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Follow up with more sticking points

The video below is actually an audio recording of an interview conducted by OCSO, and is yet another example of two neighbors explicitly detailing to the OCSO that if Caylee was deceased, it was likely that she was buried in the area around Hidden Oaks Elementary school.

This interview between Joyce and Bailey Dickens is probably not of evidentiary value, as much of it seems to be hearsay- originating from the lips of Kiomarie to the Dickens.  However, these two witnesses provide an interesting look at the dynamic of the Anthony family, from the point of view of neighbors in their community.

They speak of the dynamics in the neighborhood on Hope Spring Drive with interesting detail.  They report that Cindy “kicked George out” soon after Caylee was born because Cindy was the bread-winner and George couldn’t keep a job.  They even allude to Cindy having an affair during the time when George was not in residence.

Juicier gossip I have not heard!

Mr. Dickens twice refers to Cindy Anthony as “evil” and “controlling” and certainly not liked in the community.

(Now, there is one scenario that both Kiomarie and the Bailey’s refer to, and that is the request from “Casey” to borrow $200, and the call on July 9th in which Kiomarie heard a young child’s voice in the background while talking to “Casey.”  Of course, at the time, this revelation was very important as it would indicate that Caylee was alive on July 9th.  The sticking point in this scenario was that Kiomarie later realized that it was her other friend “Casey Williams” who asked to borrow $200, who has a baby girl, and who called Kiomarie on July 9th when the child was talking in the background.)

The question remains: What did this detective do to follow up in or around the secret place behind the school where “Caylee must be buried?”

I don’t want to cry over the past, certainly, but I do feel as if this aspect of the story is important.  I also don’t mean to infer that OCSO were sloppy, that’s not my point (at awl!).  But, I do want to know what went on at the time; I imagine I am not the only one who is curious.

Thanks goes to Weezie for bringing this recording to me today!


We interupt this story to say Yippee! only dreamin’ on “fastest growing blog” list today!

Well, we made it to number 89 out of 100 of fastest growing blogs on WordPress!   I never would have dreamed that this little blog would be on that list!   I dream up things and write out of love and maybe that love can be felt because I sure have some wonderful readers out there….. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and your wonderful writing with me here…. I so appreciate all the new friends I’m meeting here on WordPress.  Big hugs to all of you!

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