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April 21, 2010


Judge Perry: The appointment of poetic justice.

by Andrea O'Connell

When a defensive move is made and its express purpose is to deceive, but the opposite of what was intended happens, that’s poetic justice!

Oh, you could call it Karma, or refer to it as the universe balancing good and evil…whatever we want to call it, the outcome was a total shock to the defense.

The facts that are coming out now about Judge Perry’s style are impressive.  He has 21 years of experience, his decisions are rarely over-turned on appeal, and he knows the law like Mozart knew music.

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet …

Casey, aka “Muffin” has a problem now.

I have no way of knowing the truth in the defense’s  strategy regarding their attack on Judge Stan Strickland, but I can offer some possible outcomes they undoubtedly hoped for when writing their motion to disqualify the Honorable (and he is honorable indeed) Judge Stan Strickland.

First, let me say the defense and Little Miss Muffett have got to be horrified at the turn of events.  But, they’re not talking.  Where are they now?  Why are they not commenting?

…Eating her curds and whey

So, why did the defense write the motion in the first place?  I believe they simply gambled and lost. No doubt they are in shock right now.  No doubt they are livid.  No doubt they are scared, too.

Did they want to show the court who was boss?  Did they want to put Judge Strickland in his place, not thinking that the Judge would go so easily?

I imagine they were banking on hearings on the matter, and hoping for continuances while the motion was heard and hashed out.  I don’t think they banked on Strickland really leaving the case.  Or maybe they truly figured they’d get another Circuit Judge – an easier Judge – who’d need gobs of time to get up to speed on the case.

I am certain they never for one minute thought that Judge Perry would step away from the Zanny case to preside over the criminal case!

…Along came a spider…

However, given the fact they were very unhappy with the outcome of recent rulings by Judge Strickland, is reason alone for them.  They were particularly unhappy with Judge Strickland’s refusal to allow Anthony the opportunity to interview the thousands of searchers who volunteered during the search for Caylee.

Had the judge granted this motion, it would have slowed down the case tremendously.  It would take hours and hours and days and days to comb thorough all these folks.  Then, it would take the State additional time for their due diligence of these thousands of searchers, further prolonging the case.

You see, I am of the opinion; the defense doesn’t really want to try this case.  They are too focused on the death penalty phase already.

They don’t want to try this case, they want to prolong it just long enough for witnesses to die, or forget things.  It’s a tactic as old as the hills.

…And sat down beside her….

The defense was absolutely devastated when the Judge denied them the opportunity to look into the lives of the searchers.  Would it be far flung of me to say they wanted to peek into the private lives of private citizens to find a patsy to pin the murder on?

God forbid one of the searchers had a sketchy criminal history.  If so, he or she would become steak dinner for the defense – served rare.

.…and frightened Miss Muffet away.

The defense goal is stall, stall, stall and stall.   I have no doubt their motion was not intended to truly “oust” the judge, they just wanted to swing around their growing girth and slap some fat on the grill in the courtroom, to see the Judge sizzle a little.

Poetic justice was very sweet to give them Judge Perry.  I’ll gamble and say the Judge likes his steak well done.

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  1. Ideas
    Apr 21 2010

    Hmmm…could it be…that Mason took this case to MOVE it along in this direction…to help the defense to take a DIVE.

    Perhaps he couldn’t bear it any longer (being a defensive lawyer as well), Baez’ ineptness, the drivel, the tangled web. Early on he had declared this case all but in the grave from Casey to her parents. Now he steps in, unashamedly, and stirs the pot? (curds and whey, no doubt)

    Maybe he realizes he will become famous for this, whether he helps Casey out or into her jail garb.

    • Andrea
      Apr 22 2010

      Hey Ideas,
      Interesting… perhaps that’s in the back of his mind, but we’ll never know because he has to be 100% on board now with Casey or he wouldn’t be there…. Well, I take that back….that may not be true. There could be many other reasons why he would want to be there, including the publicity. But also, like you say, he could be ethical and be sensitive to how the defense appeared to be making a mockery of the legal system with this case – like the OJ trial did. For someone who loves the practice of law, to see the performance of the defense in some instances must just be painful to good lawyersl! It’s like when I go to bad theatre, it’s makes me uncomfortable – especially when it’s a wonderful play and bad acting or directing ruins my enjoyment of the play. I think it may be kind of the same thing….. (LOL, but maybe that’s too superficial an analogy – but I hope you get what I mean, anyway!)

  2. Apr 21 2010

    Hi Andrea, i love your post. your so witty. By George i think your correct . I will only tweet it a tiny bit to add that Baez i think wanted to get revenge at His Honor for filing a complaint against him to the Florida Bar which Baez deserved and was lawfully right for His Honor to do so. nope they never thought Judge Strickland would step down over something as silly as the complaint they filed against him but they got fooled. Judge Strickland i will totally miss as i like him and think he is a good man but he was too nice for the likes of dirty player Baez, so even though i hate the way Judge Strickland went out and how unfair it was to put him in that position in the first place, i think Judge Perry will do a fine job in busting their chops but he will do it by not breaking any rules or laws. The defense will just not know what hit them, kinda like accidentally falling on a train track and oops, too late i just got hit by the train. Thanks for such a great post.

