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oh I am mad mad mad – who cares what Kronk’s ex-wives have to say?

So the ex-wives have an ax to grind!  Wow, what a surprise!

In my opinion, this focus on Kronk is useless and just smoke and mirrors by the defense.   Regardless, because the defense will try to make hay here,  the DA will may have to address these ex-wife- witnesses.  And, should the judge allow the ex-wives testimony in the trial (he may not allow this testimony in because from what I can see, they offer nothing whatsoever regarding any case facts), they offer nothing about Kronk’s whereabouts during the case time line, or anything pertinent to the case itself.  However, if the Judge DOES allow any of this witness testimony into the trial, well my goodness! the DA will have a swell time impeaching these bitter women.

The prosecutors simply have to find ways to impeach these witnesses, according to Attorney Richard Hornsby, who was interviewed for WESH, in Orlando.  Hornsby said, all the DA has to do is catch the ex-wife-witnesses in lies (which should be pretty easy if you listen to their blather!)

I tell you what, the fifteen minutes of fame these women are seeking will end with a whimper and embarrassment for the defense if they attempt to rely on these witnesses.

Furthermore, these witnesses are only able to provide personal opinions with regards to Kronk, but this is NOT allowable testimony… Kronk is NOT on trial!

I have spent the last 30 minutes completely infuriated; listening to the video of his two ex-wives and a youngish daughter of one of them.  They have offered the sickest of stories….I don’t even want to discuss the filth they address in these depos.  I mean, one of the wives (Kerley) said that Roy Kronk (LOL!!!), just loved duct tape so much he’d duct tape his CAR!

Now, the elephant in the room here is:  if Roy Kronk was so intolerable and cruelly excessive with duct tape, getting too close to 3 year old children, and on and on, why then DID NO ONE NOTIFY THE AUTHORITIES AT THE TIME?  Sorry for the caps, but I am mad mad mad as a hen!

I mean, this is just wrong!  I could write a novel about this but it is not worth our time here.

ohhh I am mad mad mad!  Can ya tell?!  I mean, none of this will be admissible!!!!  These wives don’t do anything for the defense! In fact, Richard Hornsby said as much when he spoke to WESH today.  He questioned the use of these ex-wives, noting that personal opinion will not play in the court, and he pointed out that ” jurors would assume she has an ax to grind, that she’s bitter.” Ya think?

If you want to be mad mad mad, too, here’s a link to total nonsense from the ex-wives with axes as big as barns to brandish!   But, if you listen to this nonsense and get mad as a hornet, don’t blame me….I warned you!

Source: WFTV



his Holiness, The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet speaks about compassion, hope, values, and much more

Hello my friends:

Recently, the Dalai Lama visited Nova Southeastern University (NSU).  I have provided two links below, which are Parts One and Two of a national and local media press conference.

Also, on the press conference page, you’ll find video of the event itself – The Dalai Lama speaking to the large crowd on campus.  So, if you’d like to view video of the full event with the NSU audience, that video is also provided, too.

Note:  At the start of Part Two, a reporter asks His Holiness about the crisis of so many homeowners losing their homes, a very timely topic for those of us discussing the Anthony’s home going into foreclosure.

I hope you enjoy this (I think you will!)

Press Conference, PART ONE:

Press Conference, PART TWO:

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