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if this is a sticking point for Baez, it’s awl washed up

This post is in regards to the recent Motion to Modify the previous motion for Texas EquuSearch (TES) documents regarding persons who searched in and around the area where Caylee Anthony’s remains were ultimately found.

Now I am not a lawyer, but even I am aware of the numerous flaws in this motion.  I will attempt to provide some clarity around an otherwise unclear motion.

First and foremost, the motion cites two people who claim they were at the site where Caylee was found, but were not included in the 32 witnesses disclosed by TES. These two individuals, whose statements are included with the motion, are 1). Joe Jordon, and 2) Laura Buchanan.

The defense points out the above two volunteers were not among the 32 individuals who were named as searchers in the area in which Caylee’s remains were found.  Therefore, claims Baez, since these two searchers were not included, and since they admittedly did not see Caylee IN THE SPOT SHE WAS FOUND, then TES must be playing fast and loose with the truth.

There are a more than a few instances in the motion that clearly speaks to the veracity of TES.  The motion does not go so far as to say TES was untruthful, but the reader comes away thinking that is exactly what is meant.

Because Baez and Company were able to find the two persons named above (Jordon and Buchanan), and because the two were NOT divulged by TES, there must be MORE searchers who were present but not among the 32 witnesses identified.  Baez is certain these phantom searchers will turn up if he is given freedom to investigate and interview ALL the TES volunteers.

There are many flaws in this motion, in my opinion.

Flaw #1: Baez insinuates since TES asserted the following: “none of the thousand of searchers, who volunteered with TES, were ever at the exact spot where Caylee’s remains were found,” that there are probably more than 32 searchers, since on their own, the defense found two searchers, as well as a dog-handler/searcher who also was not among the 32.

Problems with Flaw #1 are as follows:

  • How would these searchers, Jordon, Buchanan, or the dog handler KNOW they were or were not in the spot where Caylee was found?  Not only are these not professional searchers, who took them to the spot where Caylee’s remains were found so they’d know they were there and never saw her?
  • How could a non-professional searcher search a woodsy, wet, infested swamp on September 1st or 3rd, and remember in mid December the exact location where they searched?  Not possible.
  • How could ANYONE have moved, let alone LOOKED closely in the area where the remains were found when the area was under water from Tropical Storm Fay?

Flaw # 2: Mr. Baez is asking for the records (names and phone numbers) of ALL the searchers with TES.  Privacy is taken very seriously in this country and I cannot imagine Judge Strickland allowing the defense to invade the lives of perfectly private individuals!  Baez cites a case in his motion in which AIDs patients privacy concerns are protected due to the nature of the stigma of having AIDs (sexual orientation, illness, etc.), but he argues that regular individuals should not be concerned about their own privacy simply because Casey Anthony wants to know more about them, thank you very much.

Problems with Flaw #2 are as follows:

  • Baez expects Orlando law abiding persons to put Casey Anthony’s’ needs above their own and compromise their identity because Casey Anthony has rights???  Casey Anthony is accused of a serious crime, her rights do not come before law abiding citizens.  If so, I’m moving to Canada.
  • There are countless people in this country who want their 15 minutes of fame and will do anything to insert them selves into this case, to be a part of the action, their names in print, etc.  This is always a problem with high profile cases or situations.
  • The two individuals who have given statements to the defense are volunteers and not professional searchers, and yet they try to render professional opinion such as: “We searched the area by the stockade fence along the south side of Suburban Street near Hope Springs Street, ” writes Joe Jordan.  That’s fine that he remembers this, but how was he to see anything in that area if it was under water?  Was he outfitted with special shoes for wading in deep swamp water?  Was he supplied with rubber waders to protect his skin and legs from insects or snakes in the area?  These questions are not discussed.
  • The statement provided by Laura Buchanan provides the following:  “I personally searched near the privacy fence an worked my way towards and then beyond the spot where the body was found.” Okay, but this person lives in New Jersey!  How does she know where the body was found?  Through pictures?  How did she see through the water?  This same person states the following: “I did not notice a strange smell, I noticed no buzzards, nor unusual animal or insect activity.”  This tells me she was paying more attention to the wildlife and may have been afraid of seeing creepy crawly snakes or rats or whatever. She must have been more concerned with being in the heavily soaked terrain with all its flora and fauna then really focused on a child.

