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March 15, 2010


Postscript: The cover up and the Girlfriend…..

by Andrea O'Connell

If this is not the most confounding story, I don’t know what is!

So many questions linger…. but this is what I believe now with regards to the George Anthony story:

  • I believe that George did have the affair, and i believe the woman is for real,
  • I believe that George knew he was lying when he said Caylee’s death was “an accident that snowballed”, or
  • He was talking out of both sides of his mouth when he said it was an accident,  because at the very same time, he was saying to the press that Caylee was still alive, while knowing that the child was deceased.
  • I believe the timing of his statement is important. For instance, it was reported tonight that George made the accident statement about one month prior to the discovery of Caylee in the woods.  I wonder how George described Caylees death after the body was discovered?   Did he still refer to the death as an accident even after the whole world learned about the duct tape?

This is what I believe could be true with regards to Baez and the possible cover up of the payment and the payment arrangements:

  • I believe there is something to this story, especially now that we learn tonight the state is questioning the indigence status altogether.
  • I am confused by how Judge Strickland could have missed this.  In a recent hearing, Strickland did have an in-camera hearing regarding Baez’s collection of payments to date, and ruled that nothing he saw was objectionable.
  • However, the Judge cannot know what payments were promised to Baez down the road, after the case is over and done with.  Perhaps ABC made a deal with Baez that they’d continue to fund the case, if after its conclusion, if Baez would agree to a deal with ABC?  So, the $111,000 was like a down payment for services down the road?
  • I could believe, if it were proven, that perhaps Hornsby is right and the money is really a problem for Baez.
  • And finally, I could believe that Andrea Lyons did advise Baez to file for indigent status, to help defray the costs, not realizing that it would throw a monkey wrench into the monkey’s already deviant plans?

Regardless of the truth here, it is an intriguing set of circumstances; and could reveal serious problems for Baez, if Hornsby is correct.

We will have to see how this unfolds.

What a zoo.

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  1. Kitt
    Mar 16 2010

    Oh sometimes I just have to laugh at myself!
    First, I don’t believe it, then I do, then I don’t, then I’m not sure! Thankfully, it’s not for me to figure out this mess!

    Regardless of everything that has happened, or might have happened, could have happened, or is still to happen, my most basic feelings about the entire case is this….

    A little girl was killed. Somebody killed her, and many people are covering up for and protecting the killer. The killer of a child! How/why does the killer become of such importance that nobody in the family has stood up for the child? How does the child just get swept under the rug and the sole focus of her family is to protect her murderer? I just don’t get it. Please….somebody speak up for Caylee, stop this crazy charade, and come forward with the truth. It’s as simple as that. Caylee deserves that.

    • Andrea
      Mar 16 2010

      Kitt, you know, my thoughts run back and forth like that, too! I keep thinking of various scenarios that may have inklings of truths, and then something changes, and I think “well, maybe i should consider “this” nooo, maybe it’s “that” and on and on and on until it gets sooo frustrating that I tell myself not to worry because all I can really do is try to report what others have reported and to re-report it in a way that puts my own slant on the story….

      And you said so beautifully what we all think: The most important aspect of any of this is Caylee, and we’re all just praying that the state keeps their eye on the prize and brings to justice the killer of the child we have all grown to love.

      Kitt, what you’ve written here is a lovely prayer to remind us all of what is at stake: Justice for Caylee, plain and simple.

      Thank you, Kitt.

  2. Ideas
    Mar 16 2010

    well put, Kitt

  3. sophie
    Mar 16 2010

    I believe they were fully aware that Caylee was deceased when they got that car back.

    I believe that Casey ‘fessed up’ in her own way when she got bonded out.

    I also believe that she lied to minimize her actions and called it an ‘accident’.

    I believe she committed cold blooded murder and did what she could to get away with it.

    And I believe deep down, her parents know this too.

    • Andrea
      Mar 16 2010

      Sophie! Hi! I believe what you’ve pointed out here, too. I wonder, though, if she’d even go so far as take responsibility for an accident. Something tells me that in her (Casey’s) psychopathic pattern of denial, that if she admitted to an “accident” it would put her too close to the scene, you know what I mean? According to her, she is totally innocent, I think she believes it now (though deep down and in her nightmares, I bet she knows.

      And, oh yes, I sure think the parents know, they know for sure who is to blame.

