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October 11, 2009


oh my farmer friends

by Andrea O'Connell
celebrating together

celebrating together

I have been farming with my friends. 

Friendships thrive where things grow and where happiness is harvested.  

The group:  Deb, Sookie, Lil-Andrea (aka Mafia Princess), Fancy, Sheila, Jen, and Karen have become cherished, dear friends.  We are one another’s support group, and friendships have grown, in some cases, into true friendships, beyond the one dimensional “internet” friendship dynamic.    

We all originally met and became online buddies in a drama-filled chat room about the Casey Anthony saga.  When the Anthony case moved off of the front page of the news, what followed was chat room antics and cyber-bullying that got bizarre and hateful.  That is when the group found Farm Town, on Face Book.  

What started as a silly place for farming, fun and sharing has grown into a community that allowed us to mouse-click our way into each others hearts. (By the way, if you have not yet discovered Face Book, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s a wonderful medium for staying in touch with loved ones and friends.)

Farm Town is a highly interactive online game in which groups of friends work on each others virtual farms – in real time.  There’s a chat functionality, too, which makes it completely enjoyable. 

The object of the game: to plow, plant, harvest, and sell farm crops that you “farm” on a colorful piece of virtual land.  The seeds literally grow and mature into fruits and vegetables to be sold in the virtual Farm Town marketplace.  There’s even a real estate office where you can “buy” additional land.  (Pictured here is an example of the avatar/farmer-characters that players of Farm Town virtually embody.)

Strong bonds have developed.  We are cheerleader’s for each other’s big and small victories.  We are a lovely bunch of coconuts…. nuts for each other.

We are from all corners of the United States: California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Alabama, Florida, and Rhode Island, yet the internet has brought us together like close neighbors and dear friends.  And now we have learned to do voice chat (VOIP) and some have learned how to video chat, too, which strengthens our bond even further.

My farmer friends, I love you all unconditionally.  We are farmers and harvesters of everything postive, fun and crazy!   

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your friendship.  ((((Hugs))))

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  1. johninflorida
    Oct 11 2009

    I have been exposed to “cyber-bullying” aka trolls and have had to lock down every web site and photo storage area I have created. (Except my parodies).

    Many of us have retreated to back room forums that are private in order to work on exposing these freaks. It is hard and time consuming work but has resulted in many successful results. Keep your information private, don’t leave any doors open and have fun without fear of trolls.

  2. Andrea
    Oct 11 2009

    Hi John,

    Yes, I have learned some good lessons, too. I am very leary and careful now as well.

    I know that you have been a great crusader against trolls and bullies… we all need to take up the cause of avoidance, when possible, and legal action when necessary to keep us safe while maintaining a fun and healthy place to congregate.

    We will prevail in the end…. 🙂

    All the best!

  3. Jen in RI
    Oct 11 2009

    Hiya Andrea,

    Thank You so much for your kind words!!!
    I too enjoy the community which we have created and the bond that we have between us!! Never again will we allow internet bullies and trolls come between us. I enjoy logging on everyday to chat with the “coconuts” LOL…..We truely are a nutty bunch.
    But the Friendship and Humor and Emotions we share on a daily basis knows no boundaries….thru thousands of miles and many many states …..thru time differences and schedule conflicts we still manage to keep up with each other !!! To all my nutty friends ..Luv Ya All, and I am only a click away . =)

  4. Andrea
    Oct 11 2009

    Hey Jen!

    It really is so nice how we’ve all come together to share and have such fun. There are no boundaries, it’s true – the Internet has allowed our virtual connection to become virtually more human and more meaningful.

    Whether online or otherwise, sharing and friendship is what it’s about – it what makes the experience for me so joyful – makes my world go ’round!

    Big hugs, RI Coconut!


  5. Debbie Snyder
    Oct 11 2009

    Andrea….Your words are so right! We are all very good friends and rely on each other for sooo much!! Even if not on Farmtown, we fix each others computers, offer health advice and just plain old be silly!! Im so glad to have met these core group of people through the tragic story of Casey Anthony. We all came through alot and did find true friendships and we will find Justice for Caylee also. We all together are a force to be reckoned with!
    Ohio Deb
    Love ya AndreaO

    • Andrea
      Oct 11 2009

      Hey Deb,

      We are a great force – a pretty amazing group of gals in a safe, loving and supportive enviornment – it’s beyond fun!

      Love you too, Deb… 🙂


  6. Starfish aka Karen
    Oct 11 2009

    Hey GF!
    Love your post!
    It’s so true…the world does become a much smaller place on the internet…and Farm Town makes it even smaller!

    Were able to do favors for our friends and true friendship thrives on favors!….sharing work…sharing problems…sharing laughs….sharing house waming parties and taking picutes of our crazy antics! 🙂 The ongoing jokes provide countless hours of laughs!
    I think the biggest favor of all is the time we share with each other discussing our kids…familes…loved ones…our true friendships are thriving and awesome!

    Brought togather by the tragic loss of a beautifull little girl Caylee. She is always in the back of our minds waiting for each bit of info as it comes out. I know we will return to our chatroom soon to discuss the events unfold…as we finally get to watch the trial and hopefully see JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!

    HUGS from..wayyyy over her in California…Starfish aka Karen 🙂

  7. Andrea
    Oct 11 2009


    thank you so much! It truly is amazing to me that we have made such good friends as a result of meeting to discuss the Anthony case.

    I believe what has made our relationships so strong is the element of trust in our group. I also think the fact that we are all on Face Book, where our families and other friends are, has helped us to come together in real versus superficial ways. It has added depth to what would otherwise be one dimensional communication venue.

    I enjoy you and everyone so much! I mean , really…..who would of thunk we’d have this much fun!!!!


  8. fancy
    Nov 10 2009

    The only blessings sweeter than the memories we share, is thinking of the days to come and knowing you ‘ll all be there.” I ‘m so glad we are friends. Love you all tons . hugs fancy

    • Andrea
      Nov 11 2009


      Thank you for your comments! Yes, yes, yes! We are blessed with both our memories and our moments to come, too. We share such nice friendships together.

      I cherish you and all my farmer friends….

      Big Farmer Hugs!


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