Flaw #3: This is just a statement in the document that I found wholly profound in its stupidity.  I will leave you with this quote and urge you to read this motion and see for yourself all the straws that the defense is hungrily grasping. This quote is related to an argument that the defense is making regarding people who volunteer for TES would normally expect to become part of a larger investigation, and probably a criminal trial down the road, in other words, these searchers should fully expect their identity to be released since they’d become part of the case.

When a person volunteers to search for TES, they don’t volunteer on the condition that they are assigned only to areas that will ultimately be irrelevant to a future criminal case. TES is obviously unable to make such a guarantee and if they could state ahead of time, which areas were and were not important, they wouldn’t need searchers in the first place, as they would already know where the missing person was.


not again? yes, again. a hearing scheduled in anthony case: Monday, April 5th

WESH News has filed an article regarding an upcoming Casey Anthony hearing, slated to occur Monday morning, April 5th, 2010, at 10:00 a.m.

The hearing is scheduled to argue a defense motion for ALL of the Texas EquuSearch records.

Now, this is just silly.

The defense has already argued and lost this once before!  Well, they did somewhat prevail and successfully got some records pertaining to some of  the searchers, as we saw in the latest document release.

But, seriously, there were hundreds of people who assisted in the search.  How could either side interview all those hundreds of searchers?

I understand the need for a rigorous defense, but this is beyond the pale and I doubt the Judge will grant this motion.

If the Judge agrees to release ALL of the records, it would compromise the identity of regular folks who helped in the search for Caylee.  That was the argument and the decision the last time this motion was brought before the court.

Why bring this again?  The Judge is not going to compromise the privacy of hundreds of people!

I will update this post with additional information as it is released.



Follow up with more sticking points

The video below is actually an audio recording of an interview conducted by OCSO, and is yet another example of two neighbors explicitly detailing to the OCSO that if Caylee was deceased, it was likely that she was buried in the area around Hidden Oaks Elementary school.

This interview between Joyce and Bailey Dickens is probably not of evidentiary value, as much of it seems to be hearsay- originating from the lips of Kiomarie to the Dickens.  However, these two witnesses provide an interesting look at the dynamic of the Anthony family, from the point of view of neighbors in their community.

They speak of the dynamics in the neighborhood on Hope Spring Drive with interesting detail.  They report that Cindy “kicked George out” soon after Caylee was born because Cindy was the bread-winner and George couldn’t keep a job.  They even allude to Cindy having an affair during the time when George was not in residence.

Juicier gossip I have not heard!

Mr. Dickens twice refers to Cindy Anthony as “evil” and “controlling” and certainly not liked in the community.

(Now, there is one scenario that both Kiomarie and the Bailey’s refer to, and that is the request from “Casey” to borrow $200, and the call on July 9th in which Kiomarie heard a young child’s voice in the background while talking to “Casey.”  Of course, at the time, this revelation was very important as it would indicate that Caylee was alive on July 9th.  The sticking point in this scenario was that Kiomarie later realized that it was her other friend “Casey Williams” who asked to borrow $200, who has a baby girl, and who called Kiomarie on July 9th when the child was talking in the background.)

The question remains: What did this detective do to follow up in or around the secret place behind the school where “Caylee must be buried?”

I don’t want to cry over the past, certainly, but I do feel as if this aspect of the story is important.  I also don’t mean to infer that OCSO were sloppy, that’s not my point (at awl!).  But, I do want to know what went on at the time; I imagine I am not the only one who is curious.

Thanks goes to Weezie for bringing this recording to me today!


We interupt this story to say Yippee! only dreamin’ on “fastest growing blog” list today!

Well, we made it to number 89 out of 100 of fastest growing blogs on WordPress!   I never would have dreamed that this little blog would be on that list!   I dream up things and write out of love and maybe that love can be felt because I sure have some wonderful readers out there….. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and your wonderful writing with me here…. I so appreciate all the new friends I’m meeting here on WordPress.  Big hugs to all of you!


anthony case randomness – awl kinds of sticking points – missed opportunities

I began this post in the early morning and am only now just returning to it.

