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March 3, 2010


poll results – the new evidence

by Andrea O'Connell

On February 28, 2010, I created two polls to learn what we, the Anthony Case followers, thought about the discovery that is being kept from the defense, and from the public for 30 days.

The first poll had a total of 54 respondents and asked folks to speculate about whether the new evidence would hurt or help either side of the aisle in the courtroom.

In one poll (below) a full 93 percent of respondents seem to believe that the mystery evidence will hurt the defense and help the prosecution.

Poll question: The new evidence is likely to:

1. Hurt the Defense/Help the State?   50 votes = 93%
2. Help the Defense/Hurt the State?   3  votes = 6%
3. Not sure.   1 vote ( 2%)

The second poll contained questions that are pure speculation on my part about what the mystery discovery evidence could be.  I asked these questions because my curiosity is extremely piqued, and personally, I have a nagging feeling that the revelation may be related to Caylee’s biological father, though only 9% share this thought.

The clear majority of the 61 respondents believing that Dominic Casey may be the source of the new evidence,  is somewhat surprising to me.  I recall an exhaustive Law Enforcement interview with Dominic Casey in which he appeared very uncomfortable.  His explanations as to why he decided to search in the area where Caylee was eventually found, were confounding to say the least.  I recall that parts of his interview were redacted on the discovery version given to the public.  I wonder if the defense has the redacted portion of that interview?

Is it possible that IF this new discovery is from witness Dominic Casey – and if it is damaging, it is no doubt related to the search for Caylee.   Could it be that Casey herself told a third party where to look in the woods, and the third party (Lee or Cindy?) were on the phone directing Dominic where to look in the woods?  Is that even plausible?  If such a scenario were true, the repercussions would be incredibly interesting, to say the least.

This poll allowed respondents to write-in alternate guesses, and three people did.

Poll question: The new Anthony case evidence:

1. May be related to new info from Dominic Casey. 43 votes = 67%
2. May have something to do with the father of Caylee. 6 votes = 9%
3. May be related to new info from Lee Anthony.  4 votes = 6%
4. None of the above. 8 votes = 13%
5. Other. 3 votes = 5%
6. Answers written in: 1). “video” from Joy Wray.  2). Roy Kronk.  3). Cindy Anthony.

If there are questions that you are interested in asking, let me know.  I enjoy creating surveys and polls and would truly appreciate your input and your feedback.

Thank you so much!

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  1. Boston
    Mar 3 2010

    Good Wednesday Morning- If Dom Casey is involved…….or if Mr Kronk is insinuated into the crime than I think the outcome will be the same. Was Cindy Anthony involved in a cover up? Will it be proven again and again in this trial that Cindy Anthony in her reckless zeal to exonerate her daughter will actually be the one who puts the last nail in the coffin?

    Cindy Anthony imo knew that Caylee was dead and that Casey killed her. IMO she knew this on or about August 13, 2008. It was during that video visit that Cindy asked questions and was fed a bunch of lies. Cindy knew that Casey was going to spend the rest of her life in prison if she didn;t do something.

    Didn’t Cindy ever realize that she has never been able to help Casey? Didn’t she ever reflect on her own inability to do what was right on countless occasions? Did she ever call CPS? Did she ever call the BOA and report the fraud? Did she ever confront Casey about involving Caylee in her promiscuous lifestyle? Did they ever have to drive her to work when her car was in the shop? These people talk on the phone all the time and yet they never spoke to Casey while she was at work? They had to have been claiming both Casey and Caylee as dependants on Tax papers.

