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my blessed week ahead….

I just have to share with you how excited I am… I have the extreme good fortune of seeing not only Archbishop Desmond Tutu, but also The Dalai Lama! Both are visiting the campus where I work – Nova Southeastern University.

Tomorrow, the Dalai Lama visits and it’s going to be crazy and exciting as there will be a sea of people on campus.  The tickets to the event are totally gone, so the university is streaming the event live at a dozen different venues on campus to ensure as many people who want to see him, have an opportunity.  (I bought tickets the moment they went on sale, and I am glad as they quickly sold out).

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is one of my personal heroes and I am simply over the moon at the opportunity to see him on Friday!   He is a great force for good and for change, especially effective is the Elders Project he’s involved in with Nelson Mandela.  If you’ve never looked into the awesome work the Elders Project does, here’s a link:  The Elders Project

Wait till you see the great work and the awesome people who are Elders!  Oh, I do love the man – such a good soul, don’t you think?

And, I’d love to meet Nelson Mandela… ummm, I’m  just putting that out in the universe…. 🙂

ohhh, and that reminds me….I must go find my opera glasses!


the anthony case and the Lady Justice

I must admit, since day one I was fascinated with the Casey Anthony case.  The cast of characters: like a train wreck!  They just stumble on every track they’re on!  They crash and burn so often that it was has been difficult for me to resist joking about them, as they are such n’er do wells!

However, I took a long break from the case.  I found that constantly reading and researching the case became incredibly depressing, and of course, time consuming.  And then, so many photos of little Caylee that I’d never seen before were being released – and that was too depressing.

I couldn’t look anymore at Casey – it would just eat away at me to see her smiling in the courtroom like she hadn’t a care in the world.

Casey shows no remorse – none!  That is what I don’t get.  But, many articles I’ve read point to the fact that sociopath’s can reinvent their truths, and believe a whole new fiction, and stick to their lies like bees to honey.

Anyway, I’m going to get up to speed again on what’s been going on lately in Orlando…. I want to know about the tale of the Lyon… what is she doing?  Seems to me she “knows” that Casey will be convicted and is only working on the death penalty phase of the case.  I could be totally wrong on this, but this is my sense when I hear her in court.

I thought Lyon was going to be the lead in this case since Baez is not death penalty qualified?  It really appears that the hapless Baez is still calling the shots…. crazy!  Who in their right mind would want Baez as their lawyer?

It appears that the end game will leave little room for doubt in this case.   Casey Anthony deserves a fair trial, but she threw away that opportunity the day she signed Baez.  But then again, I have no way of knowing what goes on behind the scenes.  Baez is obligated to ensure he follows the wishes of his client.  I understand that.  He is bound and required to follow his client’s wishes.  However, most attorney’s I know would not want a client like Casey.  It’s demeaning to good Defense Attorneys who would never lower themselves to defend as “innocent” someone who has such mounds of evidence stacked up against them.   Calling a client “innocent” when all the world can read the documents that have been released thus far is, to me, unethical and immoral.

In his complicity, despite the mountain of evidence, has Baez replaced the “Lady Justice” (who represents a court of morals), with Lady Gaga – a parody of justice?

Lady of Justice

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