Today was a lazy, hazy Sunday, and my focus was everywhere unfocused!  It was the kind of Sunday, here in South Florida, that was not quite rainy, not completely cloud-covered and gray, but close to it.

It was the kind of day that you’d need a flash to take outdoor photos.   Oh, the sun would wiggle out from the clouds for a moment, or three, but that’s it.  Mere seconds of sun.  In other words, cloudy with ne’er a chance of sun and that made me lazy and out of sorts.

As it is nearly every day, the Anthony case was today much on my mind.  I am thinking about the early days of the case, just after Casey was arrested for the first time; I’m thinking about Detective Appie Well’s interview with Kiomarie Cruz.

Do you remember that interview?

Talk about a huge missed opportunity – Kiomarie nearly placed an “X” on the map for OCSO to find Caylee!  It’s as tragic as Kronk having to go back to the spot off of Suburban Drive over and over and over again.  Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) is mighty lucky Kronk was an uber-persistent sorta guy.

As I listened to the interview with Detective Wells and Kiomarie again today, I was reminded that Detective Wells is a nice man, a kind man, and I bet his personality works well to gain the trust of suspects or witnesses.  I bet he’s gotten a fair amount of confessions in his day with the empathy he uses to win people over.  Casey liked him, too.  I remember when she told her parents, she’d be willing to speak with Law Enforcement, but only if it’s “Happy Wells,” she said.

Sadly, she never met with “Happy” Wells.  (He goes by the name Appie, though “Happy” does fit.)

But, I digress!

It was July 19th, 2008 when Detective Wells interviewed Kiomarie Cruz in his car, parked on Suburban Drive, near the school. (THEY WERE RIGHT THERE!)

Thinking back to the OCSO interviews with Amy, Tony, Jesse, Ricardo, and Casey’s entire group of current friends, the detectives would ultimately always ask:  “Did you know of a place where Casey used to like to go? Maybe a place from her childhood?  They’d invariably ask, Did she ever mention any place like that?”  “No,” was always their answer. (BUT KIO KNEW ABOUT THAT PLACE!)

In the interview, Kiomarie tells Detective Wells about the secret hiding place behind the school that she, Casey, and another friend, Jessica, used to visit daily.  It was their childhood comfort place – the space they’d go to talk for hours upon hours.  They’d go there  every day, Kiomarie said.

Every day until they were in the 9th grade they’d be there.  They’d take picnic lunches and talk about “how much they hated their parents,” said Kio. She said, as they grew older, they’d see older kids in the woods who were doing “…mommy and daddy things. ”

As kids, we all had spots like that. I had a duck pond and a little woodsy area off of it where I’d gather with my best girlfriends and talk about….what else?  …how much we loved boys and horses!

On July 19, 2008, was Detective Appie Wells so busy that he forgot to follow up and tell anyone about Casey’s secret place in the woods?

How was that ball dropped?

I do remember how, among the group of OSCO representatives working the case, each thought the other had checked out the area, when in reality, I believe the area was overlooked (in the early days of the case).

Then Tropical Storm Fay, the coup de gras that blew in between August 18th and the 24th, hit.  Fay, with its torrential rains, drowned out any chance of finding Caylee in those early days.

In the last group of discovery evidence released in the case, Tim Miller and all the many people who searched for Caylee, said that area where Caylee was eventually discovered (near Casey’s secret childhood place, by the school) was knee and ankle-deep with water.

The defense will not be able to convince anyone beyond a reasonable doubt that anyone could have searched that area, it was completely impassible  – knee-deep with water.  If search vehicles were sinking in the muck back in that area, surely it was not a place for people to easily traverse.  The defense won’t have an opportunity to poke with that awl.

OCSO suffered great embarrassment about the search of this area, but I don’t think it will be a knock-out punch by any means for the defense.  Although the days before Tropical Storm Fay are likely to be an embarrassment for OCSO.

Perhaps, at the time, the OCSO were so focused on details they could not see the forest for the trees.  They were all working so feverishly on the case. They were nose to the ground, all hands on deck, from what I could see – even through the “Casey as Mother-of-the-Year” smoke screens that Cindy and later, George were blowing, the OCSO was resolute in their work.

It appears cut and dry that Fay made the area where Caylee was found unsearchable.  That should not be in dispute now.  However, will the defense try to show incompetence on the part of OCSO for NOT searching the area prior to August 18th?

