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The Butterfly Effect – George Anthony’s Girlfriend

The Butterfly Effect is part of the theory of chaos, and asks the question: If a butterfly flaps its wings a long way off, say Brazil, would it reverberate elsewhere?

It has to do with how a multitude of tiny events (like the flapping of a butterflies wings, or looking up the term “chloroform” on a computer) can have an affect on larger events, or systems.  Specifically and originally it was used to discuss weather patterns, but is now used to describe many things, especially human behavior.

The term “butterfly effect” was coined by Edward Norton Lorenz who was one of the first to ponder the chaos theory application to weather patterns.

So, the question is this: Could the words spoken by George Anthony to his mistress that “it was an accident” be the butterfly wings that, with all the other pieces of chaos around this Orlando trial, be the big explosion that finally stops the case cold?

I tend to think this is the evidence that Judge Strickland has allowed law enforcement to secretly investigate for 30 days.

The fact that this was reported by WFTV, and reporter Kathy Belich, in my estimation, brings a level of authenticity to the story.  If this is true, it cannot bode well for the defense.

This new sordid story tells us, in no uncertain terms that the Anthony family knew all along: Casey killed Caylee.

End of story?  No, not by a long shot.

There are still lies upon lies upon lies upon more lies.

An accident, Georgie Porgie  claims?   Did he know this all along?  If an accident, why not explain this to law enforcement?  He breathed none of this to a detective?  Did he dare breathe this to Cindy?

Like the old nursery rhyme:

Georgie Porgie Puddin’ Pie, kissed the girls and made ’em….

Well, he made ’em pay up.

Apparently this girlfriend, according to her twin sister, was “in love” with George.  So in love, she reportedly gave him $5,000.00 spending money, or as my mom would say: “walking around money.”

George Anthony knows Casey did this, but an accident?

Have the Anthony’s NO grace?  Have they no morals or sense of decency?  There is much sordid behavior in this case, but this, well, this is beyond the beyond, and, if indeed true, is end-game for the defense.

According to Attorney Bill Sheaffer, if George said he believed Caylee’s death was an accident, it is a sure blow for the defense:

This would apparently foreclose any defense that someone outside of the Anthony family is responsible for that child’s death.

The WFTV story also points out that George used the description of his girlfriend to describe his version of what Zanny the Nanny looked like.

Generally, news outlets will not run a story without verification from two or more sources.  I respect WFTV and tend to think they have successfully found that butterfly in Brazil whose wings had a beat beat beat bombshell! effect in Orlando.

And, oh, by the way…..butterflies have never been known to lie.

For the WFTV story, click here.


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