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score: Baez partial win, State: win-win

In the Casey Anthony case today, Judge Stan Strickland released his decision with regards to approving Tim Miller, of Equusearch, to be depositioned as a defense witness.  The Judge also ruled that the records pertaining to the 32 volunteer Caylee Anthony searchers may be reviewed privately at the law offices of Mark NeJame by both the defense and the prosecution.  If either side has cause to seek further information from any of the 32 volunteers, the Judge will consider arguments (motions), as needed. 

The defense was requesting the records of 3,000 of the search volunteers.  That request was denied.

Here is a link to Judge Strickland’s ruling:

The Judge also ruled today that Leonard Padilla, Tony Padilla, Robert Dick, and Tracy McLaughlin were NOT acting as agents or associates of the defense, and will NOT be barred from testifying in the murder trial.  Tracy McLaughlin, it is rumored, spent a great deal of time with Casey Anthony and may have information that will not put Casey in the best light.

Here is link to the ruling regarding the Padilla associates:

The much anticipated ruling related to the scheduling dates of the check fraud case is still pending.

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