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where’s the money honey?

Well, it was a very interesting day all around in the Casey Anthony saga. Richard Hornsby is probably saying right now: ha ha ha, I told you so!

Where’s the money, honey?

We’ve learned, as Hornsby told us earlier, about the ABC involvement in the money trail.

However, Judge Strickland and the Justice Administrative Commission (JAC) who intervene in cases of indigency, among other things, need more information from Casey and Company about the funds that have been paid to date.

Before a person can be deemed indigent, specific financial facts must be known.  In particular, the JAC would like to know how Casey Anthony has managed to pay her dream team up to this point.  And, lest you have a need to cry, go ahead now and get yourself a tissue whilst I tune my violin because this part of the story needs boo hoo violins playing as you read on.



ABC donated to the Casey cause with $200,000 for licensing agreement(s) for pictures of Caylee.  (If Richard Hornsby were writing this, he might tell us to just wait and let this all play out…. it very well could be the $200,000 was a down payment and the big buckaroos are coming down the line.)

Now, we’re all just speculating here, but something smells funny about this money, honey.

So, Missy Fancy Pants Anthony (who by the way has slimmed down a bit), and Ring Master Baez (who now is trumped by a Perry Mason personage named Cheney Mason, Esq., star of Orlando law circles), Baez nows claim they had in their bloody coffers not $112, 000 as originally reported, it was more like $275,000!!  (Here’s where the violin really plays the sad serenade.)

Poor Todd (ne’er do well) Macaluso gave the defense $70,000, so he paid Casey to work for her.)

Oh but poor Toddy, he’s in bad stead as a lawyer in California; here’s what the Orlando Sentinel has reported today in a very thorough report that is very much worth the read:

Macaluso entered an alternative-discipline program after being accused of “moral turpitude, dishonesty or corruption” in handling several trust accounts.

So, let’s tally up the bill so far, shall we?  ABC: $200 K, Todd M: $70 K, and I nearly forgot, there was $5,000 from an anonymous source.

That’s $275,000.

And it’s all gone because (violins again) the dern state had to go change the rules and add the death penalty.

The Indigence Status

We will not know the outcome of the indigency status right away.

Most of the experts say that Casey will be granted indigency status.

Hello Perry Mason

A new lawyer was introduced: Cheney Mason is his name and he’s apparently a hot shot and well respected defense attorney in the Orlando area.  This is a good opportunity for the defense now to put on a case, but, let’s hope our state heroes can bring their game every day.  This attorney is talented, and quite capable, or so say many in the Orlando law scene.

Mystery Evidence

We know what the “mystery evidence” is – the evidence  that the state did not want the defense to see right away.  As it happens, Casey Anthony has Jail house pen-pals who have turned over the hundreds of letters from Casey to Law Enforcement.  It has been reported by multiple sources that there are no “confessions” in the letters, but there are elements of the letters that the state wants to use.  We will have to wait until the details are revealed, but at least that mystery has been solved!

Smile You’re on Casey Camera, or Camera Casey!

I really am beyond weary of seeing the smirks and smiles from Casey Anthony in the courtroom.  You’d think she was a contestant on a game show the way she poses, fixes her blouse and smiles!

Okay, to be honest here, I’d be happier if she wore a bag over her head…

But that’s just me.

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