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will tomorrow be a big day, or a big bust?

As everyone is aware by now, there’s a hearing in the Anthony case tomorrow morning (Thursday, March 18th, 2010).

The big question lingering here like a mirage is whether the Judge will hear extended arguments about the money trail.

Anything could happen tomorrow, and it probably will.

Will the fact that Casey has zero assets be the key to unlock her right to indigent status?  Will an accounting of the money spent to date be required?  Will Baez get tripped up about his dealings with money?

Meanwhile, Georgie Porgie claims he did not kiss the girl; did not receive any money from the girl, didn’t even KNOW her and on and on and on… deny deny deny.  Sound familiar?  The Denial family denies everything under the sun, from the biggest most important things like the smell in the car, to the small things like who belonged to what hair brush (which turned out to be a big thing, as we know), deny deny deny.

However, would George so vehemently deny this knowing there is “supposed proof” of his relationship?  And it is not about the relationship per se , it’s about the alleged statements that will be so damning if proven true.

Tonight on Nancy Grace we again saw some of the tapes of the Anthony’s embarrassing depositions at Morgan & Morgan Law firm.

I always wonder, what do the Anthony’s think of themselves when they see themselves behaving like that?  Does Cindy think her incessant gum chewing with mouth open wide in contempt was a reasonable response?

Does George now see as utterly childish his accusation that Morgon was “giving him the finger” when Morgan was simply pushing his glasses up on his nose?

I mean, really, it is painful to see them behave so badly.  They should be wrecked souls, wracked with pain over the death of their granddaughter and the fact that their only daughter is charged with the crime.  Wouldn’t this make them a little humble?   (Ha!)

So, until tomorrow, I want to leave you with these few thoughts because I am weary of the hate in this world of ours; I am sickened by all the murders, rapes, and terrible atrocities to our children.  What has happened to us?

The world needs people who leave honest footprints that ultimately will lead the way for the next generation – a generation of compassionate givers, is my hope.  The world needs people who will be as honest in small things as they will in big things; who walk the talk, and talk the walk of truth with a value compass that stays constant in their every-day pocket;  who place themselves above others, not out of a need to be self righteous, but who have an abundance of kindness, a gentle, easy compassion; who do not mistake meek for weak, and who know that, despite all our foibles, we are only human.

I want this.  All of it.

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