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July 30, 2009

new document release in Casey Anthony case

by Andrea O'Connell

refusal of G, Cindy, Lee to polygraph_r 

Get ready….!  WFTV is reporting that “1,406 new pages of discovery” were released this morning. 

Update… Documents from the discovery release are slowly  being posted to WFTV, among the documents is a single paged FBI report dated June 11, 2009.  As a matter of course, the FBI will routinely ask witnesses to submit to a polygraph – it’s a method of gaining additional insight into the story of the crime they are piecing together, or so I’d surmise.  Anyway, all the key witnesses involved: Amy Huizenga, Anthony Lazarro, Ricardo Morales, Jesse Grund, and Anthony Rusciano, agreed to the FBI polygraph.  Who refused to work with FBI?  Hmm.  You guessed it!  George, Cindy, and Lee.

Here’s a link to the FBI pdf file (document), from the WFTV site:

Apparently, there is no video or audio files included with this release, only paper-based reports.  According to the Orlando Sentinel among the documents released will be Jesse Grunds’ employment records with the Orlando PD. (Can’t we leave Jesse – the poor guy – alone now?  He’s been victimized enough.)

Additional information, according to the Orlando Sentinel, will include police reports related to the search for Caylee, transcripts of George and Cindy Anthony interviews (the audio has previously been released, these are the transcripts – old material.)

Meanwhile, Lee Anthony is being interviewed by the State Attorney’s office today.  Lee Anthony’s attorney, Tom Luka, promised to provide a statement to the press once the depo has concluded….. Huh?  Do we really care?

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