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30-days to wait and see…what could it be? take a poll….

As we have recently learned, Judge Strickland has ruled the state can delay the release of information (discovery) to the defense and to the public.   This ruling was made on the 24th of February.  If the court is counting calendar days, 30 days will expire on March 26, 2010.

To date, there have been zero leaks about what could possibly be contained in the sealed envelope that was delivered to Judge Strickland and which enclosed in it “certain material and information that have come into the possession of law enforcement” (Orlando Sentinel, 2/24/10).

If this information were exculpatory, or favorable to Casey, it would be released fairly quickly, or such is my non-legal opinion. But, when such evidence is inculpatory, or not-favorable to Casey and incriminates her even further,  it would seem to me that law enforcement, if the information is new to them, would need to do a thorough fact-finding investigation.  Law enforcement would have to ensure that what they have, although on its face may indeed inculpate Casey, will stand the test of a careful review, perhaps testing, etc.

So. I would like to know what people think this evidence is, and whether it is harmful or helpful to the defense.


at random

A new page has been added to the blog called “at random” …and it’s for randomness!  Check it out!


blessings, warnings, and love from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Good & Evil, Human Life, Climate Change, Compassion, Forgiveness, Poverty, War …. these were just a few of the topics that took precedence in my waking hours this week, and taught me so much.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Addressing NSU

Being Human
& God

Oh, human beings, says Desmond Tutu, are amaaaaaazzzzinnnnnng! Beeeeuuuutifoooool! Incredible and precious things!  “You.  You.  You.  You. You.  You!”  he said, pointing around the enormous arena, “YOU are beautiful!  You are precious with a preciousness that cannot be imagined,” he said.

He told the audience at Nova Southeastern University last night, “You have to be Gods hands and eyes and do his work as protectors of His good. God intervenes through us,” he said

Yes. Indeed.

Forgiveness, Goodness, Compassion

Yes, we are precious.  If only we knew that to be true.  If only.

Last night I was reminded that we are here learning to not only forgive ourselves for being human, but to live in the here and now.  Be good, for God, he seemed to say.  Be good, and kind.  Be compassionate, recognize we must be good to one another – we are connected, “We are all related,” says Archbishop Tutu, therefore we must strive for peace together.

To the crowd – in regards to the help the United States gave to South Africa in the fight against Apartheid and helping to free Nelson Mandela – Tutu said, “Thank you.”  He said, “Thank you, you precious human beings.  You  American students, You! and You! and You! helped to enable us,  in 1994, (South Africa) to Vote in our own country for the very first time!”

Poverty & War

“Dream! Dream and change things.  Dream that war will be no more…Help us end poverty. Help us.  Help us you precious human beings.  Think of the money we spend on Arms!”  He said, “Think of the billions of dollars we could spend to help the poor in this world to have fresh water to drink, some food to eat….”

“Reduce your Carbon Footprint.”  Climate change / Global Warming is not something that is going to happen, he told us,  ” It is happening.”   “The ice is melting. Polar Bears are dying, the ice is thin, the sea level is rising and we are getting Earthquakes…”

Climate Change

“Climate change is real,” he told the audience, “in our universe, if we don’t take care of our planet soon, this universe that God has placed us lovingly in will become not a universe, but a chaos – a cacophony where we’ll witness more glaciers separating and dissolving into the sea; more earthquakes like Haiti’s (and now Chile’s, though we did not know it, as it had yet to happen); more Katrina’s…”

“We will destroy our planet.”  His booming baritone voice warned: “We have to stop this madness, this shaking up of the soil, right now!”

In chaos, we don’t know from one moment to the next what might be happening – there will be no prediction, or intelligent reasoning.  In a chaos-wracked, cacophonous world,  all that once was certain – like drinking water, oil and gas – could it all dwindle and dry up?  Will the face of our earth one day look like the mirror-image of the moon?   Will we enter into our next life with sadness and suffering, knowing we were not very good Stewards of this earth.

