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July 19, 2009

living with happiness and peace…

by Andrea O'Connell

If some one asked me: “What makes you the happiest?”  I would reply: “being with friends, seeing and laughing with everyone in my family, baby sitting my niece, blogging, teaching and developing instruction (my job), taking classes, allowing my dog to lick my face and my fingers after I’ve eaten a bagel smothered with butter, drinking a cold beer on a hot Saturday evening with a friend, going to the grocery store and not worrying about the price of a steak, seeing really good theatre, hearing good music, going to the ballet, seeing a good movie, feeling the sunshine and a cool breeze simultaneously.

New projects and new opportunities for growth and friendship also make me happy. 

When I am overwhelmed with life, or when I can’t seem to make time to slow down and breathe and do those things that I love the most…then, I just sit on my porch, look at the water, watch my dog salivate over the birds in the yard,  breathe in and breath out and think about what I want to write next… Kind of simple, really. Hard part is just making the time to sit still….

Okay, all together now…. breathe in, breathe out….breathe in…breathe oooouuuutttttttt…..Ahh!  Just let go and let love!!!


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