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March 28, 2010


anthony case randomness – awl kinds of sticking points – missed opportunities

by Andrea O'Connell

I began this post in the early morning and am only now just returning to it.

Today was a lazy, hazy Sunday, and my focus was everywhere unfocused!  It was the kind of Sunday, here in South Florida, that was not quite rainy, not completely cloud-covered and gray, but close to it.

It was the kind of day that you’d need a flash to take outdoor photos.   Oh, the sun would wiggle out from the clouds for a moment, or three, but that’s it.  Mere seconds of sun.  In other words, cloudy with ne’er a chance of sun and that made me lazy and out of sorts.

As it is nearly every day, the Anthony case was today much on my mind.  I am thinking about the early days of the case, just after Casey was arrested for the first time; I’m thinking about Detective Appie Well’s interview with Kiomarie Cruz.

Do you remember that interview?

Talk about a huge missed opportunity – Kiomarie nearly placed an “X” on the map for OCSO to find Caylee!  It’s as tragic as Kronk having to go back to the spot off of Suburban Drive over and over and over again.  Orange County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) is mighty lucky Kronk was an uber-persistent sorta guy.

As I listened to the interview with Detective Wells and Kiomarie again today, I was reminded that Detective Wells is a nice man, a kind man, and I bet his personality works well to gain the trust of suspects or witnesses.  I bet he’s gotten a fair amount of confessions in his day with the empathy he uses to win people over.  Casey liked him, too.  I remember when she told her parents, she’d be willing to speak with Law Enforcement, but only if it’s “Happy Wells,” she said.

Sadly, she never met with “Happy” Wells.  (He goes by the name Appie, though “Happy” does fit.)

But, I digress!

It was July 19th, 2008 when Detective Wells interviewed Kiomarie Cruz in his car, parked on Suburban Drive, near the school. (THEY WERE RIGHT THERE!)

Thinking back to the OCSO interviews with Amy, Tony, Jesse, Ricardo, and Casey’s entire group of current friends, the detectives would ultimately always ask:  “Did you know of a place where Casey used to like to go? Maybe a place from her childhood?  They’d invariably ask, Did she ever mention any place like that?”  “No,” was always their answer. (BUT KIO KNEW ABOUT THAT PLACE!)

In the interview, Kiomarie tells Detective Wells about the secret hiding place behind the school that she, Casey, and another friend, Jessica, used to visit daily.  It was their childhood comfort place – the space they’d go to talk for hours upon hours.  They’d go there  every day, Kiomarie said.

Every day until they were in the 9th grade they’d be there.  They’d take picnic lunches and talk about “how much they hated their parents,” said Kio. She said, as they grew older, they’d see older kids in the woods who were doing “…mommy and daddy things. ”

As kids, we all had spots like that. I had a duck pond and a little woodsy area off of it where I’d gather with my best girlfriends and talk about….what else?  …how much we loved boys and horses!

On July 19, 2008, was Detective Appie Wells so busy that he forgot to follow up and tell anyone about Casey’s secret place in the woods?

How was that ball dropped?

I do remember how, among the group of OSCO representatives working the case, each thought the other had checked out the area, when in reality, I believe the area was overlooked (in the early days of the case).

Then Tropical Storm Fay, the coup de gras that blew in between August 18th and the 24th, hit.  Fay, with its torrential rains, drowned out any chance of finding Caylee in those early days.

In the last group of discovery evidence released in the case, Tim Miller and all the many people who searched for Caylee, said that area where Caylee was eventually discovered (near Casey’s secret childhood place, by the school) was knee and ankle-deep with water.

The defense will not be able to convince anyone beyond a reasonable doubt that anyone could have searched that area, it was completely impassible  – knee-deep with water.  If search vehicles were sinking in the muck back in that area, surely it was not a place for people to easily traverse.  The defense won’t have an opportunity to poke with that awl.

OCSO suffered great embarrassment about the search of this area, but I don’t think it will be a knock-out punch by any means for the defense.  Although the days before Tropical Storm Fay are likely to be an embarrassment for OCSO.

Perhaps, at the time, the OCSO were so focused on details they could not see the forest for the trees.  They were all working so feverishly on the case. They were nose to the ground, all hands on deck, from what I could see – even through the “Casey as Mother-of-the-Year” smoke screens that Cindy and later, George were blowing, the OCSO was resolute in their work.

It appears cut and dry that Fay made the area where Caylee was found unsearchable.  That should not be in dispute now.  However, will the defense try to show incompetence on the part of OCSO for NOT searching the area prior to August 18th?

