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Judge Perry: The appointment of poetic justice.

When a defensive move is made and its express purpose is to deceive, but the opposite of what was intended happens, that’s poetic justice!

Oh, you could call it Karma, or refer to it as the universe balancing good and evil…whatever we want to call it, the outcome was a total shock to the defense.

The facts that are coming out now about Judge Perry’s style are impressive.  He has 21 years of experience, his decisions are rarely over-turned on appeal, and he knows the law like Mozart knew music.

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet …

Casey, aka “Muffin” has a problem now.

I have no way of knowing the truth in the defense’s  strategy regarding their attack on Judge Stan Strickland, but I can offer some possible outcomes they undoubtedly hoped for when writing their motion to disqualify the Honorable (and he is honorable indeed) Judge Stan Strickland.

First, let me say the defense and Little Miss Muffett have got to be horrified at the turn of events.  But, they’re not talking.  Where are they now?  Why are they not commenting?

…Eating her curds and whey

So, why did the defense write the motion in the first place?  I believe they simply gambled and lost. No doubt they are in shock right now.  No doubt they are livid.  No doubt they are scared, too.

Did they want to show the court who was boss?  Did they want to put Judge Strickland in his place, not thinking that the Judge would go so easily?

I imagine they were banking on hearings on the matter, and hoping for continuances while the motion was heard and hashed out.  I don’t think they banked on Strickland really leaving the case.  Or maybe they truly figured they’d get another Circuit Judge – an easier Judge – who’d need gobs of time to get up to speed on the case.

I am certain they never for one minute thought that Judge Perry would step away from the Zanny case to preside over the criminal case!

…Along came a spider…

However, given the fact they were very unhappy with the outcome of recent rulings by Judge Strickland, is reason alone for them.  They were particularly unhappy with Judge Strickland’s refusal to allow Anthony the opportunity to interview the thousands of searchers who volunteered during the search for Caylee.

Had the judge granted this motion, it would have slowed down the case tremendously.  It would take hours and hours and days and days to comb thorough all these folks.  Then, it would take the State additional time for their due diligence of these thousands of searchers, further prolonging the case.

You see, I am of the opinion; the defense doesn’t really want to try this case.  They are too focused on the death penalty phase already.

They don’t want to try this case, they want to prolong it just long enough for witnesses to die, or forget things.  It’s a tactic as old as the hills.

…And sat down beside her….

The defense was absolutely devastated when the Judge denied them the opportunity to look into the lives of the searchers.  Would it be far flung of me to say they wanted to peek into the private lives of private citizens to find a patsy to pin the murder on?

God forbid one of the searchers had a sketchy criminal history.  If so, he or she would become steak dinner for the defense – served rare.

.…and frightened Miss Muffet away.

The defense goal is stall, stall, stall and stall.   I have no doubt their motion was not intended to truly “oust” the judge, they just wanted to swing around their growing girth and slap some fat on the grill in the courtroom, to see the Judge sizzle a little.

Poetic justice was very sweet to give them Judge Perry.  I’ll gamble and say the Judge likes his steak well done.

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