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August 3, 2009


“…and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car…”

by Andrea O'Connell

It’s been over a year since we first heard these troubling and frantic words from Cindy Anthony when, on the 911 tapes, she said: “ There’s something wrong, I found my daughter’s car today, it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.” 

To me those words have the same eerie feel as:  “There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.”   

One of the characters in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” was reacting to seeing the ghost of Hamlet’s dead father (who was killed by Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius), when he used the “rotten… Denmark” line.  It was his reaction to seeing and hearing the ghost proclaim that Claudius was his murderer.   This is what smelled as foul as dead fish in Denmark.  

Interesting, don’t you think?  Reeks with similarity to me.

I wonder if,  in her recent 13 hour long deposition with the State Attorney’s office, Cindy stuck to her story about how that smell was really the ghost of dead pizza left by her beloved daughter?  Surely Cindy has figured out,  just as the Queen in Hamlet proclaims about the loquacious character in the the skit, (who is really a parody of the Queen herself), that:  “The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.”  Does Cindy now realize that not a soul buys her “protesting” about the pizza-smell fantasy?

We all know that the Anthony’s, the moment they smelled death, knew that something was indeed rotten, and that Casey was the fishmonger.

With all the madness surrounding the Anthony case, with the tragic circumstances – the frenzy and the hype – this case has become epic in its own right.  Not even Shakespeare could write a tale so sordid. 

As often happens in Shakespeare, monsters lie and blame others while the truly innocent suffer (think Ophelia and Desdemona and you’ll understand what I mean).  And so it goes in this case: Jesse Grund (and others) will be villified – but, methinks it won’t work – nary a chance of it – Jesse is too honest, too good for any juror to believe he has an inkling of blame here.    

In a soliloquy, the guilty Claudius speaks his thoughts and tells of  killing Hamlet’s father, who is his own brother.  He speaks of the foul and rank odor of his own deed when he says:  

O, my offense is rank, it smells to heaven,
It hath the primal eldest curse upon’t—
A brother’s murder….”

And later the King, realizing his guilt, admits that not even his thoughts will reach heavan, says:

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below.
Words without thoughts never to heaven go.

Sound familiar?

The “murder most foul” stunk in “Hamlet’s” Denmark, and it stinks to high heavan in Orlando, Florida, too.

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  1. Id'claire
    Aug 4 2009

    Me thinks in the 13 hours, Cindy would stick to her story(s) using “in my opinion” or “I was confused at the time…” statements. She’s not accusing Grund, it’s just her opinion. The smell of pizza is her opinion, or as Geo. said, “You gotta do the (pizza) test just right….”

    I’m sure she has to homogenize her stories somehow, to cover for her behaviors as well as Casey’s as best as she can.

    • Andrea
      Aug 4 2009

      Hi Id’claire…

      Me thinks you are right – Cindy’s depo will probably be layered with statements like: “What I meant was…” or “Did I say that?” or “No, I couldn’t have said that; but if I did, then it’s because I’m a ‘greivin grandma and was just confused.” Blah, blah, blah….

      I wonder if Cindy smacked her gum the whole time? I wonder if she kept her mic on? I wonder if she rolled her eyes after every question? I wonder if she was civil? Mostly, I wonder if she remembers it’s about the death of a child and not about her?

      All the best and thanks for your comments….!

  2. mikka
    Aug 4 2009

    george was sayiing, “the body in the trunk is not my granddaughter “.george cant change his statemant,after he sworn already in front of the grandjury.and cindy will all do,to cover up for her daughter,but i am sure,the truth will come all out in the end and justice for caylee will be served!

    • Andrea
      Aug 4 2009

      Hi Mikka,

      You got that right! George said countless times that he’d never forget that odor. Having been a detective in Ohio, unfortuneately he has experienced that smell in the past.

      It is really awful to think about this, when you come right down to it. If the Anthony’s had only just cooperated from the start – including Casey – we would not be here today discussing this truly terrible piece of the case.

      Anyway, the truth will be revealed, I agree, Mikka. I’m dreaming about justice, big time. I know we all are.


  3. laura
    Aug 5 2009

    I can hear it now, I only said dead body to get them to hurry! The was a mis-statement, or a mis-truth and I mis-spoke. Instead of her saying I lied, Casey lied and that is all we know how to do. Isn’t Cindy the one that said in her fbi interview it wasn’t a crime to lie? I suppose with that thinking she really believes it is okay for them to lie.

    • Andrea
      Aug 5 2009

      Hi Laura,
      Ain’t it the truth! But, there is now no way on earth that the state will let them get away with all of the dissembling. When the Anthony’s do take the stand, they will have to account for all the mistruths, all the deception, and all the “opinions” they’ve spouted over the year. Ultimately what will happen is this: They will make Casey look quiltier! The depos this week will nail their story to the ground and come trial time, if they dare deviate from what they’ve said this week, or try to change their story to “help” Casey, the state can request that the Judge declare, whoever is on the stand, become a “hostile” witness (to the state). And this will simply turn the table on them and forces their testimony to be direct based on the state’s ability to “lead” the witness to get to at the truth. They will not be allowed to go on and on and on as they did in the civil depositions when they are declared hostile.
      The state is very, very smart, in my humble opinion, to make this very strategic move.

      Best, Andrea

  4. Aug 5 2009

    Clever – and the comments too 🙂 I think you have it nailed.

    • Andrea
      Aug 5 2009

      Hi Dee!

      Thanks so much…. It is really interesting how some of the characters in Denmark mirror the sad lot in Orlando… how well the Anthony’s know how to “play the fool”

      Best regards,


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