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So, Casey Anthony is indigent now?

Caylee’s gravy train has run dry, and so soon, too?  Or are the networks finally now seeing a clearer picture in HD-TV – realizing that to purchase Caylee photos, videos or other mementos, spells Trouble with a capital T for them?

I can’t imagine media outlets want to have their brand tainted by helping Casey Anthony.  One would think, as evidenced by the fact that the entire family is broke, it’s because the networks are not entertaining any purchase options with them?!   Oh, but surely a book or movie deal is in the works for the Anthony’s?

According to Bill Sheaffer, if the defense benefits from such third party funds, they will owe and have to pay back the taxpayers of Orange County, even if the proceeds occur after the fact.

Orange County will have to be very diligent in keeping their proverbial noses to the ground to sniff out this money trail.  Orange County: put your collective Blood Hound costumes on and follow every last cent to ensure not a dime is wasted!

In the the film “All the President’s Men”, the character Deep Throat tells Bob Woodward to “follow the money” with regards to the shenanigans in the Watergate break-in.  There’s no doubt that the media, and other journalists / writers, will be looking closely at the money paid out to date, as it’s been a topic of great debate and much concern.  How did Casey Anthony, who had not worked for a few years, pay for a lawyer?  She met Baez, that’s how.  His limited experience speaks volumes…

The scuttle-butt from various sources indicate that Casey has used proceeds from the sale of Caylee memorabilia to pay approximately $111, 000 total in attorney related costs.  Baez has been paid approximately $89,000 to date, say sources.  And, $22,000 has been doled out to Attorney Lyon, for her costs only, as she’s working pro bono to on this case.

Did Linda Baden and Todd Macaluso get a bit of that $89.000?  Or were they not paid?  How will the famed Henry Lee be paid?  Is Dr. Lee going to work for free?  As for Attorney Macaluso whose cries of “she’s innocent” were sickening, well, he is under investigation for ethics violations in California and cannot practice law at this time, so he’ll not be back.  (In my opinion, he was only escaping to Florida to get far from his troubles in California, using the Sunshine state to get a bit of free publicity, too.)

According to WFTV legal eagle, Bill Sheaffer, the judge will undoubtedly agree to the indigent status.  However, if the Orange county taxpayers are footing the bill, the case should move along with more speed. Incidentally, Sheaffer believes the tab for the taxpayers will be in the neighborhood of $100,000.  Now, it seems to me that $100,000 is a very low figure for all the costs that could potentially arise – travel, hotels, witnesses, depo’s, independent lab testing, and so on.  I was thinking more in the range of one million to cover.  But, it’s only me dreamin’ without knowing for certain, and since it’s Bill Sheaffer’s making this prediction, he’d know, so that’s likely to be quite on the money (pun intended).

There appears to be pros and cons to this taxpayer arrangement, however, the largest negative being the cost to Florida Orange County, and the positive being that the defense will have to work more out in sunshine, turned toward the sun now, and work faster, too.

Chances are, according to Bill Shaeffer, the court will want a full disclosure at all times on expenditures.

Without appearing too glib, may I just remind Orange County...get your Blood Hound groove on and follow that money!

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