    They must have known all along that Casey was not employed simply because she was stealing all their money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andrea
      Mar 3 2010

      Good Wednesday evening, Boston! Hope you had a great day…I sure did, but very busy 🙂

      Hahahahaha!!!!!! Yeap, How in the world could they not know their daughter, who was stealing them blind, did not have a job??? George admitted it to LE; but Cindy, ever the Narcissist, refused to admit that anything could be wrong with her perfect family! So, as a result of the denial, she couldn’t really do anything about the issues with Casey because then she’d have to admit there was something wrong, and I believe she is/was incapable of admitting anything negative. Cindy seems to see her family in rose colored glasses, as if she believes her family was the epitome of the Cleaver’s. In Cindy’s view, they were just perfection personified. Totally delusional thinking, we know now.

      So, no… she was incapable of doing anything about it. However, when it was revealed that money was stolen from Cindy’s mother – money that paid for the care of Cindy’s father, then Cindy’s façade cracked into a dozen pieces and she attacked Casey like a pit=-bull in heat that night. I do believe that there was a rip-roaring fight between Cindy and Casey that fateful night that was so severe and punishing to Casey, that Casey did the one and only thing she could do to get back at her mother: destroy the one thing Cindy loved more than anything in the world. That, of course, was Caylee.

      Do you think that Dom Casey was talking to Cindy when he searched the woods? Do you know if Dom Casey and the Anthony’s are still friends? I don’t remember hearing anything about that… if you know, would you let us all know here? There’s yet another piece of research! I recall reading that the two of them, Dom Casey and Cindy, were reportedly becoming an item. If there’s truth there, and we heard about it, surely George heard those rumors as well…could that be one of the reasons why he wanted to take his own life? My oh my….How crazy it all is!

      And, oh yes… there was reckless zeal in Cindy’s single minded attempt to weave and spin a picture of Casey that was Cleaver-ish. The trouble, though, she couldn’t sustain the lies, and her Mrs. Cleaver façade morphed into a black widow – entangling everyone in her web of lies. Like the black widow of make believe, she tried so desperately to weave a story and paint Casey as a saint.

      Remember when she took the FBI written assessment of who she thinks her daughter is? And the fBI special agent, whose name escapes me at the moment, told George that Cindy has a rose colored view of her daughter. It was bizarre to see that video after knowing so much of the vitriol between Cindy and Casey – how much Casey hated her. Cindy is and was in total denial of everything – either that or she’s a very skilled liar. But, I think that she lives in a separate reality where Cindy is Queen Bee and controls everything.

      “O, What tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” (Shakespeare)

      Hugs, Andrea

  2. Boston
    Mar 4 2010

    Andrea-Valhall has an interersting take on what Dom Casey did on (November 14 2008) and who he called to assist him in looking into woods on November 15, 2008.
    Hoover and Casey were down opposite the school on Suburban Drive looking and videotaping the area.

    Cindy thought she could hide from the world the dysfunctional and disordered family she tried to control. When she had the audacity to tell the court that Casey was a “Wonderful Mother” I nearly fell out of my chair. What “wonderful mother” looses her child and never calls the police? Who is this grandmother who picked up her daughter’s abandoned car smelling of decomposition and instead of calling the police, drives it home?

    We find out later that Cindy Anthony was tireless in her efforts to contact Casey and begged to speak with Caylee during the month that she was not at home. She knew her daughter had no job, no money and was more than likely sleeping with whomever would give her shelter. This is the same person who told her distraught husband to drive the car home.

    Why did each member of this family lawyer up? Aren’t they the victims in this crime? Caylee has the DA to look out for her but what did Lee and Mr and Mrs Anthony do to need so much protection from the long arm of the law. Who in this case (with the exception of the x-wives) does not have a lawyer?

    • Andrea
      Mar 5 2010

      Hey Boston!
      Oh boy, I remember that “wonderful mother” comment, too and it made me ’bout lose my cookies… Incredibly delusional, so sad, too.

      It’s like she’s under water and oblivious – unable to hear or see, just drinking in the Casey oxygen, and it’s poison, as we know. She’s so deeply under water that if she ever comes up for real air, or wakes up, it will be pretty rough for her.