“We are in danger of more and more Earthquakes and Tsunami’s right now!” warned Tutu.

I wonder if, just as he was warning us, did Santiago Chile begin its weeping and trembling?

“Help us.  Help us…” In a trembling, pleading voice, he said again, “Help us.  Help us…..” And those were his last words.

I cherish that man.  I could become his groupie. 🙂


oh I am mad mad mad – who cares what Kronk’s ex-wives have to say?

So the ex-wives have an ax to grind!  Wow, what a surprise!

In my opinion, this focus on Kronk is useless and just smoke and mirrors by the defense.   Regardless, because the defense will try to make hay here,  the DA will may have to address these ex-wife- witnesses.  And, should the judge allow the ex-wives testimony in the trial (he may not allow this testimony in because from what I can see, they offer nothing whatsoever regarding any case facts), they offer nothing about Kronk’s whereabouts during the case time line, or anything pertinent to the case itself.  However, if the Judge DOES allow any of this witness testimony into the trial, well my goodness! the DA will have a swell time impeaching these bitter women.

The prosecutors simply have to find ways to impeach these witnesses, according to Attorney Richard Hornsby, who was interviewed for WESH, in Orlando.  Hornsby said, all the DA has to do is catch the ex-wife-witnesses in lies (which should be pretty easy if you listen to their blather!)

I tell you what, the fifteen minutes of fame these women are seeking will end with a whimper and embarrassment for the defense if they attempt to rely on these witnesses.

Furthermore, these witnesses are only able to provide personal opinions with regards to Kronk, but this is NOT allowable testimony… Kronk is NOT on trial!

I have spent the last 30 minutes completely infuriated; listening to the video of his two ex-wives and a youngish daughter of one of them.  They have offered the sickest of stories….I don’t even want to discuss the filth they address in these depos.  I mean, one of the wives (Kerley) said that Roy Kronk (LOL!!!), just loved duct tape so much he’d duct tape his CAR!

Now, the elephant in the room here is:  if Roy Kronk was so intolerable and cruelly excessive with duct tape, getting too close to 3 year old children, and on and on, why then DID NO ONE NOTIFY THE AUTHORITIES AT THE TIME?  Sorry for the caps, but I am mad mad mad as a hen!

I mean, this is just wrong!  I could write a novel about this but it is not worth our time here.

ohhh I am mad mad mad!  Can ya tell?!  I mean, none of this will be admissible!!!!  These wives don’t do anything for the defense! In fact, Richard Hornsby said as much when he spoke to WESH today.  He questioned the use of these ex-wives, noting that personal opinion will not play in the court, and he pointed out that ” jurors would assume she has an ax to grind, that she’s bitter.” Ya think?

If you want to be mad mad mad, too, here’s a link to total nonsense from the ex-wives with axes as big as barns to brandish!   But, if you listen to this nonsense and get mad as a hornet, don’t blame me….I warned you!

Source: WFTV



his Holiness, The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet speaks about compassion, hope, values, and much more

Hello my friends:

Recently, the Dalai Lama visited Nova Southeastern University (NSU).  I have provided two links below, which are Parts One and Two of a national and local media press conference.

Also, on the press conference page, you’ll find video of the event itself – The Dalai Lama speaking to the large crowd on campus.  So, if you’d like to view video of the full event with the NSU audience, that video is also provided, too.

Note:  At the start of Part Two, a reporter asks His Holiness about the crisis of so many homeowners losing their homes, a very timely topic for those of us discussing the Anthony’s home going into foreclosure.

I hope you enjoy this (I think you will!)

Press Conference, PART ONE:

Press Conference, PART TWO:


compassion? even when it comes to the Anthony’s?

I have not walked in the Anthony’s shoes, and I am certainly happy about that.  Now, I know the Anthony’s are not sympathetic characters as they have been deceptive & illusive, rude, careless, and have, at times, told many differing tales – variations on many untruths, or so it would seem.