I would bet my blog that the answer to this is yes.

Oh, but the jury will see, as we can clearly see, in point of fact,  a whole lot of detectives and police officers and searchers passionately doing everything in their power to find Caylee.

If mistakes were made, so be it.  They were, and are human after all.

That’s the awl, the sticking point.


whimsy, white whiskers, & emily dickinson

I love this whimsical poem!!  Here it is in full:

She sights a Bird – she chuckles

She sights a Bird – she chuckles –
She flattens – then she crawls –
She runs without the look of feet –
Her eyes increase to Balls –

Her Jaws stir – twitching – hungry –
Her Teeth can hardly stand –
She leaps, but Robin leaped the first –
Ah, Pussy, of the Sand,

The Hopes so juicy ripening –
You almost bathed your Tongue –
When Bliss disclosed a hundred Toes –
And fled with every one

~ Emily Dickinson


X Marks the End game

George Anthony to Casey:  Here’s a map – put an X where we can find Caylee!

It is a bad day for the defense.  A bombshell of a bad day.  Today’s evidence spells E-N-D   G-A-M-E.

There is so much to report, so much to say, I want to keep this simple right now and share this with you, words from Attorney Bill Sheaffer:

All this evidence is like holes in the dam and after a while even Cheney Mason runs out of fingers.

Oh, that surely says it all.

Here is a link to Sheaffer’s video clip with Kathi Belich.

Sheaffer Video


Fascinating New Discovery

New documents reveal a school girl attitude displayed by Casey regarding finding Caylee; Tim Miller’s revelations are fascinating and reveals Anthony family not active in search.

Go to


new discovery reportedly being released

WFTV is reporting that new discovery documents “may” be released tomorrow with regards to the case against Casey Anthony.  The information reportedly being released is an interview with Texax EquuSearch volunteers.

Also reportedly being released is

an interview with a woman who has a troubled past” and who claimed she searched the area where Caylee was eventually found but found nothing.

This person can only be Joy Wray, but I can’t imagine what new material she could bring to the case.  Unless I am forgetting something important here (which is probably the case!)

Regardless, Joy Wray was interview back in June of 2009, here is a link to that document.

Can anyone enlighten me about this one?



weeeeeee! It’s a done deal, I’m done with classes!!!

It is officially official, a done deal, over and out!   I am done with school!

Here’s my Capstone class – I’m graduating with a much larger class of MBA’ s and MS-HRM’s, but this picture was taken last week at our final seminar – called a “Capstone” because it “caps” off the somewhat grueling, but mostly enjoyable learning experience!

My studies resulted in an M.S. in Human Resource Management (M.S. HRM) degree.

What a great relief… now it’s on to bigger and better things!  Weeeeeeeeeee!

I am in the center, back row, next to the guy with the baseball cap and gray shirt!


Spring has sprung

Before you thought of Spring
Except as a Surmise
You see — God bless his suddenness —
A Fellow in the Skies
~Emily Dickinson
I heard mighty loud coos and clucking this morning, and lo and behold, spring has gifts to bring!   Here are ten tiny ducklings (8 are yellow, 2 are gray) born outside my window.  What joy!  It is evening now, they are there still.  Well, in truth, they are certainly not still, no, they are beautifully wild!

See the remains of the eggs?


Mix together the ABC’s of Justice with Mr. Mason and whataya’ got…?

….ya’ got a justice system that will work in Orlando, but there are a few caveats, of course.

No OJ style justice – No Way Jose (Baez)

Our system of justice is the best in the world, despite anomalies like the OJ Simpson trial, it is the greatest system on earth, in my opinion.

Although the Casey Anthony case may be maddening, we must remember that it will not be a sham or a mockery of justice unless she has an inadequate defense, or if she has a defense that can “buy” an acquittal, such as what happened in OJ’s case.

I don’t think it will happen here, especially now that ABC has been found out.

If ABC, with all their millions, or any other network, tries to “buy” an outcome to this case, it won’t get far now as entities like the Society of Professional Journalism are on to them.

ABC…my oh my

It is being wildly reported that ABC stepped into molasses here and the sticky residue left behind may attract Ants (as in Anthony’s!!!) but if ethical journalists have their say in this, watch out for a good dose of RAID!

