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February 22, 2010

my blessed week ahead….

by Andrea O'Connell

I just have to share with you how excited I am… I have the extreme good fortune of seeing not only Archbishop Desmond Tutu, but also The Dalai Lama! Both are visiting the campus where I work – Nova Southeastern University.

Tomorrow, the Dalai Lama visits and it’s going to be crazy and exciting as there will be a sea of people on campus.  The tickets to the event are totally gone, so the university is streaming the event live at a dozen different venues on campus to ensure as many people who want to see him, have an opportunity.  (I bought tickets the moment they went on sale, and I am glad as they quickly sold out).

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is one of my personal heroes and I am simply over the moon at the opportunity to see him on Friday!   He is a great force for good and for change, especially effective is the Elders Project he’s involved in with Nelson Mandela.  If you’ve never looked into the awesome work the Elders Project does, here’s a link:  The Elders Project

Wait till you see the great work and the awesome people who are Elders!  Oh, I do love the man – such a good soul, don’t you think?

And, I’d love to meet Nelson Mandela… ummm, I’m  just putting that out in the universe…. 🙂

ohhh, and that reminds me….I must go find my opera glasses!

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