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A new dream….A new blog, too!

A blog has been on my to-do list for oh so long…. today is the day…!

I am thrilled to add a chat feature, too… I hope it is the start of many things wonderful; I hope that there are many new and wonderful thoughts, ideas and dreams posted here!

Today is Saturday and I have sooooo much to do…. so many dreams….. so many projects… sheesh! But… I am taking this break… taking this breath for just one minute to look around in gratitude for what is out there – for all that is good, for all the goodness that is mine….

Oh…well, okay….back to reality… ?  Nope! Who the hell cares…!  So what if there are three loads of laundry to do… dirty dishes, a smelly kitty liter, unmade bed, dirty sheets, books left to read, projects to finish!!! Who the hell cares…!!!

It’s a lovely day, the sun is shining and my heart is full of gratitude., filled with love, welcoming peace.  So…. bring on the dreams…. bring on the fun… bring on this new blog and this new day!


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