The following was recently reported by AOL News:

“Ethically, ABC is on very shaky ground,” Fred Brown, vice chair of the ethics committee at the Society of Professional Journalists, told AOL News. “It’s essentially paying for news, and any time you do that, you taint the news.”

There is justice and then there is OJ-style justice.

However, we will not have OJ justice, or worse, inadequate counsel (cause for appeal), because Casey was 1) Declared indigent, and 2) Now has Cheney Mason on board.

Most importantly, we will not have Johnny Cochran style poetry in Judge Stan Strickland’s courtroom, i.e. “doesn’t fit…..acquit”.  I cannot see this type of brain-washing lyric being sung in Orlando.

Now, this is simply my opinion, so for those of you who are outraged that Casey is getting public funds, stop reading now because you may not like what I have to say here.

Indigent Status Approved

As we all know now, Judge Stan Strickland, as a result of reviewing Casey Anthony’s request for indigent status, and upon seeing her financial facts, has concluded she is indeed indigent.  This means that she has no ability at the present moment to pay the costs of her defense.

A Fair Ruling

Why I believe this ruling is a fair one is simply this: If the Judge had denied this motion, he would essentially be lowering Casey’s coffin by not allowing her the opportunity to properly defend herself.

Even though it sticks in our collective craws, Casey Anthony is innocent until proven guilty by the court, or by a jury of her peers.  The gist of a defendants rights are simply, to ensure the prosecution can prove a defendant’s guilt beyond all reasonable doubt.


Now, like you, I hate it when I hear her lawyers tout and throw around “innocence” with regards to Casey because we all know she had to have committed the crime, there is no way to think otherwise, having read all the discovery to date.  It would sit better with me to hear her lawyers simply say, we will prove she is “not guilty.”  To which I say, good luck” to them.

As a result of Anthony’s indigent status, every last penny that is spent on her case will have to be accounted for, and will (I believe) become public record.  As a member of the public, I do not mind paying for justice, what I do mind paying for is injustice, and that is what we would have if Casey did not have state support.

All Defendants are Worthy of Fine Counsel

As for Cheney Mason, I am pleased that she will have counsel that will ensure the state proves its case.

Mason is a good lawyer, but even he cannot erase the 31 days that elapsed before anyone know Caylee had been missing (deceased).  He cannot erase the fact she lied, on day one, about her job, her whereabouts, a Nanny, and on and on.

Casey lied about everything under the sun.  Not even Mason can erase those facts.

Mason must deal with the fact that Cindy and George Anthony smelled death in Casey’s car, the car that Anthony Lazzarro saw abandoned at Amscot and later towed to its final destination. There’s both a witness and a paper trail documenting those facts. There are additional pieces of evidence that cannot be erased, no matter who defends Casey, these and other facts are clear.

Mason is, by all accounts, a fine attorney.  Casey Anthony must have a good attorney on her side to deliver justice the right way, as the law intended: she deserves an equal playing ground, and she will get it, apparently.

But, remember, Cheney Mason cannot change the facts in this case. And that’s where he is going to be in trouble.

And, you may find it interesting to note that Mr. Mason was not always of the opinion that Ms. Anthony was deserving of the benefit of doubt.

The following was published on December 12, 2008, by reporter Tony Pipitone of ClickOrlando, Local 6 News.  In the following excerpt, Pipitone was discussing with both Cheney Mason and with former prosecutor Elizabeth Rahter, what the impact of finding Caylee’s body would have on the case.

As you will see, Mr. Mason has had a change of heart:

Defense attorney Cheney Mason said claims made by Casey Anthony and Baez that Caylee was alive will now work against them at trial.

“Then all the talking, all the press interviews and the parents going on this show and that show and the lawyer going on different shows establishes they have no credibility whatsoever,” Mason said.

The testing of the remains could be the key to the case.

“The most important thing is how did she die?” Mason said. “It could have been an accidental death — and we’ve talked before — an improper disposal, it could have been a brutal homicide. We don’t know, and until the medical examiner is finished and renders a report, no one is going to know.”

Rahter said an accidental death would be hard to believe.