But, you know what?  I never thought I’d ever, ever say this, but right now, I feel sorry for the Anthony’s.  I don’t want to see them lose their home – the only home Caylee knew.  I wouldn’t want to lose my home, either – no one would.

Let me tell you where I am coming from.  I have had the good fortune of seeing His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, twice over the last two days.  I was over the moon to see him (I’m seeing Desmond Tutu on Friday!!!)  And as a result of this experience, I am seeing and feeling a bit differently.

The Dalai Lama at NSU

The Dalai Lama Visits Nova Southeastern University

The Dalai Lama’s mission is a mission of compassion; he is recognized as the Buddha of Compassion. He was “chosen” or rather, reincarnated to succeed his predecessor, the 13th Dalai Lama, when he was only two years old.  He was the fifth in a Tibetan family of sixteen children.

To make a long story short, I felt the compassion he has and which he spoke so eloquently about.  His compassion is for the earth, and for all the people on it.

He sees our earth as a place where we are all one people, we are all equal in essence, too.  Now, there are internal and external differences between all people, this is certain.  But, from the Dalai Lama’s perspective, he says as human beings we must recognize that all people have one universal need and it is, simply, the pursuit of happiness.  Simple?  Not so much.

He spoke of the need for happiness as a universal need – a truth, and we must not make incorrect judgments of others   We must take a holistic view and only make our judgments based upon facts.

The Dalai Lama said that there is Godliness in forgiveness; in non-judgmental responses.  I see that, truly.

This was written into today’s program:

“Universal responsibility is feeling for other people’s suffering just as we feel our own.  It is the realization that even our enemy is entirely motivated by the quest for happiness.  We must recognize that all beings want the same thing we want.  This is the way to achieve a true understanding, unfettered by artificial consideration.”

I am going to try, from this day forward, to do my utmost to feel compassion for the Anthony’s, no matter what crazy comment they make or action they take.  But, opinion, on the other hand, our opinions and the freedom we have to speak our differences,  is a must, and it is our absolute sacred right.

We must always continue to discuss our differences in opinion, truly.  What a boring world it would be if we all thought alike!


Postscript: Lose a granddaughter, a daughter, all respect, and now a house? (what else could possibly plague this family?)


After sleeping on this topic overnight, I awake to this fact: I honestly cannot recall reading any factual basis from any source that the Anthony’s have profited from Caylee’s death.  I have read the columns and the opinions of so many who believe this is fact, but like Marinade Dave points out, until we have FACTS, let us not judge this too harshly.

Well, at least not yet.

As I alluded to in my earlier post, the mounting foreclosures impacting millions of Americans is FACT, and it is surely not surprising that given the FACT that both Cindy and George, who have not worked in over a year, are  struggling just like millions of Americans.

So, allow me to hold at bay my cynicism at their “sympathy ploy” as I can’t possibly know the truth here.  It is just the cynicism about the case that makes me crazy, but I have to be even-keeled here and wait until all the facts are out before passing judgment.

A FACT: The Anthony’s surely would not want to lose the home where they have such deep memories of both their daughter and granddaughter.

I think this is how I’d like to be treated if I were in the Anthony’s shoes.

Please read this post by Dave:


Lose a grandaughter, a daughter, all respect, and now a house? (what else could possibly plague this family?)

George and Cindy Anthony are reportedly facing foreclosure, or so says the Orlando Sentinel, the Miami Herald and other sources.

Let me not get too cynical here, but I have to wonder it this is not just a sympathy ploy by the Anthony’s to “prove” to the naysayers that they are not profiting from Caylee’s memory? Sound far fetched?  I have no basis in fact, no plausible proof, only a gut feeling as something doesn’t feel right about this new drama in the Anthony household.