      I used to think that maybe after the trial she’d face reality, but I bet she’ll spend her very last breath defending Casey….even though she smelled the smells, washed the contents of the car, heard the lies, was stolen from, and had her blessed granddaughter ripped right out from her grandmother arms, she’s under the influence of the denial drug, the Casey-Koolaid, Lee’s laughing gas, she’s lost.

      cindy has concocted a story for every thing, every horrid outcome of the crime has an explanation, and the more absurd the story, the harder she defends it….

      George is sharing the oxygen with her, but he knows it’s not real air…he knows the truth because he admitted as much to LE early on, but he knows the truth even now, he knows. But if he wants to stay alive under water with Cindy, he must suck it up when told to, or he’ll simply drown….

      sad, huh?

      Hugs my friend,

  3. Lori
    Mar 4 2010

    Hi Andrea/Boston – just to add, I had read that not only did Cindy ask George to drive the car home, she herself went back to work! I read that after Cindy got back to work and told her co-workers about the car, etc., her supervisor sent her home and advised her to call the police. This action shows us clearly how things had been handled for a long, long time. Cover up, ask Casey about it…just keep the routines going. Denial is a very powerful emotion and it reigns supreme in this family. Very true that Cindy was extremely worried about Caylee and knew forever that Casey was uncontrollable and neglectful. IMO, Cindy thought if she just kept things going, nagging Casey, keeping the house nice and clean, things would somehow, some way be okay. Also, I’ve thought that if Casey had never gotten pregnant, who knows if Casey would ever be responsible or accountable for anything.

    All of us have made mistakes and continue to every day but IMHO, the biggest mistake Cindy made in all of this was to force Casey to keep her child. Sad to say, but I think it was because Cindy thought that maybe this would be the thing that finally made Casey responsible. Sadder to say, but I think that the one TRUE thing Casey has said that I can think of was that she didn’t want to keep her baby. That was honesty and should have been respected. There are so many people in this country that would love to adopt a child and make a happy, loving home. Terrible judgment mistake and an innocent child is gone because of it. Lots to bear and I wish them all the strength they’ll surely need to bear it.

    Hope all is well. Have a good evening. Lori

    • Andrea
      Mar 6 2010

      Well Hi Lori!

      Yes, I remember that, too… She instructed George to drive Casey’s car home and she went back to work!!! She told her boss what happened, and the boss forced her to go home. Yes, she needed some time for her cover up/denial story.

      And then, I believe, once home, instead of calling the police, she called Amy. She picked Amy up at the mall, and Amy led her to Tony Lazzaro’s apt., and we know the rest of the story. But, why she and George did not call the police IMMEDIATELY upon getting the car and smelling death is beyond me. It’s total hubris on Cindy’s part – George, too.

      oh if only Casey been allowed to give the baby up for adoption, someone would have a beautiful five year old angel right now. But, it’s almost like fate intervened and the path was certain… There were so many opportunities for intervention, but no one strong enough stopped or helped Casey, and in her mental illness she got lost, like the devil incarnate, she was soon gone – too far gone, too into the dark by then….

      I remember she went to two friends (one was Annie, and the other was Lee’s former girlfriend, I believe) and told them she needed help and needed to be put away to get her head straight….remember? But, instead of these friends saying: “okay, Casey, I’ll go with you. Let’s go now,” Casey drifted on and back home to a mother who lacks all compassion. Cindy thought they’d work it out as a family. Hah! Of course Cindy would never allow or hear of HER daughter having a problem, or needing help – that would just destroy Cindy’s facade – the perfect family image that she needs so badly to maintain.

      Yes, if Cindy ever wakes up, the guilt will be devastating – that’s why she lives her dream world, it’s salvation, don’t you think? I think that’s why she’s in such deep denial. The truth is far too painful, she can’t bear it.

      And you’re right, if the Anthony’s do come up for air…..they will need great strength. What horrors they have to live with…. just awful, so awful.

      Thanks so much for your great comments, as usual, Lori!

      Have a great weekend!



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