.

    Inmate Anthony really looking upset -

    OH WAIT!
    She’s laughing up a storm now with some fellow -
    Always & only with the fellows eh?

    OK – Court is in recess!
    I’m outta here….

    Back in a while…

  30. Venice
    Mar 24 2011

    This was SO BAD, it was painful! I just can’t believe Baez took this to trial. Everything from his fake “expert”, to fabric sheets and meat producing the smell of death. O M G.

    • Mar 24 2011

      Hey Venice. It’s terrible, it’s embarrassing, it’s wrong what lengths they will go in order to win. It’s as if they’re throwing everything to the wall, hoping something sticks – nothing does! When Baez began to discuss the fabric softner sheets and the garbage (as if it could have any impact) I was shocked! It simply goes beyond common sense to suggest that the contents of that bag held anything that could produce such an odor. There was no food in the bag, as we know, how would paper products and plastic replicate an odor of decomp? It’s just totally implausible and completely sophomoric to bring up such an argument! ohhhh, it makes my blood boil!

  31. CptKD
    Mar 24 2011

    I really appreciate your summation of todays events Venice! Well said. And I’m with you on how Baez thought this was at all possible to fight in a REAL court of Law. I dont get it, and the actual trial is going to be a killer, if it is going to travel at this current pace – I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive of this new quest I ve embarked on. I absolutely need to give up smoking, and so I am, so very grateful for all your kind and encouraging words. Truly Thx!

  32. Yo
    Mar 26 2011

    First time reader and poster. Good site! I’m usually back and forth between The Hinky Meter, T&T, Richard Hornsby, and Humble Opinion blogs on the Anthony case. I’ve added this site to my list of favorites to visit every day.
    Haven’t posted anything on any of the sites in months but felt compelled after watching the hearings on Wed and Thurs. Just some observations. I find it absolutely stupid that the DT hasn’t schooled Casey on sitting there and looking interested in her own trial. She is so DETACHED from what is going on around her and unless that changes when she she is actually being tried, she will go down as one cold, non-caring mother. I mean we already know she is but can’t she at least play the part? My husband and I were having this discussion earlier and he said it is impossible for her because she is a sociopath/psychopath and she can’t feel those loving emotions so the attorneys are keeping her doing “busy work.” Well, that isn’t going to go down well with the jury. I think the DT will try to keep as many women/mothers off the jury as possible because they’re the ones that are going to end up hanging CA.
    My other concern after watching the hearings is Jeff Ashton needs to better control himself because he isn’t doing himself any favors coming off hotheaded. The jury will give him some rope but he needs to cut back a little on the animosity. Quite a few comments have been made about that on other sites. I know he is passionate about bringing little Caylee’s murderer to justice but he needs to be less emotional so the judge will stop getting mad at him too.
    My last observations is Casey Anthony that dumb that she really doesn’t know how bad of an attorney shes got? Magpie on The Hinky Meter was an observer in the courtroom and she says Casey touched or grabbed Baez on the arm after he was finished on Thursday and said “good job.” Is she really that freakin’ stupid? Baez didn’t do a good job either day because he doesn’t understand the science that is being talked about! He kept asking the same questions six ways to Sunday in the hopes he would get the get the answer he wanted and it just didn’t happen. I’m an RN and I have always loved science and I could understand 99% of what Dr. Vass was talking about and it was VERY obvious to me that Baez couldn’t because he wasn’t asking the right questions.
    Well there is my first first rant on this blog. Good to meet you all.

  33. Mar 26 2011

    Hi Yo! Thank you for visiting us here! I love all the blogs you mention but I don’t know the T & T site… would you mind popping a link here and I’ll add it to my blog-roll?
    I find it really baffling as well that the defense has not schooled Casey Anthony on how to behave!! However, chances are they have tried to coach her on how to behave/act like she has some concern, but maybe found she’s incapable. She appears to be very self conscious – typical for a narcissistic, I’d imagine.
    Well, it may be that no matter how she acts, she will be criticized. Personally, it is annoying when the camera fixes on her for an extended period of time – to see her act so nonchalant when the witness is speaking of decomposition and bodily fluid, etc., is just beyond my understanding.
    So, I think you’re right, Yo, that’s why the defense is keeping her busy.
    We will never be able to understand the deviance of the criminal mind….but, I always try to anyway!
    I believe she is totally enamored of Baez and believes he really cares about her. She is too detached to see the bigger picture; Since she has convinced herself that Caylee is in a better place, and that she had nothing to do with it, she shouldn’t be concerned….Like Jesse Grund mentioned, Casey is capable of telling herself a whole different story and living it.
    I thought Dr. Vass was FANTASTIC! He seems like a really super person, too. What an amazing knowledge base he has! The jury will love him, I’m sure. And he will pack a wallop, that’s for sure!
    Thank you Yo for coming and ranting here!!!
    And, next time you post here, your comments will go right through – it’s the first post that ends up in moderation…then it’s clear sailing….LOL!

    • Mar 26 2011

      I somehow doubt that where Caylee is affects her in any way

  34. Mar 26 2011

    And an excellent rant it was, Yo! Good to see ya here! :mrgreen:

    Let Casey touch Baez all she wants-familiarity breeds contempt, as they saying goes. She has given herself enough rope to hang herself with so even if she sits quiet as a churchmouse and interested in her trial she won’t make much of a dent in a jury’s mind about her guilt.

    • Mar 26 2011

      Ditto that, Sherry! Perhaps when she gets a listen to what the witnesses have to say, her long black veil will begin to fade and she’ll realize her familiarity with Baez got her absolutely no where – brought her nothing. When she’s all alone, after the trial with no one to talk to, maybe then a window in her terrible mind will open to the truth… then again, maybe not.

    • Mar 26 2011

      Contempt? or sanctions?

      • Mar 26 2011

        She knows the truth and she doesn’t want to live with it or even own up to it. That’s why she lives in another world of her own making-she can rest easy in that world without the nagging guilt touching her black heart and giving her nightmares in her restless sleep.

      • Mar 26 2011

        Wonderfully put, Sherry, and right on, too. The fact that she reacted so violently to the Dec. 11th discovery of Caylee’s remains tells me she knows full well what she has done – it’s all about protecting herself. She’s perfectly happy to live with what she’s done – but she’d like to live in an RV and roam the country. Fat chance!

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