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X Marks the End game

George Anthony to Casey:  Here’s a map – put an X where we can find Caylee!

It is a bad day for the defense.  A bombshell of a bad day.  Today’s evidence spells E-N-D   G-A-M-E.

There is so much to report, so much to say, I want to keep this simple right now and share this with you, words from Attorney Bill Sheaffer:

All this evidence is like holes in the dam and after a while even Cheney Mason runs out of fingers.

Oh, that surely says it all.

Here is a link to Sheaffer’s video clip with Kathi Belich.

Sheaffer Video


Fascinating New Discovery

New documents reveal a school girl attitude displayed by Casey regarding finding Caylee; Tim Miller’s revelations are fascinating and reveals Anthony family not active in search.

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