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August 6, 2009

a book deal? please, say it ain’t so

by Andrea O'Connell

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, another news flash from Corporate Camp Anthony hits squarely between the eyes. 

Kathi Bellich of WFTV is reporting, via a tipster close to Corporate Camp Anthony,  that Cindy, George, Dominic Casey AND lawyer Brad Conway, may be in negotions with Simon and Schuster. 

Here’s the report:

There is no single surprise here, of course.  What is surprising, however, is why NOW?  Have they no sense, no dignity, no care?   Corporate Camp Anthony has repeatedly, said, ad nauseam, that they love their daughter.   If this is true,  how could even think about a book? 

Can they really be so stupid, heartless, AND greedy?  Surely they realize it will hurt Casey at trial?   Could it be that this is all a money game for them, now, and not really about Casey, as they purport?  Has Casey refused to see / speak to them – is that the real reason for the lack of contact?  Is Casey as sick of them as we are?  Are they purposely trying to sabotage her trial?

There are far too many questions and they border lunacy.

This  book deal leads me to think that the Anthony’s world is clearly a facade – a facade on top of a mirage – and they are simply in it for the money.  Period.  End of Story.

What do you think?

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