“What would a reasonable person do in the case of an accident? Call 911 or call your parents or call a close friend. Do you go borrow a shovel from a neighbor, probably not?” Rahter said.

Rahter said an insanity defense would be even more difficult to prove.

“It’s really difficult to be not criminally responsible. You have to prove they know right from wrong and they understand the consequences of their actions. Obviously, Casey understood the consequences of her actions because she worked really hard to cover it up,” Rahter said.

If the case plays out how many think, the experts agree on what will likely happen.

“You can pretty well predict there’s going to be a life sentence, either a plea and get it over with or have a circus trial and then be convicted and get life,” Mason said.

“Yeah,” Rahter said.

Mason is strong, but he simply cannot be stronger than the evidence before the court.

So, although I know there is great outrage over Casey Anthony receiving  indigent status, and I have some outrage, too, it’s more about justice and the fact that the monies she received from ABC were both ill-begot, and wasted on Jose Baez who, up to this point, appeared to be doing her more harm than good.

And believe me, if Baez continued his one man show, Orlando would soon see a mistrial and Anthony circus number two would be coming to town.

Heaven forbid.


where’s the money honey?

Well, it was a very interesting day all around in the Casey Anthony saga. Richard Hornsby is probably saying right now: ha ha ha, I told you so!

Where’s the money, honey?

We’ve learned, as Hornsby told us earlier, about the ABC involvement in the money trail.

However, Judge Strickland and the Justice Administrative Commission (JAC) who intervene in cases of indigency, among other things, need more information from Casey and Company about the funds that have been paid to date.

Before a person can be deemed indigent, specific financial facts must be known.  In particular, the JAC would like to know how Casey Anthony has managed to pay her dream team up to this point.  And, lest you have a need to cry, go ahead now and get yourself a tissue whilst I tune my violin because this part of the story needs boo hoo violins playing as you read on.



ABC donated to the Casey cause with $200,000 for licensing agreement(s) for pictures of Caylee.  (If Richard Hornsby were writing this, he might tell us to just wait and let this all play out…. it very well could be the $200,000 was a down payment and the big buckaroos are coming down the line.)

Now, we’re all just speculating here, but something smells funny about this money, honey.

So, Missy Fancy Pants Anthony (who by the way has slimmed down a bit), and Ring Master Baez (who now is trumped by a Perry Mason personage named Cheney Mason, Esq., star of Orlando law circles), Baez nows claim they had in their bloody coffers not $112, 000 as originally reported, it was more like $275,000!!  (Here’s where the violin really plays the sad serenade.)

Poor Todd (ne’er do well) Macaluso gave the defense $70,000, so he paid Casey to work for her.)

Oh but poor Toddy, he’s in bad stead as a lawyer in California; here’s what the Orlando Sentinel has reported today in a very thorough report that is very much worth the read:

Macaluso entered an alternative-discipline program after being accused of “moral turpitude, dishonesty or corruption” in handling several trust accounts.

So, let’s tally up the bill so far, shall we?  ABC: $200 K, Todd M: $70 K, and I nearly forgot, there was $5,000 from an anonymous source.

That’s $275,000.

And it’s all gone because (violins again) the dern state had to go change the rules and add the death penalty.

The Indigence Status

We will not know the outcome of the indigency status right away.

Most of the experts say that Casey will be granted indigency status.

Hello Perry Mason

A new lawyer was introduced: Cheney Mason is his name and he’s apparently a hot shot and well respected defense attorney in the Orlando area.  This is a good opportunity for the defense now to put on a case, but, let’s hope our state heroes can bring their game every day.  This attorney is talented, and quite capable, or so say many in the Orlando law scene.

Mystery Evidence

We know what the “mystery evidence” is – the evidence  that the state did not want the defense to see right away.  As it happens, Casey Anthony has Jail house pen-pals who have turned over the hundreds of letters from Casey to Law Enforcement.  It has been reported by multiple sources that there are no “confessions” in the letters, but there are elements of the letters that the state wants to use.  We will have to wait until the details are revealed, but at least that mystery has been solved!

Smile You’re on Casey Camera, or Camera Casey!

I really am beyond weary of seeing the smirks and smiles from Casey Anthony in the courtroom.  You’d think she was a contestant on a game show the way she poses, fixes her blouse and smiles!

