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Nejame answers the meandering mess of a motion with daggers!

Oh the daggers flew in Nejame’s response to the petulant Baez Motion to Modify the Previous Motion (for release of Texas EquuSearch (TES) documents).

And in the courtroom today (oh my!)  the daggers turned into out right swordplay!  (Ah, but there was clearly just one experienced fencer, and that was Mr. NeJame, of course.)

Firstly, the Baez Motion to Modify the Previous Motion should not have come before the court, as it was already asked and answered in a previous hearing.

And today, of course the judge answered, as he should, by denying the Baez request.

But, what was Baez requesting in this motion?  It is painfully unclear.  It appears to be a blatant attempt to get some more media hype out in the air by accusing 4,000 anonymous searchers of having some sort of “bombshell” that could prove Casey Anthony could not have placed the body in the area.  And, did you know that every piece of evidence is unfair to Casey?  Yes. That’s what Baez said in court today.  He also said he needs “reasonable doubt” (and he’d sure like to manufacture some for the general public to chew on).

Today he said,  “They’re trying to kill my client…”  Oh?  Well, if Casey had been forthright from the very beginning and taken responsibility for her actions – for the death of her own daughter – then perhaps the state of Florida would not be seeking the death penalty?

Nejame’s written response to Baez’s motion was as brilliant in its simplicity and its honesty as Baez’s was in its deceptive and petulant meandering.  Nejame served Baez up some crafty poetic justice and it was a thing of beauty.

I had to work all day, and into the evening and have only found time to watch a bit of the hearing, but what I did see was impressive.  Nejame was at the top of his game.

Due to the frivolous nature of this motion, Nejame asked for sanctions and for court costs to be the responsibility of the defense (not the public), however, it remains to be seen what the outcome of this request will be.

For those of you who may not have read the embarrassing motion Baez wrote, go to anyone of the news sources as they have links to both the Baez motion and the Nejame response.

When you read the motions side by side, as I did, you will hear the sparks, feel the daggers that Nejame writes in his response to the “spurious” Baez motion.  Oh, the Nejame response is priceless in its honesty, biting in its frankness.

If we are lucky, Judge Strickland may have already sanctioned Baez.  The Judge should do something to rein him in, if not the state will bring an arsenal of daggers the size of which not even the heralded Cheney Mason has seen!

The “letters”

There are quite of few pages (over 200, say some) of Casey’s writings yet to be discussed.  And, Baez has yet to request the court hold the letters back (from release to the public), which he should have done by this past Friday.

Now, this leaves me suspicious.  All accounts say the letters are not directly incriminating, though it has been reported they (the letters) could be harmful.

Why would Baez want these letters released?  Is he setting up the system here?  Is he fanning the media flames into a fire bigger than the sun?  Is his only defense of his client, simply, the case itself?  In other words, is Baez trying to ensure Casey Anthony gets so much attention, so much publicity so he can try the case in the media?  I’d prefer a gag order than a reversal and retrial.

This trial could continue on for years and years.

We might see Casey Anthony as an old lady with gray hair.

Can you imagine?

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