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July 30, 2009

putting on my Pit Bull…(only dreamin’)

by Andrea O'Connell

What I am about to write is the absolute wrong thing to say or send when you are being harassed by a cyber-bully.  You never want to antagonize a bully – you always want to ignore them.  Always.  (Yes, I am learning my lessons, learning well.) 

With cyber bullies, because they are cowards – they post and run, leave or send evil messages under cover of darkess and most victims don’t get the satisfaction of standing up to them. 

So, I am going to have my say, here and now!  I’m getting it out of my system right now!  Okay, letting it go, letting it fly, growling like a Pit Bull and spewing what I’d really like to say to these cyber-bullies.  (PS: I’d never have the nerve to send this to the bullies that have harrassed me;  but to dream about it is very theraputic.)

My Bully Fantasy Script:

This is for all the bullies, all the haters out there who, for “sport” think it’s a grand game to harass and belittle people. 

This is for the good and kind people, too.  For John in Florida who inspired me with the Pit Bull image.

Me: You are very sick and troubled people.  I am tired of your sick postings, your spying tactics and your evil and underhanded ways.  Why eat hate for every meal???!!  I know you enjoy spreading your hate and anger – you feast on it like a rabid animal.  Why would you be so cruel?  Why would you be so vile and heartless?  No one deserves your wrath – turn it inward and see how it feels, why don’t you?

Why are your hearts so dark?  Why are your minds so full of disturbed things?  I will never understand the cruelty that must live within you 24/7. 

Attack / Post / Run.  That’s your game.  You attack again and again but you run away, like a coward!  Attack – post – and run!    So easy for you, isn’t it?  But, oh so cowardly; oh so underhanded, oh so hatefully aggressive.  You don’t discuss or talk – you attack when the target (victim) of your hate is not there to defend his or herself.  You attack like an inhuman boor!     

So, you big bully, if you ever again try to hurt me, I will fight like a Pit Bull from now on!   If you should even so much as THINK about harassing me again, or trying to cause harm to me, or try any other underhanded or cruel measure to try to hurt me….  I will bring a lawsuit against you in a mad rush of Pit Bull fever the likes of which you’ve never seen! 

I will get a bloody army of Pit Bulls and we’ll bite and we’ll bite for days and days!  We’ll bite and bite you from all sides, from all angles!  

Why won’t you clean out your damn heart…???  It’s filthy. 

Eck…. bleck…. phew!!!

Okay…! That felt pretty good (even if it’s only a dream).

What do you think?

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