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you got a killer education but no job? no prob: sue, sue, sue!

A colleague at the university I work for emailed a CNN story to me today that nearly knocked me out of my chair! 

Warning: Now is the time to put on your seatbelt.

So, let me start by advising all you Mom’s and Dad’s out there who are coughing up your left lung to pay the college tuition for your Johnny and/or Sally…. if your kiddos don’t get a job after finishing their Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, well, hey, no worries… SUE ‘em!  Ahem, I mean, sue the college, not your kids

I have to take a deep breath here and not let the sarcasm come screaming out of my pours and assault all our senses! 

Okay.  Deep breath.

Here’s the story. 

  • The college:  Monroe College, Bronx, NY
  • The student: Trina Thompson, age 27.
  • The cost of her tuition: $70,000.  (What?????)
  • The cost of her stress: $2,000.   

Trina recently graduated from Monroe and apparently believed that the college would also grant her a great job after she completed her degree.  I find it difficult to swallow that no one at Monroe advised Trina that it is the university’s responsibility to furnish her with an education; but it is up to her to do the rest.  Higher Education institutions will support the student and guide and support them as they journey on into the real world, but cannot act as an employment agency, too.  It’s simply not realistic.  And not what they are intended for.

Furthermore, this student claims that because her attendance record was stellar, and her GPA (grade point average) was 2.7, she expected a leg up from the college and wanted the real work-a-day world to shower her with juicy job offers.  ( Puck’s line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream calls out to me…  “O, what fools these mortals be!” ) 

The sad fact, dear Trina, is it is also a sign of our times.  Jobs in our economy are scarce (my 4 year old niece would have told you that), and even students who earned a 4.0 GPA (perfect grades), are having a very difficult time. 

Maybe, Trina, had you worked a tad harder and earned higher grades….?  

You are dreaming, Trina.  You simply have to get in line, just like the millions out there, and hope that the economy and the job outlook will improve, and fast

Everyone is sorry that education costs are high, especially now, and we feel for students like you, Trina, certainly we do – but that is all. 

Keep trying, Trina.  Never lose hope, but please, be a tad realistic and put the blame where it should to be, which, dear mortal, is certainly not on the college.   

Here’s the CNN story, written by Jason Kessler:

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