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April 6, 2010


Casey Anthony jail letters, River Cruz, and some bombshells

by Andrea O'Connell

The letters that Casey wrote to two jailed friends are full of untruths and contradictions, and I’ve only read to page 12.

However, there is a great deal of startling information, too.  According to WFTV, Casey admits to using chloroform to put Caylee to sleep, and also claims her mother brought chloroform home.

Another startling revelation is Casey’s admissions of sexual abuse by her brother, Lee Anthony.

Abuse made me do it?

Casey claims that for three years her brother Lee Anthony sexually abused her.  She writes that it was only after telling her brother she’d kill him if he didn’t stop, that he did stop.

She also claims that her father “may” have abused her.  She claims that memories are coming back to her now and she is beginning to realize that her father was also sexually abusive towards her.

After telling her mother of Lee’s nocturnal visits to her bedroom, Casey writes that Cindy’s reaction to her disclosure about Lee’s abuse was “like a knife in the chest.”  Cindy allegedly, said to Casey: “So that’s why you’re a whore?”

I tend to believe that Casey was abused, but there are thousands of millions of abuse victims in this world who do not kill their own children.  For me, if this is indeed true, it makes me disgusted at Lee, but does not change my view about Casey.

George and River Cruz

According to WFTV, the interview with River Cruz reveals a great deal about the dynamics of the Anthony family.  (The transcript of that interview was also released today.)

George reportedly said that Cindy and Casey are just alike, and that Cindy has “battery acid running through her veins” (WFTV).

In addition, a security guard at River Cruz’s community verified that George Anthony was a frequent visitor there.

According to WFTV, River Cruz states that she and George were very close friends with whom he entrusted a great deal of information.  River Cruz told the detectives in her interview with them that George nearly choked Casey and said: “I know you killed her.  What did you do with her?”

Funny that George sings a new tune now.

You may access all the documents released today at this link:  Today’s Discovery & Casey Jail Letters

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  1. Ideas
    Apr 6 2010

    Singing new tunes is necessary when the conductor steps into the room, the musicians plays a different ballad, and the hat is being passed.

    When does one start believing Casey? Cindy? George?

    And what will Conway say now???

    Baez must have been reading Robyn’s letters, not Casey’s.

    • Andrea
      Apr 6 2010

      LOL, Ideas! Or, drinking Casey’s Kool-Aid. I read that Casey looks to Baez “as a father figure”. Interesting but generally, fathers try to lead their daughter toward the truth….not so with Mr. Baez.

  2. Boston
    Apr 6 2010

    Mr and Mrs Anthony mentioned to Detective Melich during the early hours of July 17, 2008 that they knew something terrible happened to Caylee and their worry hinged on whether or not Casey was somehow involved.

    River Cruz wasn’t the only one who witnessed George’s anguish over the loss of his granddaughter-his buddy from Ohio who he told, “I’m sick of living a lie.” Cindy might have had battery acid running through her blood but George wanted to be told the truth about what happened to Caylee so that he could go home and break it to Cindy, “If something happened to Caylee, it will kill my wife.” He was a good husband but someone who should have walked away years ago or stayed and saw to it that his daughter was separated from Caylee.

    Nothing will ever trump the ME’s report and the use of duct tape. These letters are interesting and are the first look at just how Casey will crush her parents after she throws them under the bus.

    • Andrea
      Apr 6 2010

      Hey Boston, I agree with you, that at first George wanted the truth. Now, he’s just a lost soul.

      you are right….nothing will trump the duct tape AND the 31 days, AND a whole lot of other evidence that we’re aware of… excellent points, Boston!

  3. jon
    Apr 7 2010

    HI Andrea. I doubt she was abused. Maybe as kids she and Lee “played” as children sometimes do.

    Also, isn’t choloroform a controlled substance? If it is, if Cindy had brought any home (which I doubt; I can’t imagine she would have allowed it to be given to Caylee) wouldn’t the records at the hospital or facility where she worked indicate that some was missing? A friend of mine is a pharmacist and he has to do regular audits of his stock and I’m sure hospitals do as well.

    I think it’s pretty evident that Casey wants to bring everyone around her down with her (another work of shirking responsibility).

    • Andrea
      Apr 7 2010

      Hey Jon,

      Well, I’m on the fence about this one. Part of me thinks that she’s telling the truth because the detectives were investigating these claims at the very outset with regards to Lee. I don’t know where LE got the info from… I am not sure LE disclosed where they got the info from. If Cindy verifies saying to Casey” “that’s why you’re a whore?” then perhaps there’s some truth to it. But, there again, you have an entire family who play fast and loose with the truth, so it’s difficult to know who/what to believe.

