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March 29, 2010


Follow up with more sticking points

by Andrea O'Connell

The video below is actually an audio recording of an interview conducted by OCSO, and is yet another example of two neighbors explicitly detailing to the OCSO that if Caylee was deceased, it was likely that she was buried in the area around Hidden Oaks Elementary school.

This interview between Joyce and Bailey Dickens is probably not of evidentiary value, as much of it seems to be hearsay- originating from the lips of Kiomarie to the Dickens.  However, these two witnesses provide an interesting look at the dynamic of the Anthony family, from the point of view of neighbors in their community.

They speak of the dynamics in the neighborhood on Hope Spring Drive with interesting detail.  They report that Cindy “kicked George out” soon after Caylee was born because Cindy was the bread-winner and George couldn’t keep a job.  They even allude to Cindy having an affair during the time when George was not in residence.

Juicier gossip I have not heard!

Mr. Dickens twice refers to Cindy Anthony as “evil” and “controlling” and certainly not liked in the community.

(Now, there is one scenario that both Kiomarie and the Bailey’s refer to, and that is the request from “Casey” to borrow $200, and the call on July 9th in which Kiomarie heard a young child’s voice in the background while talking to “Casey.”  Of course, at the time, this revelation was very important as it would indicate that Caylee was alive on July 9th.  The sticking point in this scenario was that Kiomarie later realized that it was her other friend “Casey Williams” who asked to borrow $200, who has a baby girl, and who called Kiomarie on July 9th when the child was talking in the background.)

The question remains: What did this detective do to follow up in or around the secret place behind the school where “Caylee must be buried?”

I don’t want to cry over the past, certainly, but I do feel as if this aspect of the story is important.  I also don’t mean to infer that OCSO were sloppy, that’s not my point (at awl!).  But, I do want to know what went on at the time; I imagine I am not the only one who is curious.

Thanks goes to Weezie for bringing this recording to me today!

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  1. Boston
    Mar 30 2010

    Andrea-That was absolutely fascinating. I recall listening to it quite a while ago. I didn’t take too much pass to it then but when I listened again today I can see now the enormous information this couple had and not to mention credibility.
    Imagine it was July 22, 2008 and what they told the officer has all been either in the discovery docs or corrorborated by countless others. To think that they had first hand knowledge from Kio about where LE could look for Caylee is stunning. I know she sold her story to the National Enquirer but still just listening to these lovely, honest people recount their first hand experiences with the Anthony family is amazing. Why didn’t the Officer send someone out to Suburban Drive and go directly to that pond. (Poor Mr Kronk-maybe he could have avoided having his good name dragged through the swamp as a person of interest in the death of this darling child).

    “She’s evil and controlling” was imo generated as a result of her inappropriate and insensitive actions after her granddaughter went missing. Not so from this neighbor’s account. I will always believe that Casey had a lot to do with how her mother related to the “real world” after she spent considerable years in Caseyland it must have been difficult.

    I think if there were cars and guys showing up from “here to Ohio” at her front door I can see why Mrs Anthony was concerned and inwardly ashamed that Casey was as promiscuous as she was. This would put most parents right over the edge.

    I am not surprised to hear again that Cindy and George did everything for that darling little girl. The heartache they must feel. No matter how difficult, “eveil or controlling’ they were they were always motivated by love for Caylee. They loved that darling child.

    • Andrea
      Mar 30 2010

      Hey Boston! Oh I sure agree with you about there credibility – as you did, I also thought they were honest people, and funny, too! It’s so tragic that the area was seemingly un-searched. I will have to do more research to find it, but I remember that LE did retrace their steps after Caylee was found, to see how they could have missed focusing on this area. And I remember at the time that it seemed as though each thought the other was searching (i.e. there was a procedure in place and the area was signed off on, when in fact it was only a cursory search – but my memory is a bit fuzzy so I cannot say this with 100 percent accuracy).

      Yes, this couple make it pretty clear how much the grandparents adored Caylee – how they’d stroll her around the neighborhood and the expensive baby clothes and things they’d buy for her. it’s so sad to think of it…. I agree that living with the disturbed Casey must have been horrible. But, I also blame George and Cindy, too, they brought Casey up to be a monster, granted Casey probably had proclivity for violence and was very disturbed, but as parents they could have intervened. There’s just something missing in this family dynamic – what’s missing in “functioning” they are totally dysfunctional, in my humble opinion…..

  2. weezie
    Mar 30 2010

    Andrea; I just loved listening to the neighbours, because they sound homespun, your average kind of people next door, not wanting anything but tell the truth. They are quite cute, and maybe we might even see them at trial, god willing. It certainly co-oberates (sp?) Kio Marie’s testimony. I never knew that Cindy had a fling, except on blogs but I thought it was just a rumor. lol. So George look out you might loose your fundamental pay cheque again!

  3. Boston
    Mar 30 2010

    weezie-I never knew that Cindy had a boyfriend either. Gee, with all the cars and boys coming for Casey, Cindy’s guy had nowhere to park!
    These people sounded so sincere and “with it”. And to think that if the officer had gone down to Suburban Drive he would not have been so inclined to avoid the area simply by saying there was too much water or too many snakes. Tropical storm Fay was weeks away.

