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March 22, 2010


new discovery reportedly being released

by Andrea O'Connell

WFTV is reporting that new discovery documents “may” be released tomorrow with regards to the case against Casey Anthony.  The information reportedly being released is an interview with Texax EquuSearch volunteers.

Also reportedly being released is

an interview with a woman who has a troubled past” and who claimed she searched the area where Caylee was eventually found but found nothing.

This person can only be Joy Wray, but I can’t imagine what new material she could bring to the case.  Unless I am forgetting something important here (which is probably the case!)

Regardless, Joy Wray was interview back in June of 2009, here is a link to that document.

Can anyone enlighten me about this one?


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  1. Boston
    Mar 22 2010

    Andrea-Joy Wray is not a credible witness for either side imo.

    The investigation into Casey’s ability to pass her penpal letters while both were in the Orlando Jail is being investigated. This investigation is being conducted because a breach of security has occured. These would be Category B witnesses.

    I do not believe either side has any Cat B Witnesses at this time.

    They are usually jail employees, those who drive the vans and experts who will explain to jurors in simple yet scientific terms “the nuances of science” (i.e. how to understand how a DNA match is determined and the satistical results) or they might be called upon to define terms and esoteric scientific ideas in layman’s terms.

  2. Andrea
    Mar 22 2010

    Hi my friend,

    I agree with ya, I don’t think she’s credible in the least, I thinks she’s after her 15 minutes of fame, period.

    She could be used by the defense (if they are desperate – and they are!!!) to attempt to show that Caylee’s body was not there, but it won’t work……too much baggage from her…. i just wonder what she may have to say other than what she’s already told us.

    I seem to think that she got close to the Anthony’s… do you remember that? Perhaps she’s going to be a witness to impeach them? Not sure!

  3. auntdeedee
    Mar 22 2010

    It will be interesting to see what Joy Wray has to add to this case. I wonder if LE discovered her chats from the past where she said hubby was a PI and she knows more than anyone, etc. Yep, she inserted herself into the case but probably to say to her future grandchildren about how she was involved in the murder trial of the century… 🙄

  4. Andrea
    Mar 22 2010

    oh, you have a better memory than I do! I didn’t realize her husband was a PI… I just remember that her past was a bit suspect… yup, she wants to insert her self, no question bout it!

    I hope you had a great day! Mine was long (because I was up very late putting the finishing touches on my final final final paper!!!

    I can barely see straight I beeeeee so tired! 😦

  5. Mar 22 2010

    Hi Andrea. So Joy’s kids were in school when she went out searching by herself. On July 16, (Thursday), July 17 and July 18 – a Saturday! School in July! HA! Wow! Fruit loop!

    • Andrea
      Mar 22 2010

      hahahahaha! Oh Carol…I didn’t realize that! Dee, did ya hear that one?!!! I feel kind of sorry for the fruit loop…but, she better behave herself! LOL.

      I remember the first interview she did, and she was loopy… and was so intimidated by the detectives – Allen I believe it was. (I am a HUGE fan of these detectives…. I love them all!!!)

      Thanks for visiting, Carol!!!! love your comments…. 🙂


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