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August 16, 2009


the clown before the storm?

by Andrea O'Connell

clown_storms (2)

It’s been very quiet in the Casey Anthony case lately, though a hearing is set for August 21, 2009.

Perhaps this is the calm before the storm? 

Here in Florida there are two Tropical Storms brewing:  Ana (that’s Ah-Nah, not Ann-a, or so say the hurricane prognosticators!), and Bill – just plain Bill.  But, Bill could also be just plain scary.

They say that Ana is destined to stay a Tropical Storm, but Bill, they say, will become a Category 3 Hurricane.  It is anyone’s guess what will actually unfold in the coming days. 

Just as Ana and Bill approach Florida, new storms are brewing in the Casey Anthony case.  If weather permits (barring Ana or Bill landfall), August 21st will bring the media circus back to town as Corporate Camp Anthony prepares for a hearing in Judge Strickland’s courtroom. 

Jose Baez has filed three motions in his three ring circus.  The three motions are related to the following:

  • Request to certify Tim Miller of Equusearch, as a witness in the case. 
  • Delay the check fraud case until after the murder trial.  This motion may be granted to the Defense – bringing the fraud case before the murder case could be harmful to Casey Anthony’s right to a fair trial for the murder of her daughter, Caylee.  Also, the Defense claims they are too busy with the murder case to attend to this matter.
  • Lastly, Strickland will hear a motion for Protective order, intended to bar Leonard Padilla, Tony Padilla, Tracy McLaughlin, and Robert Dick from testifying in the case. Baez claims these individuals are covered under an attorney-client privilege and should not testify.

These all seem to be compelling items that may bring some thunder, lightning and heavy winds to Orlando

It is unclear whether Casey Anthony will be at the hearing, though it is presumed she will be.  

So, regardless if Ana and Bill stay away, it sure could be a stormy week in Orlando.

The hearing is set to begin at 9:30 a.m.

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  1. Joy
    Aug 17 2009

    I just don’t know about our court system.?. If the Judge leaves the cowboy and his indians out of the circus, then maybe the Devil’s Daughter will walk!!!! hmmmmmm Well, all I can say is if she walks, she better walk fast or RUN because a LOT of people will not be very happy. Including me.

    • Andrea
      Aug 17 2009

      Hi Joy,

      Hmmmm. It’s going to be verrrryyy interesting to see if the cowboy can hop off his horse, and swing and spin his tail, er, tale. I do think L. Padilla has some juicy hay that the state would surely like to chew!

      Thanks for making me laugh with your comments!


    • carolanne
      Aug 17 2009

      I am sorry to say this but please listen to what you said above,Devils Daughter Casey Anthony is not the devils daughter and what a hurtful thing to say about someone.

      May I remind you we are all Gods children,and yes Casey may have been involved in the death of her daughter,and if so there will be sins to repent but she is not totally evil,just confused,alone,and unable to ask for help from her loved ones when it was needed.
      Someone should have helped that girl when it was needed,she was not ready to be a mother and anyone should have been able to see that let alone her own family,who should have put there arms around her and guided her to the right decision to put little caylee up for adoption or given full paternal rights to the grandparents.
      Its so sad to see and it makes me upset but what this is is tragic not totally evil,and no body knows how they would have behaved if they walked in the same shoes as this tragic family,so I would say please less of the devil and such names. God Bless

      • Andrea
        Aug 17 2009

        Thank you for your insight. I understand where you’re coming from, since, after all, Casey is still innocent until she is proven guilty. We have to be grateful for this system of ours that assures this protection to those accused of a crime.

        However, those of us who have followed all the nuances and details surrounding this case, having read the hundreds of pages of discovery; listened to the hours of police interviews, and most importantly, those of us who are fanatic about seeing justice for little Caylee, may see the child’s murderer as the devil incarnate. So, if the comments seem insensitive, it is simply because many of us are fervently focused, and have fallen in love with the idea of justice for little Caylee – passionately so.

        Having a criminal defense attorney in my family who adamantly upholds a defendant’s right to a fair trial, and who would be outraged at me for crying guilty without due process of the law, I would still say: The murderer of this child had to have the devil in her heart to take the life of their own child.

        I agree with you that Casey was a lost soul completely unprepared to face motherhood. Words cannot express how terribly tragic it is. Perhaps that is why our words are harsh – words simply can’t do this crime justice.

        All the best,

  2. mikka
    Aug 17 2009

    its time strickland put his feet down,and tell the clown defense team,this circus have to stop!

    • Andrea
      Aug 17 2009

      Hey Mikka.

      Ha ha! I think Strickland will put the circus on the right foot, well, I hope so. So far, he appears to be doing a good job – just my humble opinion!


    Aug 17 2009

    Carolanne, I have far, far more sympathy for three year old Caylee who was also undoubtedly “just confused, alone,and unable to ask for help from her loved ones when it was needed.” Casey still has HER life. Not poor little Caylee.

    • Andrea
      Aug 17 2009

      Bees Knees:

      Yes. The heart of the matter is little Caylee whose life was snuffed out before it began. If only someone had noticed and saved her. If only.


  4. debbie
    Aug 18 2009

    Very interesting Andrea,, how you used the hurricanes coming (weather wise) versus the real hurricane, Casey who did destroy everything in her path!! The next hurricane will be a lady name starting with “C”…how ironic!!!

    • Andrea
      Aug 18 2009

      Hey Deb,

      Thanks for your comments… and I didn’t think of that… the next storm would be a “C”! In truth, Florida just experienced it’s C – named “Claudettte” – she stayed a tropical storm and dumped winds and rains on the Florida Panhandle.

      The good news is that Bill, though he looks to be fierce and is expected to become a cat. 3 hurricane, appears now to be skirting out into the Atlantic, away from land… Lt’s hope he stays far far away!



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