There has been a great deal of speculation that the Anthony’s have profited to the max from licensing fees, appearances, press junkets, foundations that never got off the ground, a boat to find missing children, and on and on all in the name of Caylee.  But, maybe all that was completely untrue?  Perhaps they are just poor Americans, like millions of others, suffering as a result of the global recession?  It is not surprising then, if the Anthony’s fell into the rabbit-hole, too.

I have no way of knowing what the truth is with regards to any profit-making by the Anthony’s & Company.  One may assume the Anthony’s did not profit as was speculated since their lawyer, Conway, today proffered publicly that because the home on Hopespring Drive is so tied to the memory of Caylee, the Anthony’s couldn’t bear to give it up.  Of course not, that is understandable.

So, with regards to the foreclosure, let us not forget that thousands of Florida homes are being foreclosed on with millions of people impacted.  This foreclosure is like the flu, running rampant and infecting so many in its path.  The court system in Florida is overwhelmed with foreclosure cases.  It is so bad right now, that processing foreclosure cases can take up to two years.

However, I don’t know what it is, but something about this story doesn’t feel right; I have no facts to allude to, it’s just a sense that this may be a ruse for sympathy.

I hope not.  More facts will come out about this in the coming days.

We’ll just have to stay tuned.


my blessed week ahead….

I just have to share with you how excited I am… I have the extreme good fortune of seeing not only Archbishop Desmond Tutu, but also The Dalai Lama! Both are visiting the campus where I work – Nova Southeastern University.

Tomorrow, the Dalai Lama visits and it’s going to be crazy and exciting as there will be a sea of people on campus.  The tickets to the event are totally gone, so the university is streaming the event live at a dozen different venues on campus to ensure as many people who want to see him, have an opportunity.  (I bought tickets the moment they went on sale, and I am glad as they quickly sold out).

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is one of my personal heroes and I am simply over the moon at the opportunity to see him on Friday!   He is a great force for good and for change, especially effective is the Elders Project he’s involved in with Nelson Mandela.  If you’ve never looked into the awesome work the Elders Project does, here’s a link:  The Elders Project

Wait till you see the great work and the awesome people who are Elders!  Oh, I do love the man – such a good soul, don’t you think?

And, I’d love to meet Nelson Mandela… ummm, I’m  just putting that out in the universe…. 🙂

ohhh, and that reminds me….I must go find my opera glasses!


the anthony case and the Lady Justice

I must admit, since day one I was fascinated with the Casey Anthony case.  The cast of characters: like a train wreck!  They just stumble on every track they’re on!  They crash and burn so often that it was has been difficult for me to resist joking about them, as they are such n’er do wells!

However, I took a long break from the case.  I found that constantly reading and researching the case became incredibly depressing, and of course, time consuming.  And then, so many photos of little Caylee that I’d never seen before were being released – and that was too depressing.

I couldn’t look anymore at Casey – it would just eat away at me to see her smiling in the courtroom like she hadn’t a care in the world.

Casey shows no remorse – none!  That is what I don’t get.  But, many articles I’ve read point to the fact that sociopath’s can reinvent their truths, and believe a whole new fiction, and stick to their lies like bees to honey.

Anyway, I’m going to get up to speed again on what’s been going on lately in Orlando…. I want to know about the tale of the Lyon… what is she doing?  Seems to me she “knows” that Casey will be convicted and is only working on the death penalty phase of the case.  I could be totally wrong on this, but this is my sense when I hear her in court.

I thought Lyon was going to be the lead in this case since Baez is not death penalty qualified?  It really appears that the hapless Baez is still calling the shots…. crazy!  Who in their right mind would want Baez as their lawyer?

