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July 21, 2009


when justice is served….

by Andrea O'Connell

When justice, at long last, is served, the world begins to look a lot brighter for those who suffered harm. 

To all my new friends – kindred in thier suffering; wishing you peace, love, and continued kindness and joy. 

Andrea (oandrea)

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  1. starfish
    Jul 22 2009

    Justice is best served cold…
    A couple of people got served a big helping of justice yesterday and it was about time!

    • Andrea
      Jul 26 2009


      You are absolutely correct. When the crime is so cold and calculating, justice is best served swiftly, evenly, finally and oooh sooo coldly!


  2. debbie
    Jul 26 2009

    Very well said Andrea…..and I for one am glad there was some justice in this world for once,and so happy that I got to know you through justice being served!~!~! We finally have some peace now…lets have a great time and enjoy it!
    ((((hugs)))) Deb

    • Andrea
      Jul 26 2009

      Thank you for your comments! I am so happy to have met you, too. Having met you and so many others as a result of this awful situation, this drama, this…how can you describe what we’ve lived through? Words can barely describe the horrendous nature of it… The essence of it, to me, the whole result of this long battle is that justice in its purest form was finally achieved. Finally. But… through it all, the result for me was new and true friends, and the satisfaction that goodness and truth triumphed over evil and hate. That’s the long and short of it, for me.

      I am so grateful now, not only for the experience, but that it is OVER!!!!

  3. debbie
    Jul 26 2009

    Goodness and truth will always triumph over hate in the long run….it is so sad what others and mainly you have had to go through to get here…but… feels worth the effort to have gone through to have met truly REAL friends!!! Have a great Sunday Andrea…… Hugs, Deb

  4. debbie
    Jul 27 2009

    Didnt want to leave out my other 2 dear friends…I hope they know who they are !!!! They also went through the wringer ..oh wait make that 3 friends ..oh wait one more….hmm thought of another one!!! Anyhow…peace we all have now!!!!!!! We have some fresh air and breathing room now. Phew!!!!!


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