Okay, to be honest here, I’d be happier if she wore a bag over her head…

But that’s just me.


will tomorrow be a big day, or a big bust?

As everyone is aware by now, there’s a hearing in the Anthony case tomorrow morning (Thursday, March 18th, 2010).

The big question lingering here like a mirage is whether the Judge will hear extended arguments about the money trail.

Anything could happen tomorrow, and it probably will.

Will the fact that Casey has zero assets be the key to unlock her right to indigent status?  Will an accounting of the money spent to date be required?  Will Baez get tripped up about his dealings with money?

Meanwhile, Georgie Porgie claims he did not kiss the girl; did not receive any money from the girl, didn’t even KNOW her and on and on and on… deny deny deny.  Sound familiar?  The Denial family denies everything under the sun, from the biggest most important things like the smell in the car, to the small things like who belonged to what hair brush (which turned out to be a big thing, as we know), deny deny deny.

However, would George so vehemently deny this knowing there is “supposed proof” of his relationship?  And it is not about the relationship per se , it’s about the alleged statements that will be so damning if proven true.

Tonight on Nancy Grace we again saw some of the tapes of the Anthony’s embarrassing depositions at Morgan & Morgan Law firm.

I always wonder, what do the Anthony’s think of themselves when they see themselves behaving like that?  Does Cindy think her incessant gum chewing with mouth open wide in contempt was a reasonable response?

Does George now see as utterly childish his accusation that Morgon was “giving him the finger” when Morgan was simply pushing his glasses up on his nose?

I mean, really, it is painful to see them behave so badly.  They should be wrecked souls, wracked with pain over the death of their granddaughter and the fact that their only daughter is charged with the crime.  Wouldn’t this make them a little humble?   (Ha!)

So, until tomorrow, I want to leave you with these few thoughts because I am weary of the hate in this world of ours; I am sickened by all the murders, rapes, and terrible atrocities to our children.  What has happened to us?

The world needs people who leave honest footprints that ultimately will lead the way for the next generation – a generation of compassionate givers, is my hope.  The world needs people who will be as honest in small things as they will in big things; who walk the talk, and talk the walk of truth with a value compass that stays constant in their every-day pocket;  who place themselves above others, not out of a need to be self righteous, but who have an abundance of kindness, a gentle, easy compassion; who do not mistake meek for weak, and who know that, despite all our foibles, we are only human.

I want this.  All of it.


Postscript: The cover up and the Girlfriend…..

If this is not the most confounding story, I don’t know what is!

So many questions linger…. but this is what I believe now with regards to the George Anthony story:

  • I believe that George did have the affair, and i believe the woman is for real,
  • I believe that George knew he was lying when he said Caylee’s death was “an accident that snowballed”, or
  • He was talking out of both sides of his mouth when he said it was an accident,  because at the very same time, he was saying to the press that Caylee was still alive, while knowing that the child was deceased.
  • I believe the timing of his statement is important. For instance, it was reported tonight that George made the accident statement about one month prior to the discovery of Caylee in the woods.  I wonder how George described Caylees death after the body was discovered?   Did he still refer to the death as an accident even after the whole world learned about the duct tape?

This is what I believe could be true with regards to Baez and the possible cover up of the payment and the payment arrangements:

  • I believe there is something to this story, especially now that we learn tonight the state is questioning the indigence status altogether.
  • I am confused by how Judge Strickland could have missed this.  In a recent hearing, Strickland did have an in-camera hearing regarding Baez’s collection of payments to date, and ruled that nothing he saw was objectionable.
  • However, the Judge cannot know what payments were promised to Baez down the road, after the case is over and done with.  Perhaps ABC made a deal with Baez that they’d continue to fund the case, if after its conclusion, if Baez would agree to a deal with ABC?  So, the $111,000 was like a down payment for services down the road?
  • I could believe, if it were proven, that perhaps Hornsby is right and the money is really a problem for Baez.
  • And finally, I could believe that Andrea Lyons did advise Baez to file for indigent status, to help defray the costs, not realizing that it would throw a monkey wrench into the monkey’s already deviant plans?

Regardless of the truth here, it is an intriguing set of circumstances; and could reveal serious problems for Baez, if Hornsby is correct.

We will have to see how this unfolds.

What a zoo.

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