      Thank you for your excellent post here, Sophie… ❤

  4. weezie
    Mar 16 2010

    Well we all have to believe in something I guess. Isn’t it strange that all this time Cindy and George have not gone to see Casey. Last night NG replayed all the cop and inside jail tapes from last year. It certainly gave me an insight way back when, since I have forgotten most of what has been said back then… lol. Casey’s words, not only to cops but to her parents and Lee : “I feel in my gut that she is close, close to home, and all I want is for her to come home and be with family”. In her own way she was giving clues, and perhaps it was her way of decoying everyone to believing it was a kidnapping scenario. She tried to play the innocent victim, wanting to get out of jail so she could help in finding her daughter. Laughable really laughable. “Everything has been taken from me”, nobody’s listening to me”. Well everybody’s going to be listening to this trial if it kills us in the process.

    George is just a decoy for what is really coming down the pike. This girlfriend business has nothing but heresay in it. Why is everyone making such a tado about him screwing around. He has been doing that for a long time, as has Cindy. Money, well we all knew he gambled, money comes first in his mind. Mortagage comes last.
    In any case, the only statement that is viable – “It was an accident gone wrong”, well if he said it and it’s before the body was found, he will have to explain what that meant. Is it his own thoughts and words about speculating or is it Casey’s. Bet we never find out. Noone can prove it! Back to square one. The girlfriend is a reluctant witness, at the very least she will be pummeled in court. Stop gossiping about George and get to the meat of the matter.
    Caylee, so far is the forgotten angel and only with a dilegent, forceful Prosecution forging ahead will this ever get justice for her. I am sad to see this little girl lost.

    • Andrea
      Mar 16 2010

      Hey Weezie!

      I watched some of NG last night, too, but I had to turn it off after a bit – I was a little perplexed at why Nancy played a rerun when we were all chompin at the ole bit for some news to sink our teeth in!!! LOL… (not that Nancy ever gives us anything but her annoying “Bombshell” cries).

      Yes, I do think when she kept saying “she’s close to home, I feel it, etc.” she was unconsciously giving clues as to where Caylee could be found. And I do think that she may have been saying these things so they’d find Caylee, see that it was a “kidnapping” and she’d be free! Yeah, she was a poor actress though, like you say, laughable. It’s was all “me, me, me” and she was intent upon everyone knowing that she’s a victim too – arrrghhh! when she said that, I wanted to throw the remote at the TV when I first heard it, and it still makes me soooo sick! Can you imagine – I mean, she’s like a freak show, weezie….

      I too think it’s too bizarre that the Anthony’s have not once seen their daughter! I just can’t fathom that at all. And, you’re right, it’s silly to focus on poor George’s lust, that’s not what this should be about, it’s about his statements that conflict with the truth… who cares who he sleeps with – I sure don’t! Most of us here don’t care a whistle for that…. like you, we’re all just confounded by the whole thing, especially now that the prospect of where the money is going to lead is concerned. I just hope we find out more on Thursday.

      I’m so glad to have people like you, weezie, to keep us on track and to keep bringing us back to the what’s important here: Justice for Caylee.

      Big hugs, Weezie…. 🙂

  5. auntdeedee
    Mar 16 2010

    I agree with your assessment, Andrea. Great post and comments here.

    Unfortunately, this affair that George had has been the topic of convo acroos a few good blogs. It isn’t about the affair but that George knew that Caylee was deceased, if that can be proven. I think it can be.
    There’s an investigation into this whole affair so it must be of some importance. Yes, we need to keep our eyes peeled because there may be a few things about this case going on at the same time. Maybe WFTV is trying to deflect the attention from the money ABC offered Baez for after the trial. If this pans out to be true then there is a concern here-can Baez represent Casey for her sake or will it be for the money’s sake?

    • Andrea
      Mar 16 2010

      Hi Auntdeedee,
      thank you for your comments! Yes, I agree with you; I have no interest in George’s sexual or romantic intrigues. I just want to understand why the heck this is all unfolding now, and why it’s unfolding. It seems as if LE is serious about investigating the relationship for the purposes (I think) of the inconsistencies inherent in the statement being attributed to him.

      I think you were correct when you said the other day that George was a cad – and he seems to be with all the gambling (and other affairs that have been reportedly part of his history), but, like you point out, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that if he said this, it ties Casey directly to the crime. That’s it, plain and simple.

