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snail mail in jail – was Baez nailed?

jail_letter_openWESH news today reported an interesting tidbit of information.  Now, this is nothing earth shattering, but it speaks to the self-important and arrogant nature of some of the players around Casey Anthony’s defense team, as well as her family.

It seems that Jose Baez has been smuggling in letters from the Anthony’s to Casey.  And coincidentally, the Orange County Jail is reemphasizing an old rule about contraband letters – reminding all visitors of the rules, though they claim their reinforcement of this rule has no relationship to this story.

People in law enforcement and lawyers understand – they know – they are taught from day one – that there are very strict rules around bringing information or items (i.e. contraband) in from the “outside” to an inmate in a jail.  It is a given, a procedure that has always been generally understood – a no-brainer.  

Does Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, and her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, believe they are above these types of rules?  Silly me for asking… their actions tell the story.    

It just makes me wonder if Jose Baez believes that because he is the-great-and-famous-Jose-Baez-defender-of-Casey Anthony, that he is above reproach, has special privileges?   

In the big picture of this case, this particular story may be a small issue; but in truth, though I may be way off, to me this speaks of an arrogant attempt to maneuver outside of lawful boundaries.

According to WESH, the Anthony’s are now going to mail their letters directly to Casey in the jail. Of course, this is the proper procedure, but a rule the Anthony’s wouldn’t like as snail mail is opened and read by jail officials prior to it being delivered to an inmate.

The procedures for mail delivery to an inmate are provided in the below link.   The Florida Department of Corrections rules and procedures about letter writing are very clear, as you will see:

Play fair, Jose.

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