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April 5, 2010


Nejame answers the meandering mess of a motion with daggers!

by Andrea O'Connell

Oh the daggers flew in Nejame’s response to the petulant Baez Motion to Modify the Previous Motion (for release of Texas EquuSearch (TES) documents).

And in the courtroom today (oh my!)  the daggers turned into out right swordplay!  (Ah, but there was clearly just one experienced fencer, and that was Mr. NeJame, of course.)

Firstly, the Baez Motion to Modify the Previous Motion should not have come before the court, as it was already asked and answered in a previous hearing.

And today, of course the judge answered, as he should, by denying the Baez request.

But, what was Baez requesting in this motion?  It is painfully unclear.  It appears to be a blatant attempt to get some more media hype out in the air by accusing 4,000 anonymous searchers of having some sort of “bombshell” that could prove Casey Anthony could not have placed the body in the area.  And, did you know that every piece of evidence is unfair to Casey?  Yes. That’s what Baez said in court today.  He also said he needs “reasonable doubt” (and he’d sure like to manufacture some for the general public to chew on).

Today he said,  “They’re trying to kill my client…”  Oh?  Well, if Casey had been forthright from the very beginning and taken responsibility for her actions – for the death of her own daughter – then perhaps the state of Florida would not be seeking the death penalty?

Nejame’s written response to Baez’s motion was as brilliant in its simplicity and its honesty as Baez’s was in its deceptive and petulant meandering.  Nejame served Baez up some crafty poetic justice and it was a thing of beauty.

I had to work all day, and into the evening and have only found time to watch a bit of the hearing, but what I did see was impressive.  Nejame was at the top of his game.

Due to the frivolous nature of this motion, Nejame asked for sanctions and for court costs to be the responsibility of the defense (not the public), however, it remains to be seen what the outcome of this request will be.

For those of you who may not have read the embarrassing motion Baez wrote, go to anyone of the news sources as they have links to both the Baez motion and the Nejame response.

When you read the motions side by side, as I did, you will hear the sparks, feel the daggers that Nejame writes in his response to the “spurious” Baez motion.  Oh, the Nejame response is priceless in its honesty, biting in its frankness.

If we are lucky, Judge Strickland may have already sanctioned Baez.  The Judge should do something to rein him in, if not the state will bring an arsenal of daggers the size of which not even the heralded Cheney Mason has seen!

The “letters”

There are quite of few pages (over 200, say some) of Casey’s writings yet to be discussed.  And, Baez has yet to request the court hold the letters back (from release to the public), which he should have done by this past Friday.

Now, this leaves me suspicious.  All accounts say the letters are not directly incriminating, though it has been reported they (the letters) could be harmful.

Why would Baez want these letters released?  Is he setting up the system here?  Is he fanning the media flames into a fire bigger than the sun?  Is his only defense of his client, simply, the case itself?  In other words, is Baez trying to ensure Casey Anthony gets so much attention, so much publicity so he can try the case in the media?  I’d prefer a gag order than a reversal and retrial.

This trial could continue on for years and years.

We might see Casey Anthony as an old lady with gray hair.

Can you imagine?

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  1. Ideas
    Apr 5 2010

    I find it interesting that NeJame is still part of this case, tho’ he bowed out with the Anthonys early on. If they had taken his counsel and he had remained, his brilliance would be working for them, instead of against the defense.

    (I am assuming that the defense and the Anthonys remain on the same side (of the courtroom), tho’ not the best of buddies.)

    Who knows where this case would then be if NeJame had remained with the Anthonys? Probably a plea.

    • Andrea
      Apr 6 2010

      Hey Ideas,
      so good to see ya! Yes, I remember when he bowed out of the Anthony camp, he discussed, at the time, that if clients do not follow his counsel, he cannot continue to counsel them. And, this is the stance that most attorney’s that I know take, meaning, if a client refuses to follow the direction of the attorney, most attorney’s will bolt as they don’t want to be side-swiped by unethical decisions made under their watch.

      My guess is that the Anthony’s were not going to change and Nejame saw that – he saw the writing on the wall in terms of who the Anthony’s are. I bet he also got an inside look at what the facts are in the case from the Prosecutor’s perspective, and perhaps he realized the case was not winnable. I am completely speculating here but I do think it’s safe to say that no attorney would want to tolerate an attorney like Baez who is all show and no substance (because he has to hide his inexperience). I would bet that would be intolerable for Nejame, who I hear has an excellent reputation in the Orlando area.