It appears that the end game will leave little room for doubt in this case.   Casey Anthony deserves a fair trial, but she threw away that opportunity the day she signed Baez.  But then again, I have no way of knowing what goes on behind the scenes.  Baez is obligated to ensure he follows the wishes of his client.  I understand that.  He is bound and required to follow his client’s wishes.  However, most attorney’s I know would not want a client like Casey.  It’s demeaning to good Defense Attorneys who would never lower themselves to defend as “innocent” someone who has such mounds of evidence stacked up against them.   Calling a client “innocent” when all the world can read the documents that have been released thus far is, to me, unethical and immoral.

In his complicity, despite the mountain of evidence, has Baez replaced the “Lady Justice” (who represents a court of morals), with Lady Gaga – a parody of justice?

Lady of Justice


a dose of inspiration, and then some

the wind of anger


i carry your heart in mine

Singular shades and sounds. This is what I am about these days; it’s not heavy, but it’s clamorous within me, like the sound of one cymbal when there should be two.  It’s the crash in my head, it startles my heart – shakes me awake, and the treble and tremble travel down to my toes. Yes, right down to the blister on my little toe.

Yes. This is exactly what I am about these days.

… is the deepest secret nobody knows

(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud

and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows

higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)

and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)   ~e.e. cummings


it’s not only about Uganda, it’s about how far it can go. An important article written by Kathleen Parker, The Washington Post, Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who will stand against Uganda’s brutal anti-gay law?

map of Uganda courtesy of Lonely

Thankfully, Kathleen Parker has written a piece discussing the atrocities occurring in Uganda.  It’s a good piece, and provides links and references to other aspects of this story.  I would encourage you to read it.

I have been hearing about these atrocities in Uganda for a few months now, not in the main stream press so much, but NPR has had a few stories, and now Rachel Maddow, the Goddess that she is, has pointed to this article in today’s Washington Post.

The scary thing about this is there is some evidence that some folks in the American government, or in lofty positions in politics, are well aware of the hate and the murder of anyone purported to be gay in Uganda.

This is a must read.  But, what can we do about this when there are so many problems in the world – Haiti chief among them?   What can we do?  Knowledge is key, I think.  With knowledge of this we can talk about it and air the dirty complicity of some in the American government and others like Rick Warren who not only turned a blind eye to it, is said to have championed the cause.  Warren denies any involvement.

Now, what is so frightening about the killing of homosexuals is the fact that it is a LAW.

According to Kathleen Parker, we (U.S.) have done our part to fan flames to “help stop the homosexualization of the country” (Parker, WP, 2010).

Gays in Uganda already face imprisonment for up to 14 years. Under a bill proposed last October by David Bahati, the government could execute HIV-positive men and jail people who don’t report homosexual activities.

You know what?  If the religious fanatic right can do this in Uganda, what part of the world will they influence next?  How long before this  spreads to all parts of the world?

I think we need to pay close attention to Uganda.

Wouldn’t you agree?


no one is alone, not even in the woods?

There are days that I don’t believe this; and there are days when I so want to believe

No One Is Alone

No one here to guide you
Now you’re on your own
Only me beside you
Still you’re not alone
No one is alone
No one is alone

Sometimes people leave you
Half-way through the wood
Others may deceive you
You decide what’s good
You decide alone
But no one is alone

People make mistakes
Father’s, Mother’s
People make mistakes
Holding to their own
Thinking they’re alone

Honor their mistakes
Everybody makes
One another’s terrible mistakes

Witches can be right
Giants can be good
You decide what’s right
You decide what’s good
Just remember

Someone is on your side
Someone else is not
Well we’re seeing our side
Maybe we forgot
They are not alone
Cause no one is alone

Hard to see the light now
Just don’t let it go
Things will come out right now
We can make it so
Someone is on your side
No one is alone

Words and Lyrics by Steven Sondheim, from Into The Woods


a flower, a bee, revery

there were bees all around

Truly, there were bees every where I looked (if you look closely you’ll see two hives underneath the flower and to the right), but all they cared about? Oh, their sweet revery in the juice of these lush flowers.

I think Emily Dickinson would have been delighted to see this, too.

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