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simon & schuster sayin’ it ain’t so

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Simon & Schuster deny the Anthony’s have a book deal.  This apparently is a result of an email sent by Vice President of Communications, Adam Rothberg, to the Orlando Sentinel saying it surely ain’t so. 

Frankly, it smells like a publicity stunt on behalf of Corporate Camp Anthony by Brad Conway, anyway.  (A very poor one as it turns out; a rancid idea.) 

WFTV first reported this story, but seem to be keeping mum right now. 

Stay tuned.


a book deal? please, say it ain’t so

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, another news flash from Corporate Camp Anthony hits squarely between the eyes. 

Kathi Bellich of WFTV is reporting, via a tipster close to Corporate Camp Anthony,  that Cindy, George, Dominic Casey AND lawyer Brad Conway, may be in negotions with Simon and Schuster. 

Here’s the report:

There is no single surprise here, of course.  What is surprising, however, is why NOW?  Have they no sense, no dignity, no care?   Corporate Camp Anthony has repeatedly, said, ad nauseam, that they love their daughter.   If this is true,  how could even think about a book? 

Can they really be so stupid, heartless, AND greedy?  Surely they realize it will hurt Casey at trial?   Could it be that this is all a money game for them, now, and not really about Casey, as they purport?  Has Casey refused to see / speak to them – is that the real reason for the lack of contact?  Is Casey as sick of them as we are?  Are they purposely trying to sabotage her trial?

There are far too many questions and they border lunacy.

This  book deal leads me to think that the Anthony’s world is clearly a facade – a facade on top of a mirage – and they are simply in it for the money.  Period.  End of Story.


yet another smelly day in Denmark for casey anthony’s defense

It is very difficult to watch the Anthony family media clips.   It is infuriating to see their blase’ air – how they seem to be totally out of touch – as though the focus should be on thier suffering!  Frankly, if we saw them suffer the loss of Caylee, surely everyone and anyone would continue to feel for them, feel the pain of thier horrific loss.  

Today, after having seen George Anthony being interviewed (prior to his scheduled deposition) by Orlando’s local media, and seeing his oddly apologetic air, I am reminded once again of the stench in Denmark, the rotten air, the putrid state of affairs, and the glib disregard for truth that has become the defense in this case.  In front of the State Attorney’s office today, decked in golfing duds (plaid shorts, pastel shirt, looking tan), George Anthony spoke volumes in regards to what and who he stands for, and it’s not Caylee.  Clearly we see it is no longer about Caylee, which makes it impossible to sympathize with him, or Cindy, or Lee.

According to my favorite Orlando attorney, and WFTV Legal Analyst Bill Sheaffer, this week’s depositions were a strategic prosecutorial move to secure critical testimony in advance of the trial – lock it in, so to speak – to ensure that, come their time to testify during the case in chief, if the Anthony’s attempt to change or alter their testimony in deference to sympathy for Casey, their credibility will be all but shattered.  And more importantly, it will only add to the destruction of Casey’s credibility. 

If, during the criminal trial, the Anthony’s dare to deviate from what they’ve said this week in depositions, or should they try to change their story to help Casey, the state can request that the Judge declare the witness “hostile” (to the state).  And this will simply turn the tables, forcing their direct testimony, allowing the state to “lead” the witness to get to at the truth. ( Truth?  Now, there’s a concept.)

Sheaffer tells us that, should any of the Anthony’s attempt to change their testimony, or should they attempt coy or manipulative responses on the stand, the judge can declare them “hostile to the state’s conviction” (Sheaffer, 11/05/09, WFTV).   Therefore, taking these depositions, according to Sheaffer,  was a very smart and strategic move on behalf of the State Attorney’s Office, as the state will be better equipped to handle the wayfaring testimony of this rambling fan-damily, should they be declared hostile.

Furthermore, when the Anthony’s do take the stand, they will have to account for all the mistruths, all the deception, and all the “opinions” they’ve spouted since day one. 

It goes without saying that the Anthony’s would have been well served, during this week of depositions, to come clean with the truth as they know it.  However, only time will tell if they were forthcoming as this week’s depo testimony will likely be held until trial (unless either side orders a copy of the transcript), and not become public record.

If and when, during the criminal trial, an Anthony family member is declared hostile, he or she will not be allowed to go on-and-on-and-on as they did in the civil depositions.  This means, we won’t see the gum chewing, or the cursing; there will be no tearing off and throwing of a microphone, no refusing to answer, no incessant or inappropriate giggling.  Nope. Not in a criminal courtroom, thank you very much.


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