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a daily dose of inspiration, and then some:

I read this quote on my niece’s blog today. It struck a chord –  resonates like happenstance does when you are not questioning or in search of an answer until all of a sudden one appears.

Our dream of life will end as dreams do end, abruptly and completely, when the sun rises, when the light comes. And we will think, All that fear and all that grief were about nothing. But that cannot be true. I can’t believe we will forget our sorrows altogether. That would mean forgetting we had lived, humanly speaking. Sorrow seems to me to be a great part of the substance of human life.  (Marilynne Robinson, Gilead)


a daily dose of inspiration, and then some:

Did St. Francis preach to the birds?  Whatever for? If he really liked the birds he would have done better to preach to the cats.  (Rebecca West, 1892-1983)


oh my farmer friends

celebrating together

celebrating together

I have been farming with my friends. 

Friendships thrive where things grow and where happiness is harvested.  

The group:  Deb, Sookie, Lil-Andrea (aka Mafia Princess), Fancy, Sheila, Jen, and Karen have become cherished, dear friends.  We are one another’s support group, and friendships have grown, in some cases, into true friendships, beyond the one dimensional “internet” friendship dynamic.    

We all originally met and became online buddies in a drama-filled chat room about the Casey Anthony saga.  When the Anthony case moved off of the front page of the news, what followed was chat room antics and cyber-bullying that got bizarre and hateful.  That is when the group found Farm Town, on Face Book.  

What started as a silly place for farming, fun and sharing has grown into a community that allowed us to mouse-click our way into each others hearts. (By the way, if you have not yet discovered Face Book, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s a wonderful medium for staying in touch with loved ones and friends.)

Farm Town is a highly interactive online game in which groups of friends work on each others virtual farms – in real time.  There’s a chat functionality, too, which makes it completely enjoyable. 

The object of the game: to plow, plant, harvest, and sell farm crops that you “farm” on a colorful piece of virtual land.  The seeds literally grow and mature into fruits and vegetables to be sold in the virtual Farm Town marketplace.  There’s even a real estate office where you can “buy” additional land.  (Pictured here is an example of the avatar/farmer-characters that players of Farm Town virtually embody.)

Strong bonds have developed.  We are cheerleader’s for each other’s big and small victories.  We are a lovely bunch of coconuts…. nuts for each other.

We are from all corners of the United States: California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Alabama, Florida, and Rhode Island, yet the internet has brought us together like close neighbors and dear friends.  And now we have learned to do voice chat (VOIP) and some have learned how to video chat, too, which strengthens our bond even further.

My farmer friends, I love you all unconditionally.  We are farmers and harvesters of everything postive, fun and crazy!   

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your friendship.  ((((Hugs))))



american heartYou must forgive my absence here.  I seem to be chasing time constantly.  Do you do the same?

Who ever said “time lingers” was surely not of this century, or of this world.  Time is a torpedo! 

Moments don’t pile up, they ricochet, they are like whirly-gigs on caffeine!   The art of harnessing time, stopping it and lessening the impacts of it is what the 21st century is about, don’t you think? 

Do you know how fast a moment is?  Here’s a moment for you:  Here’s a single, quiet moment.  Are you ready?  Okay… here it is!   Did you catch it?  You got it??  Here!  It’s right here!  It’s right now!   It’s…just as soon as you read this sentence….. whoosh!  it’s gone!  

Did you even see it?   

How fast a moment flies!  And yet, so much can occur in a single moment…. magic even.  I had two conversations with two different friends today; both told me how the greatest challenge of their lives so far was to learn how to live in the moment – in the here, in the now. 

I can relate.

So…..well, in the here and now – I am doing very well.  I am feeling happy, getting healthly, feeling optimistic, too. 

My recent hospital visit for the  electrophysiology study was negative, meaning the doctor was not able to recreate the arrhythmia, hence there was no need to perform an ablation or to consider a pacemaker with my name on it!  (See?  I knew that pacemaker did NOT have my name on it!)

And what’s even better news, just last week my cardiologist told me he is no longer concerned – no immediate danger for me, no worries in the here and the now.  When he said my next appointment with him won’t be for six months,  I cheered: Whoop, there it is!  

Although I am still under the care of the electrophysiologist, I have good feelings about everything.  I have been wearing a 30-day 24/7 heart monitor (only one  more week to go).  The heart monitor is listening to my heartbeats constantly.  It is an amazing thing, though cumbersome.   Two electrodes glued to my heart area are wired into a black receiver that’s a bit bigger than a large cell phone. I wear it strapped to my belt, or sometimes it fits in my coat or pants pocket. 

The receiver has a “push” button to record what I was doing when symptoms occur and what the symptoms were.  After I have pushed the button, only moments later, an eCardio representative calls to ask what I was doing at the time the symptoms occurred, and what the symptoms were.  I have had to press the button a dozen or so times so far to report symptoms, and many times the receiver will register an event on its own, which is a bit unnerving. 

The eCardio heart monitor will shed insight into what is truly troubling this ticker of mine!   However… no worries! 

You see, I know this much is true:   “I got rhythm… dad dum dum…. I got music… dad dum dum….  I got no worries ….. who could ask for anything more… Who. Could. Ask. For. Any. Thing. MoreDaaaaa dum dummmmm!

Whoop, there it is!

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