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July 12, 2009


My 18 year old cat, Lilly…(aptly named after Lillian Hellman)

by Andrea O'Connell


I have to do it.  Lillian Hellman, my girl “Lilly” is the last of this kitty-pack…. she’s is the final one.  There was Tallulah Bankhead (Lulu), and Dashiel Hammitt (Dash)….they’re gone, too.  Poor Lilly, but poorer me as I don’t have the heart to let her go, though I know the best thing I can do for her is to let her go… to drift off peacefully and end her pain.   

She is in pain – it came on all of a sudden.  She’s always had a loud meow… but now, well, she cries so loudly the neighbors look sideways at me when I see them.  They hear her, too.  And they seem to understand, but they don’t really. If you have had a cat for eighteen years, you’d understand, too, I think.   

It has been eighteen years.  Tallulah lasted over twenty years, maybe because she was more a dog than an ordinary cat.  She was the smartest cat I’d ever met.  Tallulah opened doors, drawers, found ways to climb and snuggle in blankets even though they were tucked away on the highest shelf in a back closet. 

Lilly, though beautiful, is not so smart… she’s feisty and oh so sassy, just like Lillian Hellman seemed to be … But Lilly?  Just always has been missing a beat… a teeny bit off kilter she’s always been.  She could be in a box with just her kitty litter, nothing else around, and she’d still miss the mark!   Yup, Lilly has never been too smart. 

But, she’s very, very sweet.  Too sweet to let her continue on in pain. 

This is very hard.  Looking for the gratitude in this….

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  1. swanktown
    Jul 13 2009

    Hey Andrea,

    In response to you Chatroll question, what I did was insert a text widget into my sidebar. Then, I got my Chatroll HTML and pasted it in there.

    Hope this helps!

    • Andrea
      Jul 13 2009

      Hey Swanktown! Thank you for your reply…yes, it does help…. My work-around was to put Chatroll on its own page for the time being… First I had it as a normal post, but that kept it perenially stuck at the bottom of the page – didn’t like that too much. I figured there must be a better way… never thought of the text widget! (Slowly I am figuring out how to manuever WordPress.) Thanks again! Best, Andrea

      • swanktown
        Jul 13 2009

        No prob, Andrea. If you have any other HTML, just put it inside a text widget and that should do the trick. It works with most HTML, but I do know that for some (Playlist) it won’t work.

      • Andrea
        Jul 13 2009

        Thank you again! I just added a CC box in a text box… I really am looking forward to learning about customizing my site…. I like how yours is sooo swanky!
        Thanks again…

  2. Mandy
    Jul 13 2009

    It is so hard to let our our pets go. I know how you feel, when I had to let Sam go it was the worst day of my life. I still cry about him, and still miss him so much. The love does stay with you, and I truly believe that God gives us the peace to do the right thing. Lilly will let you know that she made it to a better place. She will be so much better, and she will show you. Sam did that for me. Hugs.

    • Andrea
      Jul 13 2009

      Mandy… Thank you…

      I know that you’re right…. it’s the emptiness that I’ll feel that is so difficult for me… the empty space that she’ll leave is what I am dreading. Even though it’s hard work to keep her (because of her age), I dread the empty space she’ll leave…. that may sound odd, but that’s the core of it for me…. Hugs backatcha…. Andrea

  3. MichelleLeehe
    Jul 14 2009


    So sorry to hear about this, including the pain that has increased. 😦 However, on the bright side, 18 wonderful years of kinship is a true blessing, along with the new love and full support of Jazz.

    I agree with Mandy: “Lilly will let you know that she made it to a better place…She will be so much better, and will show you…”


    • Andrea
      Jul 14 2009


      I know both you and Mandy are right…. Perhaps it’s selfish of me to be so reluctant to let go – knowing the emptiness for me is coming when I do let her go.

      Yup… Jazz keeps me in check…:P

      Thanks so much, again,


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