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2,000 pages of discovery released & a messy mix up

WFTV and other media outlets are reporting that the State turned over 2,000 pages of discovery to the Casey Anthony Defense Team today.  The Defense also recieved CDs with Photobucket images, a photo of the famous “Beautiful Life” (Bella Vita) tattoo, as well as FBI procedural documents.   It is not known when this discovery material will be made public. 

This document lists the State discovery items released to the Defense:

In a seemingly messy mix up, Baez filed two motions in response to the State’s motion to set a trial date for the check fraud case. 

In the initial motion, filed on Friday, June August 21, 2009 (the same day as the recent hearing in the case) Baez requests an October 4, 2010 date (for the check fraud case).  Then, on June August 24th, Baez files yet another motion that argues for a November 2010 date.  The motion also indicates that the murder case will begin in June 2010.

Here is a link to the original motion filed on July 21, that requests the check fraud case be scheduled for October 4, 2010.  It is a short document and appears hastily written:

Here’s a link to the amended motion which requests the check fraud case be held in November 2010:

It remains to be seen how Judge Strickland will rule on this matter; whether he will grant the Defense their request to postpone the check fraud trial until after the murder trial, or will schedule it sometime before June 2010. 

This is an important ruling and it is anyone’s guess when his decision will be delivered.

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