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new discovery reportedly being released

WFTV is reporting that new discovery documents “may” be released tomorrow with regards to the case against Casey Anthony.  The information reportedly being released is an interview with Texax EquuSearch volunteers.

Also reportedly being released is

an interview with a woman who has a troubled past” and who claimed she searched the area where Caylee was eventually found but found nothing.

This person can only be Joy Wray, but I can’t imagine what new material she could bring to the case.  Unless I am forgetting something important here (which is probably the case!)

Regardless, Joy Wray was interview back in June of 2009, here is a link to that document.

Can anyone enlighten me about this one?



weeeeeee! It’s a done deal, I’m done with classes!!!

It is officially official, a done deal, over and out!   I am done with school!

Here’s my Capstone class – I’m graduating with a much larger class of MBA’ s and MS-HRM’s, but this picture was taken last week at our final seminar – called a “Capstone” because it “caps” off the somewhat grueling, but mostly enjoyable learning experience!

My studies resulted in an M.S. in Human Resource Management (M.S. HRM) degree.

What a great relief… now it’s on to bigger and better things!  Weeeeeeeeeee!

I am in the center, back row, next to the guy with the baseball cap and gray shirt!

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