      I heard or read somewhere that the production of chloroform was stopped in the 70’s, so Cindy could not possibly have gotten any. That was a fabrication by Casey to lay the blame else where and the fact that she thinks she “needs” to do that is indicative of knowledge of guilt.

      What is a real “bombshell” in my humble opinion is the fact that Casey told her friend, on the day that Caylee’s remains were discovered, that LE found a child wrapped in a blanket in a black garbage bag. The chaplain who broke the news to Casey that day at the jail, did not tell her any facts with regards the state of the body – the Chaplain could not know this, it was info only LE knew. So, this is yet another piece of strong circumstantial evidence that is boxing Casey in like a turtle.

      I can’t believe she is trusting her life to Baez because, as she admitted in the letters, he was a father-figure.

      Also, there are reports out today that seem to suggest that the chloroform conversations may not be factual…. I need to do additional research on this, but Orlando Sentinel is saying that Yuri Melich (who I really really like as a detective) used the “chloroform” reference when in fact Casey used words to the effect of “drugging or knocking out”.

      Here’s the story in the Orlando sentinel

    • Andrea
      Apr 7 2010

      The Anthony family, says attorney Brad Conway, denies any sexual abuse in the family. Furthermore, they deny that Casey ever told anyone in the family of any sexual abuse.

      What was Lee saying about “CMA” at the memorial for Caylee? Here it is:

      “Each day you continue to teach me about life and about the way it should be lived. Each day you give me the ability to be strong or to be weak.
      It’s been so long since I’ve been able to see you or to hug you or to tell you how much you mean to me.

      CMA- I miss you. I love you.

      CMA- I am so proud of you. I hope you’re proud of me too. I need you to know that I will never forget the promise that I made to you.

      I will never forget.”

      Was this a plea to Casey to stay quiet and continue to support and forgive Lee? Would they make a “pact” that Lee will forgive Casey if Casey will continue to forgive Lee and keep the abuse secret?

      Something is rotten here and I smell something like a modicum of truth….what are the Anthony’s going to say? Ah, well yeah, there’s abuse in our family, but that was a long time ago? NOT! They are going to deny deny deny just like they deny everything else in this case.

      Now, I can hardly know the truth here, but I sense something is amiss.

  4. jon
    Apr 7 2010

    I didn’t realize about choloform having been stopped but one way or other her story is debunked and that’s what’s important.

    Whatever happened in that family is history and I can’t imagine anyone is going to give up any info; besides like I said, Casey will just try to take the others down with her. One of the commentators on NG earlier in the week pointed out how she selectively gives out information so I think a great deal of what she says is fabrication woven in to muddle issues and try to throw some of the interest off of her.

    I’ll reserve judgement on the incest bsiness. Like I said, they’re not going to give up any info on it and there many more “real” things to concentrate on, like you said: the black bag, etc. The prosectution is going to go with what they consider solid evidence and there’s plenty of that. Whether she was abused or not I don’t think will be an issue; this case has gone beyond that.

  5. Molly
    Apr 7 2010

    casey claims that cindy said “so that’s why you’re a whore”. Yet cindy has spoken of casey as if she was the virgin mother when asked if casey was pregnant.

    • Andrea
      Apr 7 2010

      LOL Molly… you’re right! They are so mixed up, aren’t they? I read in one of the letters Casey wrote that her brother Lee told Cindy that Casey had a miscarriage (after Caylee’s birth)….Miscarriages are awful, of course, but I am glad that Casey did not have the chance to bring another baby into this world.

  6. Kitt
    Apr 7 2010

    I just finished reading the transcript of Krystal Halloway’s interview with LE.

    If what she says is true…wow. It’s too bad that the majority of it was allegedly spoken from George to Krystal, rather than texted, emailed, or any other form of permanent record. There’s a lot there to chew on.

    If it’s true what George told her about Lee, as far as Lee not being much in the picture for a long time, then I might be able to have a little bit of something for Lee; don’t quite know if I’d want to label my something “respect” yet. After all, if Lee does know the truth, I understand him wanting to stay away, not be part of it, but there’s still the matter of stepping up to the plate and spilling the beans. There was a time when Lee claimed to believe everything his sister says. Well, we all know that wasn’t true anyway, having previously been taped in the car with Tony Lozarro, and telling Tony about how much Casey lies, and that he (Lee) isn’t even sure why she does it.

    I can’t help but feel (hope?) that one day, one of them is going to get real and finally realize that Casey is not worth all of this craziness; that one of them will finally come to terms that the bottom line is CAYLEE, and that they will call it quits, game over, and unload their burden and tell the truth.