  2. lynda
    Apr 6 2010

    Hi Ideas and Andrea, IMO, NeJames has too much integrity, even for a defence attorney, to remain with the likes of the a clan.Have a great day.

    • Andrea
      Apr 6 2010

      Hey Lynda…. I totally totally agree. That’s what I was thinking exactly. 🙂

  3. Sophie
    Apr 6 2010

    Isn’t Nejame working for TES? It’s a good thing.

    • Andrea
      Apr 6 2010

      Hey Sophie…Yup; Nejame is working for TES!

  4. Boston
    Apr 6 2010

    Is it fair to say that both Ms Anthony and Mr Baez entered this case with questionable motives? Yes.
    My question:
    1. How could Mr Baez loose sight of his goal to save her life when she says and writes things that are patently untrue? Someone who said her child was missing for 31 days and also mentioned that she had spoken to her at noon that very day……OR

    2. How could Mr Baez loose sight of his goal to save her life when she says and writes things that are patently untrue: “I last saw my daughter on June 9, 2008 and spoke with her babysitter on June 12”.

    If she lost her again on June 15, 2008 how could she defend the fact that her daughter was kidnapped twice and not returned after the second kidnapping? What did she do to get her back the first time?

    Don’t you think that he would have asked her to qualify that inconsistency?

    • Andrea
      Apr 6 2010

      Hey Boston… if I remember correctly, I think that Casey got the June 9th date from Cindy on the night of the 15th when the police and detectives came to the home.

      But, she clearly said it has been 31 days, and of course 31 days calculates to the 15th.

      And remember how she had “timer55” as her password to one of the sites? Well, 55 is the precise date from when Caylee was killed to her 3rd birthday. timer55 was Casey’s sick and bizarre way to remind herself that she has 55 days to get her act together, knowing her parents would INSIST on seeing Caylee on her birthday.

      sick stuff…

  5. jon
    Apr 6 2010

    HI. I thought the same thing when Baez said “we’re trying to save our client’s life”. If that’s the case, why not even now can’t she just stand up and admit she did it and then get sentenced to life w/o parole instead of extending this ordeal.

    Geez, everytime I see Baez speak (especially in a press conference format) he makes my skin crawl…. what a sleaze.

    I don’t know who the TE guy was who made those claims, but it appears pretty solid that the area where the remains (pardon me George for using that expression) were found was under water at the time.

    • Andrea
      Apr 6 2010

      Hey there Jon! Hope you had a happy holiday last week. I know, Jon, man, Baez is doing nobody any favors here with his behavior in the courtroom. And I noticed that he began the hearing yesterday with another complaint about the microphone at the defense table – he began the most recent hearing with the same complaint. Is it too much trouble to press the mute button, Mr. Baez? I don’t know, but I would bet that it’s not Judge Strickland who has to worry about the technical aspects of the courtroom…. One would think the court has a technical department….

      Anyway, the guy who made the claims is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame…. it’s all nonsense to me – how could they even know where they body was located? First of all, when the police were finished processing the crime scene there in the woods, it had totally changed in appearance. No one can convince me that 1) there was no water, and 2) any local citizen could absolutely retrace their search steps so many months after the fact. it’s just a ludicrous argument for Baez to make….

      LOL!! I remember George’s petulant response, too, to the word “remains”. I mean, it’s a tough thing for any one to hear, but his reaction in the deposition was so inappropriate that no one felt sorry for him, in my opinion.

  6. weezie
    Apr 6 2010

    Boston; I believe at the beginning everyone was wrong on the date that Caylee ahem went missing. It wasn’t Mon. June 9th, but Sunday June 15th = Father’s Day, the same day that she was visiting her grandfather (video is available, and we have all seen it a million times, sadly). We only have George’s word for it that he saw Casey and Caylee on the 16th, but that’s debatable.

    Boston, you know that Baez is there for his own selfish needs, and it shows. He’s fine as long as there is a camera in his face, but once he is up against someone like Nejamie, he melts like oil, sizzling and slipping further into his retiring pose. If the trial is anything like yesterday’s show, we are in for some great fireworks, and lots and lots of legal lessons of what not to do in front of the judge.

    It’s a good thing that TES hired Nejamie, they need someone tough like him. I have always like his as a Lawyer.

    • Andrea
      Apr 6 2010

      Hey Weezie! Ha ha ha! I love the imagery of Baez melting “…like oil, sizzling and slipping (sloppily, too!) into his retiring pose” like only a poser can!

