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Spring has sprung

Before you thought of Spring
Except as a Surmise
You see — God bless his suddenness —
A Fellow in the Skies
~Emily Dickinson
I heard mighty loud coos and clucking this morning, and lo and behold, spring has gifts to bring!   Here are ten tiny ducklings (8 are yellow, 2 are gray) born outside my window.  What joy!  It is evening now, they are there still.  Well, in truth, they are certainly not still, no, they are beautifully wild!

See the remains of the eggs?


Mix together the ABC’s of Justice with Mr. Mason and whataya’ got…?

….ya’ got a justice system that will work in Orlando, but there are a few caveats, of course.

No OJ style justice – No Way Jose (Baez)

Our system of justice is the best in the world, despite anomalies like the OJ Simpson trial, it is the greatest system on earth, in my opinion.

Although the Casey Anthony case may be maddening, we must remember that it will not be a sham or a mockery of justice unless she has an inadequate defense, or if she has a defense that can “buy” an acquittal, such as what happened in OJ’s case.

I don’t think it will happen here, especially now that ABC has been found out.

If ABC, with all their millions, or any other network, tries to “buy” an outcome to this case, it won’t get far now as entities like the Society of Professional Journalism are on to them.

ABC…my oh my

It is being wildly reported that ABC stepped into molasses here and the sticky residue left behind may attract Ants (as in Anthony’s!!!) but if ethical journalists have their say in this, watch out for a good dose of RAID!

The following was recently reported by AOL News:

“Ethically, ABC is on very shaky ground,” Fred Brown, vice chair of the ethics committee at the Society of Professional Journalists, told AOL News. “It’s essentially paying for news, and any time you do that, you taint the news.”

There is justice and then there is OJ-style justice.

However, we will not have OJ justice, or worse, inadequate counsel (cause for appeal), because Casey was 1) Declared indigent, and 2) Now has Cheney Mason on board.

Most importantly, we will not have Johnny Cochran style poetry in Judge Stan Strickland’s courtroom, i.e. “doesn’t fit…..acquit”.  I cannot see this type of brain-washing lyric being sung in Orlando.

Now, this is simply my opinion, so for those of you who are outraged that Casey is getting public funds, stop reading now because you may not like what I have to say here.

Indigent Status Approved

As we all know now, Judge Stan Strickland, as a result of reviewing Casey Anthony’s request for indigent status, and upon seeing her financial facts, has concluded she is indeed indigent.  This means that she has no ability at the present moment to pay the costs of her defense.

A Fair Ruling

Why I believe this ruling is a fair one is simply this: If the Judge had denied this motion, he would essentially be lowering Casey’s coffin by not allowing her the opportunity to properly defend herself.

Even though it sticks in our collective craws, Casey Anthony is innocent until proven guilty by the court, or by a jury of her peers.  The gist of a defendants rights are simply, to ensure the prosecution can prove a defendant’s guilt beyond all reasonable doubt.


Now, like you, I hate it when I hear her lawyers tout and throw around “innocence” with regards to Casey because we all know she had to have committed the crime, there is no way to think otherwise, having read all the discovery to date.  It would sit better with me to hear her lawyers simply say, we will prove she is “not guilty.”  To which I say, good luck” to them.

As a result of Anthony’s indigent status, every last penny that is spent on her case will have to be accounted for, and will (I believe) become public record.  As a member of the public, I do not mind paying for justice, what I do mind paying for is injustice, and that is what we would have if Casey did not have state support.

All Defendants are Worthy of Fine Counsel

As for Cheney Mason, I am pleased that she will have counsel that will ensure the state proves its case.

Mason is a good lawyer, but even he cannot erase the 31 days that elapsed before anyone know Caylee had been missing (deceased).  He cannot erase the fact she lied, on day one, about her job, her whereabouts, a Nanny, and on and on.

Casey lied about everything under the sun.  Not even Mason can erase those facts.

Mason must deal with the fact that Cindy and George Anthony smelled death in Casey’s car, the car that Anthony Lazzarro saw abandoned at Amscot and later towed to its final destination. There’s both a witness and a paper trail documenting those facts. There are additional pieces of evidence that cannot be erased, no matter who defends Casey, these and other facts are clear.

Mason is, by all accounts, a fine attorney.  Casey Anthony must have a good attorney on her side to deliver justice the right way, as the law intended: she deserves an equal playing ground, and she will get it, apparently.

But, remember, Cheney Mason cannot change the facts in this case. And that’s where he is going to be in trouble.

And, you may find it interesting to note that Mr. Mason was not always of the opinion that Ms. Anthony was deserving of the benefit of doubt.

The following was published on December 12, 2008, by reporter Tony Pipitone of ClickOrlando, Local 6 News.  In the following excerpt, Pipitone was discussing with both Cheney Mason and with former prosecutor Elizabeth Rahter, what the impact of finding Caylee’s body would have on the case.

As you will see, Mr. Mason has had a change of heart:

Defense attorney Cheney Mason said claims made by Casey Anthony and Baez that Caylee was alive will now work against them at trial.

“Then all the talking, all the press interviews and the parents going on this show and that show and the lawyer going on different shows establishes they have no credibility whatsoever,” Mason said.

The testing of the remains could be the key to the case.

“The most important thing is how did she die?” Mason said. “It could have been an accidental death — and we’ve talked before — an improper disposal, it could have been a brutal homicide. We don’t know, and until the medical examiner is finished and renders a report, no one is going to know.”

Rahter said an accidental death would be hard to believe.

“What would a reasonable person do in the case of an accident? Call 911 or call your parents or call a close friend. Do you go borrow a shovel from a neighbor, probably not?” Rahter said.

Rahter said an insanity defense would be even more difficult to prove.

“It’s really difficult to be not criminally responsible. You have to prove they know right from wrong and they understand the consequences of their actions. Obviously, Casey understood the consequences of her actions because she worked really hard to cover it up,” Rahter said.

If the case plays out how many think, the experts agree on what will likely happen.

“You can pretty well predict there’s going to be a life sentence, either a plea and get it over with or have a circus trial and then be convicted and get life,” Mason said.

“Yeah,” Rahter said.

Mason is strong, but he simply cannot be stronger than the evidence before the court.

So, although I know there is great outrage over Casey Anthony receiving  indigent status, and I have some outrage, too, it’s more about justice and the fact that the monies she received from ABC were both ill-begot, and wasted on Jose Baez who, up to this point, appeared to be doing her more harm than good.

And believe me, if Baez continued his one man show, Orlando would soon see a mistrial and Anthony circus number two would be coming to town.

Heaven forbid.

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