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March 6, 2010


counting days until wednesday’s evidence release / Baez says more money, please

by Andrea O'Connell

It has been widely reported that new evidence will be released to the public on Wednesday, March 10, 2010.  The new evidence consists of 10 discs with DNA charts and graphs.  Clearly, this is going to be a very important day – the DNA is critical, needless to say, and will undoubtedly shed light on many questions that have been nagging us all.

Could the evidence found at the crime scene have Casey’s DNA even after so many months of being exposed to the elements?  If her DNA is on any of the items found at the crime scene, it will be end-game for Casey and company.

Incidentally, a report out today tells of Baez requesting the defense be given financial assistance from the state, as Casey is indigent.  (I have believed all along that Casey would have fared much better had she opted for a Public Defender.)

This new motion from Baez states because Casey is indigent, she is requesting that the State of Florida pay all trial costs.  This would include such things as transcripts, depositions, travel, etc.

Isn’t it a little late to be asking for a handout?  The State of Florida has something like 14 million in reserve to pay for indigent cases.  Surely the Anthony case will hog a good portion of that reserve?  Now, I ask you, is that fair?

Given the news of the Anthony home going into foreclosure, now everyone in the family is indigent.

Many in our country and in Florida are in dire financial straights.  Casey deserves a fair trial, but it why in hell should Florida give one penny to her when she’s squandered away so many thousands already to Baez???  (Reportedly $111,000 has been paid to date to his law firm – where did Casey get this money?)

Tony Pipitone offers some good material insight on this story; here’s the link:

Stay tuned…. oh so much more to come!

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  1. Mar 6 2010

    hi andrea—- it has been almost a year since dp was put back on table. so, why are they NOW screaming indigent? imo, bozo has not been very efficient regarding the financial aspects of a dp case. then, again, maybe he all of his stall tactics (motions, delays) was done not to find evidence that kc is innocent, but rather to milk whatever $ he could and then scream indigent. isn’t it ironic that As foreclosed on their house as did conway, and the duh-fense is whining that they do not have the $ to defend her, because the state put the dp back on the table? kc put the dp back on the table. this is, by far, the most bizzare and frustating case i have ever seen.

    on the bright side, the le and prosecution are doing a great job in seeking justice for caylee. and let’s not forget kathi and bill.
    justice for caylee!

    • Andrea
      Mar 7 2010

      Well Hi! So good to see ya! OMG…you’re right… HAS been a year! 2009 just flew by!

      I think the reason Casey is now indigent is because the gravy train (Caylee photo’s, videos, etc.) has dried up…the media is no longer buying from them, or so it seems to me. I wonder if the media has realized that to get involved with paying the Anthony’s means bad publicity for them, meaning their brand suffers. The backlash is too great – there are so many people who are diligently protecting the spirit of Caylee, to see that she gets justice, and the media does not want to get in the middle of a fight.

      the excuse (and I think that’s all it is) that it’s because the DP is back on the table, is a weak one. All they had to do to avoid the DP was to accept a plea deal. But, Casey has the same characteristic her mother has: her hubris in thinking she’s smarter than everyone, smarter than LE, smarter than the court system, when truth is, not a single one of them can be called smarter than a Fifth Grader!!!!!!!

      This case is a mockery – not on the prosecution side as they are going by the book, but is being made a mockery by the simple fact that Jose Baez is still on the case. Any lawyer with any personal values, in my opinion, would have jumped ship on her a looooonnnngggg time ago!

      She should have a public defender, but it’s too late now as she wants Baez, and the court cannot force other counsel on her – unless Baez has broken the rules…

      Oh, Midget, I am with you…. I think the prosecutors are doing a fine job…I really do. And I love Kathi and Bill, too! Thank God for them – they are awesome and honest and so dedicated!

      Take good care…talk to you soon! We’ll have soooo much to discuss on Wednesday, too!


  2. Boston
    Mar 6 2010

    Is this recent Motion setting the stage for her appeals to be paid for by the good citizens of Florida? More than likely. Jose will move on once the verdict is rendered. Surely if he has accepted $111K for his services than it would now be up to the state to pay for Ms Baden, Mr Lee, et al. Mr Baez would not be paid for his services because he is not a public defender.

    Neither Mr or Mrs Anthony have worked since July 16, 2008 so it would seem that whatever they made from media outlets has paid for their mortgage, cruises and living expenses. They had no obligation to pay anything towards Casey’s defense but I am sure they did. What Casey earned from Caylee’s possessions (pics and Nursing Home video more than likely was part of the 111K that Mr Baez deposited in his bank account. No one expects him to defend her for nothing. Ms Lyon is gainfully employed and can afford to defend her pro bono as well as take on others from DePaul that will do the same.The applicant pool for De Paul law school will increase I am sure.

    Mr Baez reached out and got what Casey and the Anthony’s had knowing full well that no parties to this crime (the defendant nor her parents) could afford the astronomical amount it would take to defend her.

    Had Mr Baez looked at Ms Anthony as the true indigent defendant that she was on July 17, 2008 the case would have more than likely gone to trial by now with the help of a worthy and hard fighting public defender.

