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August 6, 2009


yet another smelly day in Denmark for casey anthony’s defense

by Andrea O'Connell

It is very difficult to watch the Anthony family media clips.   It is infuriating to see their blase’ air – how they seem to be totally out of touch – as though the focus should be on thier suffering!  Frankly, if we saw them suffer the loss of Caylee, surely everyone and anyone would continue to feel for them, feel the pain of thier horrific loss.  

Today, after having seen George Anthony being interviewed (prior to his scheduled deposition) by Orlando’s local media, and seeing his oddly apologetic air, I am reminded once again of the stench in Denmark, the rotten air, the putrid state of affairs, and the glib disregard for truth that has become the defense in this case.  In front of the State Attorney’s office today, decked in golfing duds (plaid shorts, pastel shirt, looking tan), George Anthony spoke volumes in regards to what and who he stands for, and it’s not Caylee.  Clearly we see it is no longer about Caylee, which makes it impossible to sympathize with him, or Cindy, or Lee.

According to my favorite Orlando attorney, and WFTV Legal Analyst Bill Sheaffer, this week’s depositions were a strategic prosecutorial move to secure critical testimony in advance of the trial – lock it in, so to speak – to ensure that, come their time to testify during the case in chief, if the Anthony’s attempt to change or alter their testimony in deference to sympathy for Casey, their credibility will be all but shattered.  And more importantly, it will only add to the destruction of Casey’s credibility. 

If, during the criminal trial, the Anthony’s dare to deviate from what they’ve said this week in depositions, or should they try to change their story to help Casey, the state can request that the Judge declare the witness “hostile” (to the state).  And this will simply turn the tables, forcing their direct testimony, allowing the state to “lead” the witness to get to at the truth. ( Truth?  Now, there’s a concept.)

Sheaffer tells us that, should any of the Anthony’s attempt to change their testimony, or should they attempt coy or manipulative responses on the stand, the judge can declare them “hostile to the state’s conviction” (Sheaffer, 11/05/09, WFTV).   Therefore, taking these depositions, according to Sheaffer,  was a very smart and strategic move on behalf of the State Attorney’s Office, as the state will be better equipped to handle the wayfaring testimony of this rambling fan-damily, should they be declared hostile.

Furthermore, when the Anthony’s do take the stand, they will have to account for all the mistruths, all the deception, and all the “opinions” they’ve spouted since day one. 

It goes without saying that the Anthony’s would have been well served, during this week of depositions, to come clean with the truth as they know it.  However, only time will tell if they were forthcoming as this week’s depo testimony will likely be held until trial (unless either side orders a copy of the transcript), and not become public record.

If and when, during the criminal trial, an Anthony family member is declared hostile, he or she will not be allowed to go on-and-on-and-on as they did in the civil depositions.  This means, we won’t see the gum chewing, or the cursing; there will be no tearing off and throwing of a microphone, no refusing to answer, no incessant or inappropriate giggling.  Nope. Not in a criminal courtroom, thank you very much.


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  1. Id'claire
    Aug 6 2009

    As shared on another site:

    OK, during Geo’s little microphone conversation before his recent discussion with the State, I found two things interesting.

    1-He said Cindy of the 13th hour, and himself did not discuss her questioning.

    2-He said that he will be given questions and he hopes to contain himself and tell the truth.

    comment for 1–That house is not big enough to keep them far enough apart for no conversation. Perhaps they were told not to converse about the hearings, but really, REALLY?? They have no jobs to keep them apart.

    On the other hand, even if they shared a one-room apt, I can’t see them having much to say to each other.

    Oh, yeah, and didn’t I see recently where HGTV in cooperation with Dr. Phil did a special on homemaking, where they show homeowners how to redesign their habitation to enable married couples to better maintain their marriage??

    They went in to the Anthonys (one of those timed make-overs, in and out, didn’t want too much confrontation with the Queen) and they put up walls, yes, walls, dividing up all living spaces….interaction only made possible through prexiglass panal, intercom, and envelope drawar…for those special moments, like “Have you seen my keys, honey…?” (George) or “Gimme my keys, you idiot…” (Cindy)

    [It may be noted here, that all HGTV workers walked well clear of all hoses and hammers, ‘cept their own. They also noted that yes, it is true that Cindy always puts the pool ladder away after she swims, and a sticky note on the new desktop disallows George from handling any financial data, bills or otherwise…]

    Martha Stewart commented that HGTV was very innovative, but one of her future shows would further elaborate what all can be done with divided living space…special lighting, earth tones…harmonizing what little is left within the malfunctioning relationship…especially those with murder trials on the horizon….

    comment for 2—I’m so excited!! George told the truth!! The case, the trial will be open and shut.

    Was he made to explain the inconsistencies within his other interviews? Probably, and I am confident his explanations were adequate. He would simply tell the truth…The Queen told him what to say, and he, as his marraige vow requires, complied.

    Now, with that truth, he can explain how Casey was a good, responsible mother,…yet partied, lied, stole, cursed out her loved ones…. He can explain the smell of death, and that of pizza. He can explain why the heck they needed a PI when the baby was dead. And what it’s like to hang out at the Ritz for a few days.

    • Andrea
      Aug 6 2009

      Hi Claire!

      Thank you for making my day! I loved reading your comments, and I laughed out loud thinking about George and the Queen trying to aviod each other and NOT talk about the rotten state of affairs and what lies they can each memorize now to get thier story straight. And, HGTV and Martha Stewart’s interventions!!!! Priceless. Simpy priceless!

      It’s really only about saving Casey now. I do understand thier love for her, but cannot understand thier support of her – if they truly loved thier grandchild, how could they support Casey, too? That is what boggles my thinking. If George and Cindy weren’t so maddening they’d be laughable. Poor George. He’s just a Polonios (the poor father of Ophelia in Hamlet) who has really lost his way.

      But, you know what, I really don’t think any one of the Anythony’s know what “version” of the truth they should be sticking to, and that leads me to believe it’s all over for Casey as during the criminal trial her own family will be forced to testify against her.

      Thank you again for sharing here!



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