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March 22, 2010


weeeeeee! It’s a done deal, I’m done with classes!!!

by Andrea O'Connell

It is officially official, a done deal, over and out!   I am done with school!

Here’s my Capstone class – I’m graduating with a much larger class of MBA’ s and MS-HRM’s, but this picture was taken last week at our final seminar – called a “Capstone” because it “caps” off the somewhat grueling, but mostly enjoyable learning experience!

My studies resulted in an M.S. in Human Resource Management (M.S. HRM) degree.

What a great relief… now it’s on to bigger and better things!  Weeeeeeeeeee!

I am in the center, back row, next to the guy with the baseball cap and gray shirt!

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  1. auntdeedee
    Mar 22 2010

    So glad you are done and are off to better things in life. Congrats!

    (pssst…I’m glad you pointed out your location in the pic-you should have been in the front row as Bob Ucher-sp-would say!)

    • Andrea
      Mar 22 2010

      hahaha you are so funny! I know, I always get the back because I’m tall….. LOL…

      Thanks so much, Aunt dee dee… it feels good to be done! I was going to jump right into another degree program, but that would be a killer!!! I want to enjoy some freedom for a bit! LOL….

      Talk to you lata – I am hitting the sack.

      Looking forward to tomorrow’s discovery…. and I really really want to know what’s up with the sisters…….

      you must fill me in if you learn anything, and I’ll do the same!

      • auntdeedee
        Mar 22 2010

        Yet another person to look up to! I’m only 5′-lol! I look up to everyone. And I’ve been known to spot belly button lint and say so! :mrgreen:

      • Andrea
        Mar 22 2010

        hahahhahahaah!!!!!! You must have lint remover in your purse for times like those!!! omg… That did tickle my funny bone!!!!!!

  2. Kitt
    Mar 22 2010

    A huge congratulations to you, Andrea!!

    • Andrea
      Mar 22 2010

      aww thanks, Kitt… Today, the burden is finally lifted – I finished my final paper late last night!!! oh it feels really good. I will be nice to just sit on my couch and relax for a change!


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