    Had he applied to be a public defender I am quite sure he would not have been hired-no experience.

    • Andrea
      Mar 7 2010

      hey hey Boston! Hope you’re having a great weekend! I have my nose in the books, as I have to write one more paper for my degree program…yuck…

      Anyway, paying for the appeal process is a good point! But, I will tell you this – when and if a defendant is convicted and sentenced to death, there is an automatic appeal process that is paid for by the state – no exceptions, it has to happen. Now, if she is not sentenced with the DP, but rather Life without parole, then (I think – I’ll have to check this), but I am pretty sure she would have to pay for an appeal.

      Well, the state is covering the costs only, not the attorney fees. So the $111, 000 was what Casey used to pay both Lyon and Baez. Lyon is working pro bono, but her costs are covered, so she reportedly was paid approximately $22,000. Baez got the Lions (pun inteneded) share of $89,000, but we don’t know how that Lion paid the others – Macaluso and Baden. And who the heck knows how Dr. Lee would be paid….he’s probably working for just cost, too. Why he would do that, I have no idea.

      Yeah, I bet the Anthony’s paid for some of the legal bill for Casey…and now they’re indigent, too.

      Bill Shaeffer said that in his opinion Judge Strickland will pronounce her indigent, but this won’t give her a public defender, unless she requests one. No, so far she’s been loyal to Baez, and what she says is what goes….the judge cannot remove Baez, only Casey can – well, unless Baez is caught doing something illegal, he’s in like flynn.

      LOL! you can bet a public defender would have convinced Casey to plea as her only hope. Granted, I know everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty, however, there is such a thing as evidence and boy, the evidence is totally overwhelming.

      For me, the most overwhelming piece of hard evidence is the 31 days Caylee was missing and Casey did nothing but dance dance dance to celebrate her freedom.

      Boston, I tell you what, dwelling on this case, and really focusing once again on the reality of it, on the details, is so sad, you know? I am so glad you are out there to share these feelings with…. you and so many others who feel the same way about this horrid case. It does take the sad edge off of the reality of it all for me, I’m certain that it does for many of us, too.
      Talk to ya soon….

  3. Boston
    Mar 7 2010

    Yes, it does Andrea. When people get together to think and share their insights and feelings about something as horrific as the death of a child, it is this sense of “community” that helps each one of us to understand why this happened and possibly how it could have been prevented. No matter how much time passes the sadness of it all doesn’t dampen our resolve to see that justice prevails. Writing about it helps all of us cope.

    With all the information providied by way of the Sunshine Laws and the analysis of so many informed commenters, one could almost forget that we are discussing a murdered child. I think that’s why Blogs like yours, mystery and neicey456 can provide the facts while allowing the reader to formulate an opinion and express it openly. I like a hearty discussion and I also like to learn something new or a new way of looking at something old.

    • Andrea
      Mar 7 2010

      Happy Sunday, Boston,

      Thank you for your comments! Yes, it does ease the burden to discuss this with other folks who feel the same and find solace in sharing thoughts and feelings.

      It’s so true, Boston, sometimes it’s easy to get carried away in the details and the cynicism of this case and forget that the reason we’re here is to keep Caylee’s memory alive.

      I wish I could focus on more children who are victims, but I couldn’t bear the sadness of that. So, for me, by focusing on Caylee and this case, I know that we (all of us who post here) are also keeping alive and soft the memory of all the other thousands of children who have suffered the reckless hate of monsters.

      When I stop and think of the reality, it feels like it nearly stops my heart…but then I remember to focus on the little angels….and that softens everything.

  4. Boston
    Mar 7 2010

    midget48-Didn’t Mr Baez know from the start that this case would be a DP case whether or not they found the child? It never hinged on the fact that there was no Zanny the Nanny only that Casey was the last person to see the child alive and attempted to deflect blame and punishment.

    That’s when Mr Baez walked in the door. Within 48 hours of the investigation the facts and Ms Anthony’s own admissions were what would make it a DP case. To say now that they are surprised they don;t have enough money is a llittle hard to understand.

    What about the in camera meeting with Judge Strickland outlining the way Mr Baez was being paid and how they were paying for her defense. It seemed okay to Judge Strickland then.

  5. Andrea
    Mar 7 2010

    I agree, Boston… any lawyer would IMMEDIATELY recognize that the facts of this case warrant it being DP!

    It’s murder one, a capital case for cryin’ out loud!! I can’t remember the legal term for it right now, but there are automatic special circumstances in these types of cases. These special circumstances always call for the DP (when they are so egregious and involve a child).

    Had Casey taken the plea offer very early on when it was offered, she would not be looking at the DP right now. She made her own bed here, she has no one but her own twisted ego to blame for the mess she’s gotten herself in.

    And, you’re right! Judge Strickland did not have to rule on the way the defense was being paid, and by rights, we (the public) were not entitled to that information. Ahhhhh but if the state is going to defray the costs of this trial, well, that will be a horse of a different color! In reading Attny Bill Sheaffer’s comments, it appears that payment details will come out in the sun….


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