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January 26, 2010

i’m here

by Andrea O'Connell

So, I been busy!  LOL… Finished school in December. I now can put both M.A. & M.S. behind my name.  School was fun, but work.  I loved the experience, but missed living, reading, writing and looking within. 

I am still in search of meaning…. still reeling, but finding my way, one foot forward, one step back many days.  Some days, I glide through it all.  Lately, not so much. Looking hopefully forward though.  Coming back here will help. Yes, it will help.

I miss you blog!  

I’ve been consumed (addicted is more like it) with Social Media i.e. Face Book.  Social Media is so cool but it does relegate talking to a forgotten/lost art.  

Yeah. The art of talking to communicate may sit sentinel by the dusty tome of Darwin’s long forgotten musings.  

Few people  have “land-lines” now.  Land lines – they are out to sea.   

Oh, and goodbye newspapers (and ink-stained fingers).

Goodbye daily Franklin Planners. 

Hello Tweeting.

Hello Tumblr.

Hello again WordPress. 

I was only dreamin’. 

Now I’m back.

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