      Gosh, it will be so interesting to see this hearing on Thursday!!!! I do hope we get some answers then…..wish I didn’t have to work….arrrggghhh!

      Thanks again, dear deedee…


      • auntdeedee
        Mar 16 2010

        Hugs back atcha! :mrgreen:

        Why now? Because the investigation has led to it at this time?
        Alot of folks are wondering about the timing but I’m not quite understanding why it matters.


  6. weezie
    Mar 16 2010

    Andrea; I just sauntered into my office to turn off my computer and found your lovely kind words back. And of course my dearest friend ADD. We are so consumed with trying to find the real answers, that the focus is getting blurry. An innocent child was snuffed out of living more than 3 years, that’s a tragedy, an injustice, a crime that must be accounted for. Unfortunately we have the rest of the family to feel sorry for or hate. There doesn’t seem to be an acceptance that they are hurting because they lie. I guess they bring it on themselves, but let’s just say, the brutal public has a hand in this as well. If noone was paying attention, and I guess we feel obliged to do so in case, the murderer gets off, the crazy zoo like carnival would not be happening. I’m sure this latest bit of news seems newsy right now, but I bet in a couple of weeks it will be all but forgotten. It’s too sordid and it doesn’t lead anyone to change the facts. We know in our hearts, it’s hard to believe that a young woman would do such harm to her child, but unfortunately she lived with a family that was quite dysfunctional, she did not create this all by herself, that’s all I have to say about that. I still want little Caylee to find peace from a conviction. It’s the least that the state can do. I am all for it, I hope you are too.

    • Andrea
      Mar 17 2010

      LOL Weezie! I couldn’t for the life of me understand what ADD was!!! Now, I realize!!! The dear dee dee!

      Yeah, it’s tough to stay on task and focused on facts….it’s so tempting to speculate and get caught up in the details that are so fascinating and maddening at the same time. We must remind ourselves that we’re talking about the dear little girl who never had a chance at life.

      I agree that she didn’t create this by herself – she is a product of her environment, that is certain, but we both know, of course, it’s not an excuse for what she did, but it is a way for us to understand what could have led her to become a murderer.

      I am not a proponent of the death penalty, as I don’t think it is a crime deterrent and I think that we play God when we put people to death. But, that’s not to say that some people do not deserve to die for their crime, I think it’s worse to make them live out their lives in a small hole in a rotten jail. That’s what I hope for Casey Anthony. I would be satisfied if she would suffer in her hell of a jail for the rest of her days.

      I think this carnival atmosphere has continued as a result of Baez being so incompetent. He brings the circus with him with every lousy motion he writes, every argument he gives and has given – I truly think he and, of course the Anthony’s, are the center ring clowns here. They should all wear the same size nose and colored hair as they are all as guilty and the other. They are not “laughable” anymore, they are sickening and maddening now, don’t you think?

  7. weezie
    Mar 18 2010

    Funny that you said that. It took me quite a while to figure out ADD was Andrea. Thank god cause it’s hard to decide if it’s you or her talking ….lol

    Do you ever notice that so many things are today’s meat and potatoes and then thrown into the recycling bin? I mean when you think of it, go back: 1) Zani the Nani
    2) Kidnapping at Blanchford 3) the tour of Universal
    4) Casey’s release by LP 5) the mob at Cindy and George’s place 6) the Grand Jury 7) The searches (in particular the p.i., the Psyhicic 8) Finding Caylee
    9) jailhouse videos (in particualar Casey’s reaction to Caylee’s death) 10) first court hearings 11) DP appointed attorney AND I could go on but I won’t. You see, every time there is something new, it’s tasty, chewy, delectable to the general public’s need for more. The circus is only a circus if there are people willing to attend. If it’s lousy there’s a low attendance, if it has all the drama in it, people show up. That is simple and we all know that part of it. What I want to know is: for some reason this case seems to have a lot of fabrication made by a lot of the key players, who do you think is the master behind the rumours?

    • Andrea
      Mar 18 2010

      hahahaha!! Oh Weezie…I thought that ADD was Aunt Dee Dee….

      That’s a compliment if she and I sound alike! Thanks Weezie, you dear you.

      Oh you are so right, there always seems to be a litany of theories and new stuff to review and digest….and the media gets fed – not to the lion – but they get the lions share of the meat. I think, frankly, that the defense is responsible for most of the rumors. They are trying desperately to sway public opinion.. Thankfully, it’s not working!!!


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