    • Andrea
      Apr 22 2010

      Hey Knight Owl,
      Thank you so much for your feedback….it sure makes me feel good to hear that! I am glad that people are understanding what I meant by using that nursery rhyme. I think you may be right that there is some animus by Baez against Strickland. But, I read Shaeffer’s blog, and what he mentioned about the motion is ultimately Casey’s decision was very interesting, too. The truth is that Casey does call all the shots here as it’s her case alone. So, they did what they had to do based on their view of what could be prejudicial to their case. Still, I’d like to know what would have happened had this never been brought up at all. But, I guess they had to bring it up since the investigator talked to Dave and got Dave’s comments on the record – all of that is discoverable material, too. So, they had to follow the law and disclose it to Casey and disclose it to the Judge….. But still, I think it’s all going to work out better in the end for justice for Caylee.

  3. Apr 22 2010

    Hi Ideas. good post too.

  4. auntdeedee
    Apr 22 2010

    All the while Little Miss Muffet sits on her Tuffet~
    And it doesn’t look like her butt will ever be off that tuffet! LOL

    Oh, this is truly the best poetic justice I’ve seen in my life! I was saddened by Strickland recusing himself until I read about Judge Perry and then read JS’ Order. Ooh, I wonder if JS knew that Judge Perry would take over and it made him grin ear to ear as he wrote his Order.

    Not only that, but the motions that were filed, I believe they were at the ready to be filed following whatever JS were to decide, though they were counting on him not stepping down, or an easier judge to schmooze. The content of those motions were not written for the likes of a Judge Perry, if you ask me!

    Love how you creatively put this post together, Andrea!

    • Andrea
      Apr 22 2010

      Hi auntdeedee,

      Thank you so much for your kind words….. LOL! I love the poetic justice here, too. I really do. It’s justice plain and simple for the legal system, too, don’t you think? If Judge Perry comes in and gags the defense (who knows if he’d do that) and also makes them toe the line, we’ll have good ole American Justice at work for Caylee Marie.

      I am very saddened at the turn of events for the fine Judge Strickland. He put his best out there for the world to see and no one judged him poorly – he is a wonderful example of what a fair and honest judge should be. Remember Judge Ito? Oh boy, that poor guy was a push-over judge, but not Judge Strickland, and it sounds like Judge Perry is going to be a shining example for Caylee! Yay I say!!!

      I need to read the latest defense motions…. LOL! They better polish up those motions for Judge Perry or there will be some fireworks!! LOL

      • auntdeedee
        Apr 23 2010

        Yes, I agree! And I say, YAY!, too!

  5. weezie
    Apr 22 2010

    Andrea; You perfected the feelings that most of us are having about the Defence’s botched strategy to remove Judge Strickand for an easier slight at hand circuit judge, fah lah lah lah lah, lah, lah, lah, lah.

    If I can find the picture of JS and his wife from a couple of decades ago I will post it here. Why would he need this for his high profile career. It’s headache after headache, and now he can have a real life again. No doubt this trial will put 10 years on your runway without even trying. And Strickland can’t afford to loose any more locks. At first I felt so sorry for the judge, Marinade and the Prosecution. What turns out to be a bunch of rumours that made JVM and her gang look completely stupid at best. They never bothered to read the Blog at Dave’s, took everything out of context, as did the Defence. It shows just how far they are willing to travel to seek fame and win at any cost. All they did was make the poetry that much sweeter for Caylee, and the curds and whey that much tarter for Casey.
    As always, you put a lot of effort into your posts. Many thanks for this one.

    • Andrea
      Apr 22 2010

      Weeeeeeeeeeee Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hi there! Thanks for your kind words…. I was feeling hot under the collar about this whole thing and feeling mighty badly for our dear Judge Strickland, too. But, the poetic justice is toooo rich to ignore. And, as much as I have great respect for Judge Strickland, perhaps this case needs someone who’s not as nice as he is. This case is such a wacko one, maybe the appointment of Judge Perry just the thing to deliver justice for Caylee.

      I’d love to see the pics you’re speaking of….if you can find it, that would be swell.

      Talk to you soon, dear heart.

  6. jon
    Apr 22 2010

    let’s hope Little Miss Muffett is taken off of the tuffett and strapped to a gurney or the electric chair…….

    • Andrea
      Apr 22 2010

      Jon you’re bad… you’re very bad…LOL! I wonder if there’s a needle in florida with her name on it? I personally do not approve of the DP for most cases, but when the crime involves the murder of a child, well…. I may change my mind – maybe.

      • jon
        Apr 23 2010

        Hey Andrea. I call ’em as I see ’em. Ha Ha

        I’m not wild about the DP either, but in some cases (like this and the mess with the Croslin’s – also in Florida – what’s in the water there?) I think there’s no question it should be an option. I’m still undecided on the DP for Casey Anthony; personallly I’d like to see her rotting in a prison for the next 60 or so years and having to live with herself. I have a feeling if she does get life, the other inmates might not see it that way. I think maybe woman prisoners treat child killers (esp. mothers) in pretty much the same way male prisoners go at child molesters. They have their own code of justice so maybe it all comes down to the same thing: she’s probably dead whether she gets the DP or not and the needle with her name on it might be kinder than what she’ll suffer in prison.

