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March 21, 2010


Spring has sprung

by Andrea O'Connell
Before you thought of Spring
Except as a Surmise
You see — God bless his suddenness —
A Fellow in the Skies
~Emily Dickinson
I heard mighty loud coos and clucking this morning, and lo and behold, spring has gifts to bring!   Here are ten tiny ducklings (8 are yellow, 2 are gray) born outside my window.  What joy!  It is evening now, they are there still.  Well, in truth, they are certainly not still, no, they are beautifully wild!

See the remains of the eggs?

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  1. Andrea
    Mar 21 2010

    One little yellow one is not going to make it…the mother has moved the ducklings and left this little yellow one behind… I want to save it, but it looks to be too weak… nature seems cruel.

  2. Starfish
    Mar 22 2010

    awww poor little duck…that pic is so cute…Your so lucky…errrr lucky ducks to be outside your window!

    • Andrea
      Mar 22 2010

      Hey hey hey my friend!!! Wow, it’s so nice to see you… and I was JUST thinking about you tonight, too! I was reading that cute email you sent!!!!

      Hope all is well with you! I’ve been busier than a one armed paper hanger….school is OVER! Yay!!! Work is crazy, but good, I finished my final paper in the wee hours of the morning, so it’s all I can do to keep the ole eyes open!

      I think of you sooooo often, and hope that Shelby is well, that cutie pie….

      Sending lots and lots of love and big ole hugs, of course!

  3. auntdeedee
    Mar 22 2010

    What a wonderful gift of Spring you have! And all I get are raccoons trapped in the garage, a wild coyote, and a big ol’ nasty looking ‘possum! I’m jealous…

    It does remind me of the first year in our house when Spring of ’98 came. I was hand pruning our evergreen bushes and came to the last one to find a darling brood of ducklings. Momma and Pappa were waddling around in our backyard at the time so I took a real good look at the babies-so cute! A few days later we got our little poodle and that was the end of the residence under the bush for the Duck family.

    I love Spring-Happy Spring, everyone!

    • Andrea
      Mar 22 2010

      Hey Dee Dee! Yup, it sure is… it was so funny to hear the coos and the clucking… I had my windows open but it took me forever to figure out what was really happening!

      Mama has moved the kids in the back now, near the water, but they are much too young to swim, I would think. I need to get a picture of her because she sits with them under a tree and they are all scrunched up underneath her…she makes her body and wings into an umbrella-like shape and keeps them captive. It’s a wonder to see! And she gets so dern mad when she sees Jazz – though i keep him a a far distance, she knows he’s there and she hoots and howls up a storm!

      i so want to give her some goodies to eat…but everything I’m reading says not to….

      Anyway, I love the spring, too. I love the extra hour in the evening! it’s most definitely a gift that I am so thankful for!

    • Andrea
      Mar 22 2010

      Oh they are so cute, dee. They really are luscious.

      I have never seen a coyote. Raccoons (they are scary) and possums (scarier even) I have seen, but I think a coyote would be so intimidating! I have dear friends in PA, in the Poconos and they get deer and BEARS, oh my! Now that’s scary..LOL!

  4. Starfish
    Mar 24 2010

    Shelby’s doing great Andrea…thank u for asking.
    She just turned 11 and his becoming a young lady…errrr that likes to act crazy! lol
    Lots of fun!
    I think about u too and miss all the chats in the old chat room!
    Gonna have to start chatting again soon!

    • Andrea
      Mar 24 2010

      Hugs back atcha… I hope we can get back to chatting, too. One of these days we will…..In the meantime, I’ll keep looking out for ya….and do visit me here! I owe you and everyone an email…….hugs bug

  5. Andrea
    Mar 28 2010

    As of Friday there were only two ducklings left.

    Today, Sunday, I see none.

    Nature can be so cruel. I wish it weren’t so.

    I remind myself there must always be balance in the world, despite its harshness, there must be balance.


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