      I still haven’t watched the whole dern trial…probably tomorrow I will (day off!)

  7. weezie
    Apr 7 2010

    Andrea; Holy. I don’t know the date of Caylee’s birthday but if you go back 55 days what day would it make the murder?

    Oh and by the way since we are on the topic of dreamy Nejame; I thought you would enjoy this.


    • Andrea
      Apr 7 2010

      Oh that’s so funny!! Well, Tiger Woods will be in good hands, then! That’s funny.

      Regarding Caylee’s Birthday, it was August 9th. So, if you count the 16th of June (the day we think she was killed), that’s 15 days, July is 31 days, and 9 days in August gives you 55 days from June 16 to August 9th.

      Casey was counting the days, she knew that she had only until August 9th, Caylee’s birthday, until she had to come up with some answers. She came up with this timer55 password after she changed her MySpace and Face Book – took out most of Caylee’s pictures…

      I think it’s just another notch on the rung of knowledge of guilt. it’s just another piece of circumstantial evidence the prosecution can refer to.

      Welcome back, by the way! I missed ya!

  8. weezie
    Apr 8 2010

    Me missed you too. We were in Collingwood for a few days. Beauty weather but I keep forgetting if you stay in a motel, then do a timeshare meeting, you might have well stayed at home on your back deck sunning yourself. There wasn’t one place to sit down outside, so we were forced to go th La Scandia. Spa in the hills of Blue Mountain where you get the pleasure of paying $50.00 per person to sit in their hottubs outside, 5 dollars per towel, and if you are stupid enough to try one of their massages, you could be walking out of there more than $500.00 fewer schackels. THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

    You should check what Boston said to me over at Marinade’s about the above timeline/timer 55. She doesn’t believe it. I got a thrashing but then she apologized. Geez I think I should stay in my own backyard. That’s what I get for agreeing with you. lol

    • Andrea
      Apr 8 2010

      Hey there!

      So glad you’re back! Wow, that’s one expensive day at the spa! But, oh to be in the Blue Mountains…that must be heaven!

      Anyway….LOL! I’m sorry if you and Boston had a go-round! Ha! She’s my good buddy, and she’s so factual and passionate and brings so darn much to the table, (as do you, of course). And, I love listening to everyone’s opinion….I will head over to Dave’s and read hers there.

      It’s funny, I have a pretty good memory for a lot of things, but there’s so darn much to remember in this case that I depend on everyone else to remember for me!

      But, I specifically remember the timer55 thing because when all the jail videos and the LE recordings and transcripts were first coming out, I read them feverishly.

      I do remember specifically looking at the timer55 reference because I was proud of myself for figuring it out – though it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist! LOL!

      Regardless, my opinion is (and Boston may not feel this way) that this is just another piece of circumstantial evidence that shows consciousness of guilt on Casey’s part.

      The dates clearly add up – the day of Caylee’s death, to the date of her birthday. Casey knew that she MUST do something in those 55 days…

      Anyway, my dear, have a wonderful day! I have yet to have the time to read all the documents…. I have read half of Casey’s ramblings and have found them fascinating, and sad….. how lonely she is. What I found startling was how much potential she seems to have – she’s not a stupid girl, she’s manipulative and a liar, but I think she’s merely a product of her terrible environment.

      I think that if the jury reads these letters there is no way they will give her the death penalty. Perhaps that’s why the defense had no problem releasing them. They are clearly not helpful to her defense, but they do make her look like a little girl lost – in my opinion.


  9. weezie
    Apr 8 2010

    Andrea you are so funny. Blue Mountain about 1 1/2 hrs. north of Toronto are like tall hills in comparison to say the Rockies out West or the Smokey Mt. Ridge in. U.S. So no big deal on that account. Believe it or not there were still some die hard skiers on a couple of the hills in their shorts. all the sides of the hill were mud, just snow in the centre. Really funny looking.

    Don’t worry I think that all of us get to a point where we believe our points are valid when in fact it will only matter to the jury. I did one thing, I added Court TV, to my list of channels so I will be able to see all the motions and trial if televised and all the other trials on air, If I wish to.

    Ok, just watching Y&R. They are looking for the murderer.

  10. Andrea
    Apr 8 2010

    LOL! I think I was thinking of the ole’ Blue Ridge Mountains in the US of A! Skiers in shorts?!!! hahahha! I bet that was a sight to see!

    Have a great night!!!!!


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