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The news seemed to just keep coming today, didn’t it? 

In case you haven’t heard, there were 3 nearly heart-stopping events revealed today in the case against Casey Anthony.

Result one:  The Check-Fraud Case

Judge Strickland announced his decision that the check fraud case (13 felony counts) will take place as soon as possible, prior to the murder trial.  This is a deafening blow for the defense. 

As a convicted felon, if she is convicted in the murder trial, these felony charges would weigh more heavily in sentencing in the murder case.  In addition, these “past bad acts” may be considered by the jury as it relates to Casey’s character and penchant for criminal acts. 

This is certainly a worst case scenario for the defense.  Even though the defense attempted to argue they were too consumed with the murder case to represent her properly in the felony case; it was a shallow argument.  One would think the true reason for wanting to put off the felony case is the serious impact it will have on the murder case.  And it will.

Result two: The “Rare” Duct Tape

WKMG-Channel 6 uncovered information that appears to be highly damaging in regards to the rarity of the type and kind of duct tape found on the gas can from the Anthony’s home, and the tape found wrapped around little Caylee’s skull.  It was a “rare” brand of Henkel tape, says Tony Pipitone, reporter from WKMG, who also reported that originally the defense poo-poo’d the “Henkel” brand of duct tape, dismissing it as “common” tape, found nearly everywhere.  As it turns out, the opposite is true:

…state Attorney Jeff Ashton contacted the Henkel company, now known as ShurTech Brands, and discovered the tape found with the body and on the gas can was actually an extremely rare type of industrial fire resistant tape.

Pipitone went on to point out that the odds of finding this rare brand of tape connected to the same case, in different locations, would be approximately “250,000 to 1.”

Furthermore, in a just released FBI lab report, it was concluded that the duct tape sample found at the Anthony home and the sample found with Caylee’s remains…

…are comparable to one another in all physical attributes and in the chemical composition of their backing and adhesive components. Therefore, they originated from the same source roll of tape or from rolls of tape manufactured in the same manner.

Result three, the Trifecta: Audio and Video Tapes

The State Attorney’s office will release tomorrow morning (Friday, 9/4), more evidentiary items which will include audio and video clips.  The Orlando Sentinel reported that tomorrow’s release will include an interview with Leonard Padilla.  Let’s hope it also includes an interview with Tracy McLaughlin, associate of Leonard Padilla, who was in close proximity to Casey for nearly two weeks, and who reportedly formed a bond with Casey.

I like this horserace!  Trifecta’s are the way to go!

Can we say, all together now, Yippee!


it’s official: check fraud case will be heard before murder trial

According to media sources, Judge Strickland has ruled that the check-fraud case against Casey Anthony will be heard prior to the murder trial.  This is an important decision, and there was much speculation with regards to how Strickland would rule. 

It appears that Judge Strickland has based his decision on the weight of the impact to the victim, Amy Huizenga, who has a right to have the case heard and resolved. 

If Huizenga prevails, and Casey Anthony is found guilty in this case, then she will stand trial for murder with a felony conviction on her record, adding weight in sentencing for the murder trial should she be found guilty. 

The state has agreed to a non jury trial.  It is anyone’s guess if the defense will agree to a non jury trial or not.

Stay tuned.

Here are links to WESH and Orlando Sentinel sources for this topic:


ORLANDO SENTINEL:,0,5656942.story

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