I would bet my blog that the answer to this is yes.

Oh, but the jury will see, as we can clearly see, in point of fact,  a whole lot of detectives and police officers and searchers passionately doing everything in their power to find Caylee.

If mistakes were made, so be it.  They were, and are human after all.

That’s the awl, the sticking point.

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  1. Hilde
    Mar 29 2010

    Good Morning Andrea 🙂
    Good Post!
    I agree with You there were some missed Opportunities in this Case. I always thought while I was watching this Case
    why in the World did every body wait that long to search this Area where Caylee’s Remains were finally found. By the time they finally tried to get around this Area Hurricane Fay
    already hit which was lucky for Casey Anthony, she knew
    where Caylee was and therefore she had to be relieved to know they couldn’t find Caylee now because the Area was under Water and not accessible which bought her more time for the Body to be found. It didn’t help LE for Caylee not being reported missing for 31 Days.
    Kiomaries Interview with Detective Wells was very important and should have been followed up promptly, this was definitely a missed Opportunity to find Caylee much sooner.
    OCSO did however put endless Hours into finding little Caylee with no Help from Casey or the Anthony’s.
    The Fact still remains and I believe the Prosecution will
    be able to prove that, Caylee’s Body was dumped on that Spot where she was found back in June 2008 and stayed there till she was found by Mr. Kronk.
    It doesn’t matter what the Defense is going to come up with trying to say Caylee’s Body has been moved, it is their Job to try to establish reasonable Doubt.
    It is just a Shame she wasn’t found sooner because if she would have been found earlier there would have been a Chance to know what the Cause of her Death was.
    At the same time Caylee wasn’t reported missing for 31 Days, most likely her little Body was already laying in those Woods in that time Frame and Decomposition of her little Body would have been already in an advanced Stage.
    Missed Opportunities or not the Fact still remains Caylee
    was eventually found and All the Evidence points straight to Casey Anthony as the One who is responsible for her own Daughters Death! JMO

    • Andrea
      Mar 29 2010

      Hi Hilde! So nice to see you. Yes, I always wondered why, too, but I think it was due to the fact that they were all working so hard to find little Caylee (and being run ragged by the Anthony’s), that perhaps the left hand didn’t always know what the right hand was doing, but it was also a matter of mixed communications, I think, where most believed someone else had searched the area. It was just so unfortunate, really, but like you, I can’t fault with OCSO as I think they are fine men and women who cared so deeply about the case and desperately wanted to find the beloved Caylee.

      I agree, the prosecution will be able to prove that the body was dumped early on, just after it was buried in the back yard of the Anthony home.

      I do wish she had been found sooner, too….but, part of me doesn’t want to know how she died. I’d like to think that she went to sleep and didn’t feel a thing. I’d like to think of her just sweetly floating up to heaven on the back of another angel.

  2. Hilde
    Mar 29 2010

    Andrea~~ like You in a Way I don’t want to know how Caylee
    died, it is the Defense who brings up the Point that the State doesn’t have the Cause of Caylee’s Death which in the Long Run won’t be as important as the Defense makes it out to be.
    The Fact is, Caylee’s Death was declared a Homicide by undetermined Means, never less it was Homicide, that can’t be disputed by the Defense.
    Caylee Marie is in a good Place now and save with All the Rest of the little Angels. All we have to do now is to be patient and
    let the legal System work. I believe there will be Justice in the End for Caylee Marie Anthony. 🙂 JMO

    • Andrea OConnell
      Mar 29 2010

      Me too, Hilde, me too. I know the state will prevail as they have truth on their side. And, you’re right, it’s homicide no matter what any says to the contrary…. and the bone chilling aspect is that the mother of the child never reported her missing – it was left to the childs grandmother to report her missing- after 31 days no less!

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. weezie
    Mar 29 2010

    Andre; Interesting comment:

    “I agree, the prosecution will be able to prove that the body was dumped early on, just after it was buried in the back yard of the Anthony home”.

    I wasn’t aware of any burial in the back yard. Can you confirm how you came to that evidence? We all know she borrowed a shovel from the neighbours and tried to dig a hole, but I don’t recall that she actually got that far to putting Caylee in the ground?

    I reread the interview between Kiomarie and Detective Wells. It does shed a lot of light on the fact that Casey lied to her about working at Universal, that she did desparately need money and asked Kiomarie for $200.00, but she never called her back. I think that phone call with the “mommy, mommy, mommy” words in the background, was Casey setting up her alibi. After all that was July 9th, 24 days (June 15th) after she left her home with her daughter. I believe it was on the t.v. or a recording of some nature. It was a backtracking of her steps, knowing time was running out. She would have to face her parents at some point, she knew that much.