        Have a good weekend.

      • Andrea
        Apr 23 2010

        Hey Jon!
        i agree with you that the worse punishment for a child killer would be to suffer in prison, or rot, rather! AS for Casey, she will have to be in confinement for years to come until the stigma or the news of what she’s done is no longer remembered in a prison population, if that’s possible. Because you are so right, prisoners have their own code and for a baby-killer, especially for the death of one’s own child, there is hardly sympathy, there’s usually beatings I hear. So, either way, she’s going to suffer. I go back and forth on the DP. In truth, I feel as if I think matters of life or death are in the realm of of God, or destiny, or some other factor that prevents us mere humans from intervening in such things. I don’t think I would ever be let on a DP jury…. I am “almost” certain that I would not be able to vote for it…LOL! Does that leave me enough wiggle room?

        Hope you have a fantastic weekend, too!

  7. Judy
    Apr 22 2010

    I’m not a follower or a blogger but I would like to know where I can leave a post for Judge Strickland. In my opinion his stance on being recused and his recusing himself was absolute genius. He did so with grace and dignity and Florida has to be very proud of him. I watched every live feed I could find from my home in Pa., about the Casey Anthony case and felt he always based his decisions on the strictest order of the law. I feel Florida needs to honor this man for the great jurist that he is. I’m extremely pleased that the new judge is one of Florida’s meanest and toughest because this case needs to be tried only once. By meanest and toughest, I don’t mean it in a disrespectful way but in a way of keeping the defense in their place and not allowing them the least bit of leeway. I haven’t judged Ms. Anthony guilty but the evidence that I heard is overwhelmingly against her. I truly hope that justice will prevail for her and her family. I can only imagine what it’s like for the Anthony family that has lost a sweet little grandchild.

    • Andrea OConnell
      Apr 22 2010

      Hi Judy,

      Very well stated and perfectly true in every sense. I would suggest you send a letter to the editor at the Orlando sentinel or comment on Bill Shaffers blog. I have another idea, too that I’ll share with you when I return home this evening.

      Thank you for your kind and thoughtful remarks here. I so appreciate you chose my blog to comment on.

      I will respond to you this evening with additional thoughts.

      Andrea Sent from my iPhone

    • Andrea
      Apr 22 2010

      thank you again for your comments. I wrote a post thanking Judge Strickland and included your comments as I appreciate your sentiments so much.

      all the best to you

  8. Boston
    Apr 22 2010

    Judge Strickland had no other choice but to recuse himself. He is a brilliant lawyer and known to be a very fair and patient judge. He was embarrassed by the words and actions of everyone involved in this Motion to Disqualify him but acted quickly in order not to “appear” to be what he was accused of being -a media whore.

    Judge Strickland knows who the media whores are. They will continue to write, talk on the radio, be at press conferences, settle into the courtroom each and every time Ms Anthony’s name is on the docket, represent her in the court of public opinion and sing her praises whenever the opportunity arises. Kathi B. is lower than dirt in their eyes. Oh, and when they miss an opportunity to get a bunch of names in order to light on someone with a “sketchy criminal history” they will find another willing and able wannabe to distract and delay pretrial.

    • Andrea
      Apr 22 2010

      Hey Boston,
      You’re right. He really had to do it or we’d see this case come right back – retried on appeal, and god forbid that happens. The Judge is such an eloquent writer; his parting words were pointed and ironic and perfect. I read Shaeffer’s blog saying that some legal scholars were poo-pooing the “prose” he wrote, but others said they didn’t blame him for writing what he did. I don’t blame him either. The irony here, of course is that Strickland is anything but a media whore – we all know perfectly well who is guilty there – blatantly so. I mean, for goodness sakes, they (the defense) even tipped off the media that the motion was going to be filed! If that is not low I don’t know what is. They will not get away with that foolishness with Judge Perry. I hope they enjoyed their little fun and games because we’re going to get serious now. After all, there’s a child’s life we all have to get back to thinking about. Speaking of which, I was so happy to read that the Judge did not loose sight of Caylee in his parting words.

      Thanks Boston, for your insight as it’s always right on the money.

      Big hearty hugs to ya.

  9. weezie
    Apr 22 2010

    damn it, I know I posted it over at Dave’s but I can’t find it. They look like movie stars. It was back in the 80’s and I have even gone to Google and gone through everything and I can’t find it. I posted to Dave, that if and when he was going to post (after the news broke of the judge), that he should include the photo because it was so striking. Perhaps I will write Dave and ask if he remembers or can find it. It was something else.
    Anyway now that the dust has settled, we can get on with it, I hope. Boy people are strange aren’t they? How can people find so much to bitch about, when in reality it’s just a waste of bloody time to be so mean spirited. It doesn’t pay to have a blog if all you get is flack and abuse. No wonder Dave is stepping back. Well I don’t know for sure if he is cause I have taken a break from it myself. Too much. Anyway, I will try my damndest to get that photo.
    Take care.


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