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30-days to wait and see…what could it be? take a poll….

As we have recently learned, Judge Strickland has ruled the state can delay the release of information (discovery) to the defense and to the public.   This ruling was made on the 24th of February.  If the court is counting calendar days, 30 days will expire on March 26, 2010.

To date, there have been zero leaks about what could possibly be contained in the sealed envelope that was delivered to Judge Strickland and which enclosed in it “certain material and information that have come into the possession of law enforcement” (Orlando Sentinel, 2/24/10).

If this information were exculpatory, or favorable to Casey, it would be released fairly quickly, or such is my non-legal opinion. But, when such evidence is inculpatory, or not-favorable to Casey and incriminates her even further,  it would seem to me that law enforcement, if the information is new to them, would need to do a thorough fact-finding investigation.  Law enforcement would have to ensure that what they have, although on its face may indeed inculpate Casey, will stand the test of a careful review, perhaps testing, etc.

So. I would like to know what people think this evidence is, and whether it is harmful or helpful to the defense.


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