    What totally amazes me, is that the advocates for Casey’s innocence can actually believe that she never came home or divulged any information about Caylee’s whereabouts. It’s incredibly studid to believe anything she says.

    • Andrea
      Mar 29 2010

      Hi Weezie! So nice to see you again! And, I believe you’re right – we don’t know if she got so far as putting Caylee in the ground in the backyard, or not. But, the cadaver dogs signaled that area that was torn up in the backyard – the area where the detectives are seen (in aerial photo shots) working in, by the doll house, I believe.

      Actually, that wasn’t Casey needing the $200, it was another Casey she was friends with. That came out in a subsequent interview with Detective Wells – Kiomarie had gotten her “Casey” friends mixed up. The other Casey had a little girl, too, and so it was established that it wasn’t Casey Anthony making that call.

      What I found interesting, and forgot to mention in the post, was that Kiomarie clearly made the connection between hearing Casey borrowed a shovel and the “secret hiding place”. I am really anxious to know what the PD knows with regards to what happened here, why they seemed to drop the ball with regards to Kiomarie’s discussion with Appie Wells. I mean, she was so descriptive about how passionate she and Casey and her other friend Jessica would spend hours and hours and days and days there. Kiomarie said that literally know one knew about the spot but the three of them.

      Interesting stuff.

  4. weezie
    Mar 29 2010

    Andrea; thanks for responding. I wonder if you remember this? There was a couple that was interviewed, neighbours down the street. I saw the video, but I can’t remember their names? Would you have any recollection of who they might be? I remember thinking at the time, this is a bombshell, but I didn’t save it and now I am wishing I did. I believe they knew either Kiomarie or another friend of Casey’s and they were all talking about what they knew etc….. God for the life of me I wish I could remember or figure out where to look for it.
    thanks in advance if you know or recall.

    • Andrea
      Mar 29 2010

      Hmmm… Do you remember what they spoke about, or the approximate date? I bet that we could go back and look up the old videos from around that date and find what you’re referring to. It’s possible I’d remember if you had a few more details… LOL..if you had more details you’d probably have the answer!! hahahaha… oh well, maybe it will come to you….! Sorry I’m not more help!

  5. weezie
    Mar 29 2010

    Andrea; This is not the one I was looking for BUT: YOU MIGHT want to refresh your memory on this taping. PT 1 & PT 2

    • Andrea
      Mar 29 2010

      ahhh yes, I remember well this interview with Britney Schieber….(what a sweet girl. )

      It’s so interesting to go back and re-listen to these older tapes….

      Britney talks about from June through July that Casey is sneaking back into the house to steal money, take some of her own clothes…

      And, most telling, Cindy told Britney that NONE of Caylees clothes were ever taken during those 31 days….

      It’s just wild that Cindy told Casey’s friends things – important things – that she NEVER shared with Law Enforcement!

      I still cannot believe how blatantly the Anthony’s have lied in this case.

      They knew in the first few days of Casey’s return that she had done something with Caylee. They knew this, but they refused to admit it, as we all know now…

      How could they love Caylee so much and yet hide the person who (they clearly think at the time) could have killed her???

      Britney can testify to the “jealousy issue” between Cndy and Casey. Casey didn’t like the fact that Cindy loved Caylee so much.

      Boy, all this adds up to some powerful circumstantial evidence…

      Casey was so jealous of the child even though Cindy was probably a monster to Casey, she still longed for attention from Cindy. That is why she killed Caylee, in my opinion. Casey took away the one thing that Cindy loved like no other. The ultimate way to hurt someone.

      My God.

  6. weezie
    Mar 29 2010

    Here we go!!!!

  7. Andrea
    Mar 29 2010

    Thank you Weezie… I had totally forgotten about this one! This is incredibly interesting…. what they say about Cindy…wow! Mr. Dickens called Cindy “evil” twice.

    They were very intent on telling the detective who was interviewing them about the special place that Casey used to hang out. They even said that Kio’s mom also said, if the child is dead, she’d buried there, in the woods, behind the school.

    Did the detective follow up with Yuri or John Allen or Detective Edwards about this? Did this ball get dropped, too???

    How was it that this was missed.

    Well, I suppose it’s futile to go back and cry over the past….but, I’m looking at it from a perspective of what the defense may use; and I tend to think they could use some of this information, twist and distort it for their own uses. But, try as they might, this is not enough for reasonable doubt – not nearly enough, JMO.

    Thanks Weezie… I so appreciate you sharing this here…



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