  7. Andrea
    Apr 8 2010

    Hi Kitt!

    I haven’t yet finished that one, though what I was able to read was pretty interesting and I thought that Krystal was very forthcoming with what she said.

    The most important aspect to me was the fact that the security guard can track George’s comings and goings to and from Krystal’s place. So why in the heck would Brad Conway and George himself deny knowing her? I don’t understand that. Why not say “no comment” versus totally denying, ya know what I mean?

    Did you read any of Casey’s ramblings? I have read nearly half of them and I don’t exactly feel sorry for her, but I do think that if a jury reads them, they may see her emotional immaturity and if they believe that she was indeed abused, I truly doubt they would send her to death row.

    I agree with about that family needing to get real and come to grips with the reality of Casey, and their messed up, dysfunctional existence to see that it was only ever about Caylee…. But, truly Kitt, I wonder if its about Caylee for them anymore? I think it’s gone so far afield now and they are lost souls.

  8. Kitt
    Apr 9 2010

    Hi Andrea!

    Yes, I’ve read lots of Casey’s writings. Fantasy ramblings! RV Ministries, hitting all the eateries when she gets out, unable to decide if she should go blonde or red, considering getting colored contacts so she can “change it up” now and then. Adopting kids from foreign countries. Oh my, she’s got it all lined out for when she’s released. Only thing is….somebody forgot to tell her she’s NOT getting out!

    I still have lots more of her jailhouse letters to read, but I think I’m gonna take a couple days off from that. It gives me a headache!

    Thanks for your continual updates!

  9. auntdeedee
    Apr 9 2010

    Hi, Andrea!

    George can deny the affair with River (I still believe it was an affair even if they did not have sex) because that wasn’t his sole goal. He wanted to bum money off of her because he knew she took a shine to him-he took full advantage of her vulnerability instead of telling her to back off. He also sends her text messages that are not proper for a married man to be sending to a single woman in love with him. So, yes, George can say he wasn’t having an affair ith River because he wasn’t as far as he was concerned.

    • Andrea
      Apr 11 2010

      Hey hey Aunt Dee Dee!

      I think it was an “affair” too. And what an “Affair to Remember” it will be for poor “looking-for-love-in-all-the-wrong-places,” George.

      I think that River is believable and was very much wronged by George. He seemed to throw her away when he was done using her – seems to be the mod-us operandi (sp) for the entire family, sad to say.

      Anyway, Happy Sunday! ‘Tis gloomy here today in Fla – grey skies galore.

  10. Kitt
    Apr 10 2010

    Ok, I confess; rather than taking a break from reading more of Casey’s letters, I did read some more.

    I’m reading part two now, and just have to comment on something she wrote.

    “Christmas songs in mid-November? If only we were living at the North Pole and working for Santa; only then would that be acceptable. I can’t understand our society sometimes…”

    I guess I really don’t have much of a comment, only “WHOA!!!” I mean, what else can ya say about that? Maybe we all can take a little comfort in knowing that she really does know what is/isn’t ACCEPTABLE. NOT!!!!!!

    And after reading that part in her letter, I decided it’s time to shut it down for the night. That thought was promptly followed by a sneeze; sure sign that my higher power thought it was a good idea. After all, I’ve never been just a random sneezer. Hahahaha!!!!!

  11. Kitt
    Apr 11 2010

    I do have a question about something, and hope somebody has the answer.

    In regards to Casey having told Robyn that a child’s remains were found with a blanket and a bag, Robyn claims that Casey told her this on the day the remains were found, which would be before LE had let the info about the blanket/bag go public.

    So my question is this: When did Robyn tell this to LE? If she told them after the info went public, she could have just added that in there herself. Seems to me, Robyn would have had to tell this bit to LE before it was public knowledge, in order for LE to believe that it really did come from Casey.

    Does my question makes sense, or is it a jumbled mess?!!

    • Andrea
      Apr 11 2010

      Kitt, it makes perfect sense…. That’s what the defense will use…. and given that Robyn is a convicted felon, well… we know the rest. For me, it’s just another piece of the loooong ladder of circumstantial evidence…..

      I do believe that Robyn told this to LE during their 30 day investigation re: the letters. I think both jail friends were reluctant witnesses….It seems to me (mostly speculation on my part, of course), that these two friends were going to keep all this info to themselves….If that can be proven, it makes Robyn more credible… but there’s a “perhaps” caveat!

      Happy Sunday!

      I’ve been a busy bee… babysitting my niece; I need to get back to the blog today! Woo!


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