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September 2, 2009


snail mail in jail – was Baez nailed?

by Andrea O'Connell

jail_letter_openWESH news today reported an interesting tidbit of information.  Now, this is nothing earth shattering, but it speaks to the self-important and arrogant nature of some of the players around Casey Anthony’s defense team, as well as her family.

It seems that Jose Baez has been smuggling in letters from the Anthony’s to Casey.  And coincidentally, the Orange County Jail is reemphasizing an old rule about contraband letters – reminding all visitors of the rules, though they claim their reinforcement of this rule has no relationship to this story.

People in law enforcement and lawyers understand – they know – they are taught from day one – that there are very strict rules around bringing information or items (i.e. contraband) in from the “outside” to an inmate in a jail.  It is a given, a procedure that has always been generally understood – a no-brainer.  

Does Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, and her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, believe they are above these types of rules?  Silly me for asking… their actions tell the story.    

It just makes me wonder if Jose Baez believes that because he is the-great-and-famous-Jose-Baez-defender-of-Casey Anthony, that he is above reproach, has special privileges?   

In the big picture of this case, this particular story may be a small issue; but in truth, though I may be way off, to me this speaks of an arrogant attempt to maneuver outside of lawful boundaries.

According to WESH, the Anthony’s are now going to mail their letters directly to Casey in the jail. Of course, this is the proper procedure, but a rule the Anthony’s wouldn’t like as snail mail is opened and read by jail officials prior to it being delivered to an inmate.

The procedures for mail delivery to an inmate are provided in the below link.   The Florida Department of Corrections rules and procedures about letter writing are very clear, as you will see:

Play fair, Jose.

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  1. Jill from Western Australia
    Sep 3 2009

    Hi Andrea…thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    JB has made it perfectly clear that he “scrutinizes” all of KC’s mail…if he was smart he would take the letters into the jail…allow KC to read them…THEN take them out again so as to remove any evidence of “contraband.”

    I was furious when I learnt that laptops are allowed to “visit” with the lawyers clients whilst in jail! Due to attorney/client priviledge we will never know how much “contraband” he smuggles via this device. Once again if he was smart he wouldn’t let her see emails {just in case the State acquires the “senders” records.} However there is nothing to stop him copy/pasting the contents!

    Most laptops have a teeny weeny camera…whats to stop him allowing KC to use this?

    It is very interesting that Brad Conway and Andrea Lyons both state that G & C should be allowed visitation whilst Baez has adamantly fought against this. Could it be that he can’t trust his client or her parents?

    OR….is all this “hype” just a ploy by Lyon to taint the jury pool into feeling sorry for KC?


    Hugs ♥♥♥

    • Andrea
      Sep 3 2009

      G’day Jill!
      You’re right… who knows what kind of shenanigans could go on with sharing video messages between the family and Casey via Baez’s laptop. I’d think the guards would see that type of thing, but who knows…..

      I do understand why Baez is so adamant about keeping the Anthony’s away from visiting Casey as has been disastrous for the defense. The family has made it so much worse for Casey with the inane and untrue idiotic things they say and don’t say. Those initial jail videos were very telling…. Some of the statements in those videos will come back to bite the defense.

      I was surprised also to learn that she (Lyons) thinks it would by perfectly okay for the family to visit. And Baez is soooo vehemently opposed…. Strange.

      Perhaps there’s trouble already brewing between Lyons and Baez?

      And, you may be right about Lyons playing for the sympathy card in the visits! I never thought of that, but it could be a tactic.

      Hmmmmm, indeed!


  2. Sep 3 2009

    Wow Andrea,
    I had no idea the protocal involved with sending an inmate a simple letter. Thanks for the link.

    • Andrea
      Sep 3 2009

      Hey Diana!

      So nice to hear from you!

      Gosh….I know…. it’s amazing. Inmates lose even their right to enjoy thier mail in private. And Casey certainly does not deserve any special privledge what so ever, that’s for dern sure.


  3. Sophie
    Sep 3 2009

    Baez can only scrutinize mail that is sent directly to him. Sure, Casey can show any mail she receives from jail to him after she’s seen it first, of course. But then that would reduce his scrutinizing to simply reviewing.

    However, I don’t put it past Baez to have convinced her parents to send their communications to Casey through him, thereby preventing jail officials from seeing any incriminating information.

    They are all such liars.

    • Andrea
      Sep 3 2009

      Hi Sophie!

      You are absolutey right, they are total liars, trying to circumvent the system, too. They are desperate, and Baez is over his head, totally over his head….

      So good to hear from you!


  4. Feb 5 2010

    Do state databases for inmates have any protocols for connecting to each other so as to not miss an inmate having crimes from state to state?

  5. Andrea
    Feb 6 2010

    Hi Moira,

    I don’t believe that database-reconciling of an inmate’s history of crime would be handled by the jail.

    It is my understanding that the task of looking at other states (where the criminal may have perpetrated crimes) is taken care of on the back end by police or federal agencies during the arrest process, prior to the person becoming an inmate. The police and other agencies can run cross checks on alias’s, too.

    You ask a good question, sorry I am not really well informed. However, I have a family member who worked for many years in corrections… I’ll ask him and get back to you with a more definitive answer! 🙂


  6. Abe Miller
    Feb 7 2010

    How common is it for an inmate to have records across multiple states?

  7. Panic Attack
    Mar 7 2010

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