    Maybe they could have found the child and perhaps have changed the whole landscape of this trial. Had they recovered her remains at six weeks I think it would be fair to say that we might have had more to work with. At six months some of the evidence clearly degraded. Of course the duct tape around the mouth was wrapped so tightly that it never came off and if it is proven that the duct tape was the murder weapon than time would not have been a factor.

    It would have given the Anthony’s an opportunity to grieve for her. Maybe it would have caused them to rethink what they told LE on June 15, 2008. George openly admitted to Detective Melich that he was concerned that something terrible happened to Caylee-so was Cindy.

    • Andrea
      Mar 30 2010

      I agree whole hardheartedly, my friend. What a tragedy. I want to find the explanation about who searched this area and the reports that I read a few months back that describe what action they took. I know that the police officer (can’t remember his name now) who was so dismissive to Kronk and never really searched the area, was fired. But I really want to find out what happened before Fay hit….. If anyone reading this finds it before me, will you post it? I’d sure appreciate it.

  4. auntdeedee
    Mar 30 2010

    This sounds like the area that Kio and the neighbors are talking about is nearest the school not nearest Hopespring where Caylee’s remains were found. Closer to the school there is a retention pond (in the neighborhood behind the Anthony home). It just doesn’t sound like the same area to me.

    I still cannot understand why there was not an immediate search of this area as soon as it was determined that there was decomp detected in the trunk of Casey’s car. Prhaps detectives did a cursory search of where Kio mentioned but did not go further down to Hopespring. Didn’t Kio take the detectives to where she was talking about? If so, that may be the reason for the mix-up when Cain was told the area had been searched.

    • Andrea
      Mar 30 2010

      Oh thank you so much! Yes! his name was Cain (my goodness, Biblical?) I agree, auntdeedee, I can’t for the life of me understand what happened here….and now that you mention the name “Cain” I can go back and look at notes from the time.
      Yes, I think the area is nearer to the school, but in truth isn’t it a fairly small area? I wonder if the entire area, because of the flooding, became like a pond? I think the good detectives were just so consumed with the witnesses and with trying to get Casey to talk, they were not really focused on any particular area. I wonder if it was just “one of those things” a dropped ball by the Detectives? I am totally speculating, though… I truly think, if memory serves, they were all so busy that they never really zeroed in on that area….. what a shame. Such a tragedy.

  5. weezie
    Mar 31 2010

    Boston ; ha ha parking not available. I wonder if Cindy and Casey dated the same guys? or for that matter double dated. I was sure it was where Caylee’s remains were found that they used to go. I would have to reread Kio Marie’s statement. If anyone finds it perhaps they could post it here. It wouldn’t make sense it was the pond behind their home, because she would have dumped the body there, no? I hope this couple is on the witness list. They would make for good viewing, I think.

  6. Boston
    Mar 31 2010

    Weezie-I think they are very credible and when LE interviewed Kio Torres they more than likely corrorborated what she (Kio) told them and what all three of them felt about the family dynamic. It isn’t amazing that they arrested Casey within 24 hours but it is amazing that within a week they had the most vital information about the whereabout of this “missing” child.

    I knew, like the rest of the free world, that Caylee was dead and not missing when the first 911 call was made. Kio being a lifelong friend also came to this realization but in her capacity as a friend she took her knowledge of their childhood experiences and made an incredible assertion that if Casey buried Caylee it would be in or near their childhood haunt down the street.

    LE never made it there but the NE paid her 25K for her story. Six months later a Good Samaritan finds the remains and he becomes a person of interest-a possible suspect in the disappearance and murder of Caylee Anthony.

    If anyone ever doubted Ms Anthony’s psychopathy this would have to made them take a step back and reaccess their thinking.

    When Casey stopped hyperventilating on December 11, 2008 it was because she now had someone else to blame.

    Never a sad moment when that happens.

  7. Apr 1 2010

    Wow……..Thanks for posting that old audio *Andrea

    I remember that, and I swear I remember thinking…….They will search that area right away. Thats unreal.

    I love this couple. Honest, funny and straight to the point!!

    He described all the players to a hilt as we have come to know them as well. I laughed when he said Cindy is evil and controlling (yep….he got that right). 🙂

    I don’t think the jury will a rats behind if Kio sold her story. I wouldn’t. I wonder if it will be Baez who cross examines her?

    • Andrea
      Apr 1 2010

      Hi Diana! I agree…it’s a gem! Me too, I thought the very same thing….and then I kept waiting to hear about the search there, but it was so hush-hush. I know there was some kind of mix-up with regards to who was supposed to be searching the area… but, I can’t find the details about it that I remember way back then….

      LOL! I love the couple, too… And you can tell they’ve been married a loooonnng time as they finish each finish the others sentences! So cute. I’m with you, I think Kio is so honest and so human that the jury won’t have too hard a time believing her. This couple back up her story…..

      They say murderers and criminals go back to places they know and feel safe in when they are trying to dismiss some aspect of their crime; so of course Casey went to the one place she knows from all those years ago – where she felt safe. Just another piece of the circumstantial evidence puzzle! And a hefty piece, too!

      Thanks so much for visiting!


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