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(3/2/10 update) ….. am I dreamin? calling Colonel Mustard, Prof. Plum…

Close up of teeth of knife

Henkel Duct tape

Recently I visited WFTV’s website to review again evidence pictures that were released on February 16th, 2010.  Of interest to me, extreme close ups of the blade of the knife and duct tape…

It has been established that the knife was found in Casey’s car.  Could it be that knife could be considered a murder weapon if it cut the Henkel tape that was placed over Caylees mouth? And could this be the same knife that Cindy Anthony referred to as missing early on in the investigation – or am I dreamin that up?

And could it be that the material hanging from the teeth of the knife is residue that matches the rare Henkel duct tape?  Further, it’s possible that the way the tape was cut, it’s likely they will be able to match the knife itself to the manner in which the duct tape is cut – meaning, perhaps the teeth of the knife match the cuts in the duct tape?

Clearly there is material residue hanging from the knife, and since the photos of the knife and the duct tape are grouped together, it leaves one to believe that there is a key relationship between the two items.

Could there be DNA of both Caylee and Casey found on this knife, and fingerprints?

I believe that Cindy referred to a knife missing from her kitchen…. it is possible then that this is that missing knife?  If yes, then of course it puts Casey in the home for sure prior to the murder.

It’s getting to look pretty bad if all these facts and evidence begins to match up.

Update: 3/02/2010: I may indeed be dreamin’!  Readers of this blog have pointed out to me that evidence has already been released which states that the knife did not hold fibers from duct tape. However, we will know for certain when the next batch of documents are released to the public.

Apparently there were no documents included with these photos.

There is a document release coming, perhaps those documents will give the story of the knife, the tape, the syringe, Gatorade bottles and other material found as clues?

So, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, et al, what do you think??

Here’s a link to the photos of all the knife and Henkel duct tape:

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