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blessings, warnings, and love from Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Good & Evil, Human Life, Climate Change, Compassion, Forgiveness, Poverty, War …. these were just a few of the topics that took precedence in my waking hours this week, and taught me so much.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Addressing NSU

Being Human
& God

Oh, human beings, says Desmond Tutu, are amaaaaaazzzzinnnnnng! Beeeeuuuutifoooool! Incredible and precious things!  “You.  You.  You.  You. You.  You!”  he said, pointing around the enormous arena, “YOU are beautiful!  You are precious with a preciousness that cannot be imagined,” he said.

He told the audience at Nova Southeastern University last night, “You have to be Gods hands and eyes and do his work as protectors of His good. God intervenes through us,” he said

Yes. Indeed.

Forgiveness, Goodness, Compassion

Yes, we are precious.  If only we knew that to be true.  If only.

Last night I was reminded that we are here learning to not only forgive ourselves for being human, but to live in the here and now.  Be good, for God, he seemed to say.  Be good, and kind.  Be compassionate, recognize we must be good to one another – we are connected, “We are all related,” says Archbishop Tutu, therefore we must strive for peace together.

To the crowd – in regards to the help the United States gave to South Africa in the fight against Apartheid and helping to free Nelson Mandela – Tutu said, “Thank you.”  He said, “Thank you, you precious human beings.  You  American students, You! and You! and You! helped to enable us,  in 1994, (South Africa) to Vote in our own country for the very first time!”

Poverty & War

“Dream! Dream and change things.  Dream that war will be no more…Help us end poverty. Help us.  Help us you precious human beings.  Think of the money we spend on Arms!”  He said, “Think of the billions of dollars we could spend to help the poor in this world to have fresh water to drink, some food to eat….”

“Reduce your Carbon Footprint.”  Climate change / Global Warming is not something that is going to happen, he told us,  ” It is happening.”   “The ice is melting. Polar Bears are dying, the ice is thin, the sea level is rising and we are getting Earthquakes…”

Climate Change

“Climate change is real,” he told the audience, “in our universe, if we don’t take care of our planet soon, this universe that God has placed us lovingly in will become not a universe, but a chaos – a cacophony where we’ll witness more glaciers separating and dissolving into the sea; more earthquakes like Haiti’s (and now Chile’s, though we did not know it, as it had yet to happen); more Katrina’s…”

“We will destroy our planet.”  His booming baritone voice warned: “We have to stop this madness, this shaking up of the soil, right now!”

In chaos, we don’t know from one moment to the next what might be happening – there will be no prediction, or intelligent reasoning.  In a chaos-wracked, cacophonous world,  all that once was certain – like drinking water, oil and gas – could it all dwindle and dry up?  Will the face of our earth one day look like the mirror-image of the moon?   Will we enter into our next life with sadness and suffering, knowing we were not very good Stewards of this earth.

“We are in danger of more and more Earthquakes and Tsunami’s right now!” warned Tutu.

I wonder if, just as he was warning us, did Santiago Chile begin its weeping and trembling?

“Help us.  Help us…” In a trembling, pleading voice, he said again, “Help us.  Help us…..” And those were his last words.

I cherish that man.  I could become his groupie. 🙂

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